Father Fox and The Wanderer 
Guilty of 
Disinformation Against Fatima

by Coralie Graham, Editor

The Wanderer Magazine published on November 2, 1989, a report that Father Robert J. Fox had recently met with Sister Lucia in Coimbra, Portugal. This also was the impression that some people got from reading a circular letter published by Father Fox dated the Feast of the Guardian Angels, (October 2, 1989).

Father Fox Did Not Meet Sister Lucia

The author of The Wanderer article in a phone interview on November 6, 1989, has confirmed that Father Foxdid NOT meet Sister Lucia. This is contrary to what she wrote in the November 2, 1989, article.

Nellie de Los Reyes, The Wanderer article author told Nick Landholt by phone that Father Robert Fox did not speak to Sister Lucia because she stated that you need permission of the Pope to speak to Sister Lucia. Father Fox, she confirmed, only spoke to the Mother Superior of Sister Lucia.

Nellie's phone number 612-458-0165 was listed in a Wanderer ad of November 2, 1989, as one of two persons to contact in St. Paul for more information about Father Fox's speech on November 5, 1989, at 6:30 p.m.

His talk was sponsored by the Family Block Rosary affiliated with the Marian Movement Family Cenacle. At this talk, Father Fox gave out the same old disinformation "that Sister Lucia's Superior said that Sister Lucia said" that the consecration OF THE WORLD of March 25, 1984, by the Pope fulfilled Our Lady of Fatima's request for the consecration "of Russia".

This Nonsense Has Been Answered Before

This nonsense has been more than adequately responded to by The Fatima Crusader in numerous articles since 1984 and in Father Gruner's 640-page book World Enslavement or Peace ... It's up to the Pope (published in 1988). This is the same kind of nonsense that started in August 1982 after the consecration of May 13, 1982. Our readers should be familiar with the brilliant exposщs of Father Paul Leonard demonstrating the falsehood of such interviews, claiming to speak in Sister Lucia's name and claiming Sister Lucia thinks the consecration has been done.

Suffice it to say here that it is strange that Father Fox is "rediscovering" this "happy event" after 5-1/2 years have passed since March 25, 1984.

Josyp Terelya, the Ukrainian Catholic leader of the Ukrainian underground estimates that 8 million people are presently (October, 1989) imprisoned in the Russian gulags and slave labor camps.

How does Father Fox propose to tell these people that the Communist repression of the Catholic Church and of all believers in God is now over? 

How does Father Fox propose to tell the bishops of the Ukraine who must offer Holy Mass and hear Confessions in the forests and who are being arrested for this that there is no Religious persecution?

How does Father Fox propose to tell the relatives of the unarmed little girl and her friends in China who were crushed mercilessly to death by the tanks — that the Communists are converted — that there is Peace and Freedom all over the world? (See Ten Million People Know the Truth in this issue.)

It would seem that Father Fox is too credulous because he seems to believe the lies and half-truths of Gorby published in much of the large circulation mass media and TV. On the contrary, we must be more vigilant than ever. See a number of news items published on various pages of this issue of The Fatima Crusader, ("War with Russia May Be Very Soon""The Expanding U.S./Soviet Military Gap", and "Germany's Scherer Says Gorbachev On Way Out") which demonstrates that Communist Russia's intentions and military power are more dangerous today than ever.

We must pray more than ever, work more than ever, sacrifice more than ever and petition the Holy Father for the consecration of Russia before the worst disaster of the annihilation of nations and world enslavement under the Communist Russia tyrants takes place.

(See also article in this issue about More Disinformation Against the Message of Our Lady of Fatima)


Maria Fetal in June 1989 confirmed the Consecration NOT done.

 With regard to a report regarding the Consecration of Russia, that was published by Father Fox as we were going to press we shall respond in our next issue more completely. However, we must draw your attention to the fact that Father Fox admits he spoke to his principal "witness" Maria do Fetal Neves Rosa through an (unidentified) interpreter.

On November 8, 1989 Father Gruner telephoned Father Pierre Caillon, president of the Blue Army in France and spoke to him in French.

Father Caillon told Father Gruner that Maria do Fetal Neves Rosa speaks French. Father Caillon knows her well and she told Father Caillon directly in person in June, 1989 that the Consecration of RUSSIA as requested by Our Lady of Fatima has not been done.

Malachi Martin reports that in May, 1989 Sister Lucia told Cardinal Law that the Consecration of Russia has not been done.