In "SOUL" Magazine Admits That RUSSIA Is Religiously Far Worse Off Than Before — Thus, He


by Father Paul Trinchard

I often obtain material AGAINST the political stands taken by Father Miller (as expressed in his magazine, SOUL) and by Father Robert Fox (as expressed in his magazine, Fatima Family Messengerfrom their own publications. Are these followers and promulgators of the establishment line (or lie) stupid or "bold-faced" liars?

One of their favorite spokesmen is Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz. He is Apostolic Administrator for Moscow (not "archbishop of Russia" or "AA of European Russia" as they falsely claim). In SOUL magazine, this archbishop was asked "Can you say that things have improved in Russia since the collapse of Communism?" (SOUL, June – 1993, page 20)

He answered: "NO, it seems that things get WORSE and WORSE ... a new commission ... will control the activity of the Church ... We know what this control means ... [What does it mean?] it will be impossible to register [any church] (ibid, page 21)."

Obviously, the archbishop agrees with Father Gruner and not with Father Miller and Father Fox, both of whom oppose the real Fatima Message and facts relating to it. Fathers Miller and Fox go along with and even propagate the "Catholic" establishment's LIE that Russia has been converted since its alleged consecration in March, 1984.

Indeed, it hasn't. Indeed, as is being verified and will be increasingly verified — only a temporary state of glasnost or perestroika exists (or existed) just as Father Gruner has claimed all along.

The archbishop also agrees with my (Father Trinchard's) article (why Waco?) as he points out that Russia "and Russia's Errors" are imminently planning to employ — that which I claim "Russia's Errors" are even­tually planning to employ in the U.S.A. — a central government-controlled evil body which will "define TRUE (and even 'organized') CATHOLICISM out of existence."

All is exactly as Father Gruner has always contended. RUSSIA'S ERRORS are spreading throughout the world and especially in the U.S.A. The Real Fatima Message is being VALIDATED or substantiated —— Mary's and our enemies admit this (even as they lie about and cover up these embarrassing facts). OBVIOUSLY, the ecclesial Fatima Consecra­tion of RUSSIA has never been done.

Therefore, the time is short and the need is even more urgent. Do all you reasonably can to support this true and proven (to be correct) Fatima Apostolate. Make a sacrifice for Our Lady and for mankind's really good future.

Who knows? Next year you may no longer be able to do so. This truly Catholic and urgently needed Aposto­late may be "defined out of existence" and/or YOU may not be able to (or may not be allowed to) support this, The Fatima Apostolate (or any other TRULY CATHOLIC apostolate).