Our Lady of Fatima warned about:

by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T L., S.T.D. (Cand.)

In response to many requests from our readers, including priests (see page 6), for the clear enunciation of the Church's teaching regarding ‘Family Life', we present the following article.

Our Lady of Fatima said: "Russia would spread her errors throughout the world" unless we obeyed Her Fatima requests. Today the errors are so well spread and many are so taken in that they don't even suspect they have been made fools of.

These errors of Russia are primarily errors against God and God's Divinely revealed doctrine and God's moral law.

It is not necessary that we call these errors by "Social Democracy", or "Communism" or even "Marxism".

Today, the errors of Russia against God and God's law are spread widely and deeply in North America. As proof of this, we need only realize that Russia was the first country to "legalize" abortion in the 20th century.

Now due to this one error of Russia alone, the U.S.A. has killed over 30,000,000 (Thirty Million!) of its own citizens. And who says Russia's errors have not been spread and are not still spreading?

But "Russia's errors" are spread against the family not only in the matter of abortion but also regarding divorce, artificial contraception and the divorce of children from their parents.

Do not think that this propaganda war against the family is harmless or ineffective. Unfortunately, Canada and the U.S.A. have become more and more like the way Karl Marx planned - with the rise of tens of millions of divorces, tens of millions of contraceptive devices being sold and used and with children more and more becoming alienated from their parents and made more and more wards of the state in daycare centers etc.

This warfare against us is so effective because the majority of people do not even realize that they are under attack and that furthermore, they are losing the battle for their souls, their children and their freedom.

It is Time to Wake Up

We need to pray and be much more vigilant. We need to start first of all by turning off the TV spewing out the poison of hell into our minds. We need to read and support good Catholic books, video tapes, audio tapes and magazines and publishers. (Ask for our free catalogue of solid Catholic books).

We need to reflect on the state of our souls and of our place on the map towards our eternal destiny. Are we firmly on the road to Heaven or is it on the way to hell?

It is time to wake up. The longer we doze and slumber, the closer we are dragged to the abyss. If we do not actively resist the combined forces of the world, the flesh and the devil, we certainly will be brought to hell.

The longer we slumber, the more drugged we are by movies and TV; the more time we allow ourselves to become morally and spiritually lazy and flabby; the more effort we shall need later to break out of our stupor.

St. Thomas Aquinas points out that it is particularly in breaking the laws of God in matters pertaining to the sacred power of procreation (commonly referred to as sex) that the mind of the sinner is darkened. It becomes more difficult for him/her to know the truth.

The devil knows this. So do the propagandists who work for the devil and the spread of "Russia's errors". That is why they push "hard" and "soft" pornography, immodest styles and fashions, artificial contraception devices (such as the pill and condoms), so called "sex-ed" which really is encouragement to sin sexually, and many other occasions of sin.

Our Lady of Fatima warns us that more souls go to hell for sins of the flesh than any other reason.

The Continuous Attack on the Sacred Power of Procreation

The sacred power of men and women to co-operate intimately with God in creating new human life is attacked by the subtle and continuous barrage of propaganda in many different forms, in many different places most people walk during their daily life.

This propaganda constitutes one of the major battle fronts in the cultural war against each one of us.

Just think for a moment about advertising, movies and TV, where by the use of immodestly dressed men and women they try to sell you entertainment, beer, cars, soap or anything else by enticing you to watch and buy.

They never openly say "sex is just a toy" but then they imply it. They subtly go on to convey the message that "sex is yours to do what you want with it as long as the other adult consents." They even go so far as to say "It is your right", "since it is your body."

These are rights they claim you have and they want you to assume that you do.

Rights Regarding Procreation

How brain washed we have become, all the time thinking we are liberated and informed. The fact is the sacred power of procreation, the power to co-operate with God that God has given to a man and woman to bring new human life into the world is a sacred power, one that is to be used only in the sacred context of marriage.

This power to procreate is so sacred that God has given the sacrament of Marriage special graces and He has surrounded this power with special rules.

It is God's power. It belongs to Him. He created the power of procreation of man and woman and therefore it belongs to Him. We are only stewards of our bodies, we do not own them. God owns them.

God's Holy and Unchanging Law

He tells us how we are to use and how we are not to use the sacred powers of procreation (commonly referred to as sex).

God commands that:

(l) The sacred power of procreation (sex) is only to be used between a man and the woman he is married to.

(2) A married couple cannot divorce once they are sacramentally married.

(3) They must leave each and every marriage act open to transmission of new human life if God wants to send them a child.

(4) Not even Natural Family Planning (N.F.P.) that is the timing of the marriage act to be used only during the short natural periods of infertility of the woman is to be used legitimately within marriage unless there is a really serious reason. Even some so-called pro-life apostles (1) seem to hide this truth from their Catholic supporters.

(5) The married couple are responsible for the physical well-being and the moral and spiritual education of their children.

If you feel you have been misled about any of the above points find a good Catholic orthodox priest who is well-trained in Catholic moral theology and who is not afraid to tell you the whole truth. Or write or call in your questions to The Fatima Crusader and we will address them in future issues.

Today You Are A Target

How many people know these things? How many are aware that they personally are targets in the propaganda and cultural war of our enemies spreading "Russia's errors" throughout the world?

These errors are also spread by some parts of institutions and some people that we were taught to trust. Obviously this is the case in the matter of so-called "sex education" in our local schools.

Some of these courses are so bad that if the material in these children's books were sent through the mail, they would be prosecuted for the crime of using the mail for pornography.

But also some parish priests in teaching those to be married counsel them that it's okay to use contraceptive devices such as "the pill" to prevent the conception of children. Even some Bishops are saying such things today.

As Pope Pius XI said about confessors who said such things in confession, "They are blind and leaders of the blind and both will fall into the pit of hell." Unless they repent before they die, so too will these priests and bishops and those who follow their advice in these matters.

The Total War Against You Continues

We must remember the war of actions and ideas against the Christian culture continues to attack each one of us.

A number of people who do not have their spiritual and intellectual weapons of defense in place are falling by the wayside so much so that they still do not know that they were attacked and that they have fallen.

Let us not fall victims in this war. Let not the enemy invade and enter the inner sanctuary of our minds and hearts and homes.

Let us do all we can by our Rosaries and sacrifices and our apostolic good works such as getting extra copies of this article to pass on the word to others.

Do not wait for the call to penance to come from Rome or from your bishops. It will not come, says Sister Lucy. We must do our part by waking up all those God has put on our path.

Let us no longer be drowsy or asleep but wake up to the fact that the family is under attack.

Let us protect our own family. Our Lady promises that by praying the Rosary each day you will not fall victim of heresy or vice. Invoke Her aid today and every day by Praying the Rosary.


1. Let us pray that all pro-life Catholic leaders will recognize the words of Our Lady of Fatima "Only I can help you" applies to them too and they must in their pro-life work promote the Rosary daily and the whole Fatima message without compromise.