Spring 1991

Issue 36

“Jesus wishes to use You to make Me known and loved”…

We gratefully acknowledge that this issue of The Fatima Crusader was made possible only through the special intervention of St. Joseph and the Holy Infant Jesus of Prague.

Jesus Wishes to Use You
by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)
Many people, unfortunately, do not realize that Jesus and Mary are depending on them to help defend the Faith amongst the faithful in the Mystical Body of Christ. This is why Father Gruner asks that we do all that we can to promote Our Lady's Message and petition for the Consecration of Russia.

An Archbishop's Morning Prayer

The Bishops on Medjugorje
This is a brief news report, reprinted from a Rome newspaper article, of the Yugoslavian bishops' finding that after several years of study, there is no proof that Marian apparitions have occurred at Medjugorje.

Today's War Against Christ in America
by Don Bell
This article describes the communist war currently raging against Christ in America. It demonstrates how communism has made much progress in eroding Christianity within the U.S. legal system, and proves this by a brief examination of a few of the giant steps currently being taken toward a Soviet-type legal system.

May, the Month of Mary
by Father Stefano Manelli, S.T.D.
This article consists of extracts taken from the book of the same name by Father Stefano Manelli. We are sure you will enjoy these beautiful writings on the Blessed Mother, written by the saints to help you save your soul.

News Briefs
These news briefs demonstrate that Russia has not converted and that the chastisement of God - prophesied by Our Lady of Fatima - has already begun. These reports show that Russia is engaging in illegal activities, arming Iraq, and is relentlessly building up its arms and military.

Dear Friend of Our Lady
by Father Nicholas Gruner
Father Gruner tells us of the obligations incumbent on those to whom the great grace of knowing the full! Fatima Message was given. He also appeals to the Faithful to assist the Apostolate, gravely hurt by the recession.

The Changes by Russia Mean Perversion Not Conversion
by John Cotter
In this article, drawing only from reports in the mainstream press, the author examines the supposed "changes" in many Communist countries throughout the world. He then demonstrates that we do not have the peace which will only come from the proper Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. He further explains how the changes in the Soviet Union do not reflect any conversion at all, but rather the opposite of conversion - i.e. perversion.

You Be the Judge
Has Russia Been Consecrated According 
To Our Lady of Fatima's Requests?

Is Russia converted? Is there peace in the world? Read these facts and judge for yourself.

What Can You Do
"Sacrifice Yourself This Intention and Pray!"

Jesus Appeals for Love
Taken from Way of Divine Love
Jesus dictated the words published within this article to the modern-day mystic Sister Josefa asking for a return by man to God's law and as an explanation for why most modern men, sadly, do not believe in, adore, or love God.

Hell - the Grave Reality
by St. Anthony Mary Claret
This brief passage, describing the torments of hell and how to avoid hell, is taken from St. Anthony Mary Claret's Spiritual Exercises. It should be meditated on for the sanctification of our souls.

Our Children are in Danger!
by Thomas Sowell
This article, an exposщ on "sex education" in the classroom, discusses some of the many dangers to the souls of children in the classroom, such as "death education" and brainwashing.

Our Lady's Devoted Shepherds Speak:
Reprinted here are two letters of support and encouragement we have received from bishops around the world.