The "Inventions" of Maria do Fetal

by Coralie Graham, Editor - The Fatima Crusader

Father Fox, relying on the credibility of Maria do Fetal, a cousin of Sister Lucia, published last November that Sister Lucia has now said the consecration of Russia is done.

Father Fox believed Maria do Fetal and he published extensively her "interview" with Sister Lucia.

To clarify any erroneous impression that might have arisen due to Father Fox's interview on Mother Angelica's TV show late last fall, it is necessary to state that Father Fox did not himselfinterview Sister Lucia herself. On that TV program, Father Fox stated:

"And I (Father Fox) was called in last July by the Carmelite Sisters at Fatima and given this interview from Sister Lucia."

Father Fox did not speak with or even meet Sister Lucia. (See "Father Fox and The WandererGuilty of Disinformation Against Fatima" in The Fatima Crusader No. 30) He spoke to Maria Fetal and she alone is the primary source of his "interview from Sister Lucia."

It is important for us to establish just how reliable is Maria do Fetal. Therefore, we publish here below an extract of a report published in March, 1990 by The Catholic Counter Reformationby Brother Francis of Mary of the Holy Angels.

She Admits It

"In Fatima, Portugal, Father Caillon recently paid a visit to Maria do Fetal. He arrived at her home on Monday, January 29, 1990, about 8:30 a.m. without having forewarned her. As she opened her door for him, Maria do Fetal immediately told him: 'I was going to write you. The consecration is done.' Father Caillon reminded her that in June 1989, she had affirmed to him: 'The consecration is not done. They will do it, but it will be late.' Maria replied: 'When I told you that, I was not reporting the words of Sister Lucia. I invented it'."

This is further explained in the soon to be published book — The Fatal Fox Consecration Hoax. Available from The Fatima Crusader. Call 1-800-263-8160.