Saint John Bosco Foretells …
MAY 1988?

"Things follow too slowly upon each other, but the great Queen of Heaven is at hand; the Lord's power is Hers. Like mist She shall scatter Her enemies. She shall vest the Venerable Old Man with all his former garments.

"There shall yet come a violent hurricane. Iniquity is at an end, sin shall cease, and before two full moons shall have shone in the month of flowers, the rainbow of peace shall appear on the earth.

"The great Minister shall see the Bride of his King clothed in glory.

"Throughout the world a sun so bright shall shine as was never seen since the flames of the Cenacle until today, nor shall it be seen again until the end of time."

The above is an excerpt from a prophetic dream Don Bosco had in 1873. It was at first thought to apply to May 1874 … but the rainbow of peace spoken about has not yet come to the world. May 1988 is "the month of flowers" and has two moons — a very rare occurrence. The next time any month has two moons is December 1990. It will be many years however before May has two moons again.

The time is ripe. Could this May (Our Lady of Fatima's month) be the occasion of the fulfillment of this prophecy? Will May 13, 1988 be the time of the Consecration of Russia?


On July 6, 1862, Don Bosco narrated a dream he had had the night before.

'As we were thus talking, an eerie silence suddenly fell over the boys. They stopped playing and, looking very frightened, fled helter-skelter. "Suddenly, at the far end of the plain, I saw an enormous horse alight upon the ground. So huge was the animal that my blood ran cold."

"Was the horse as big as this room?" Father Francesia asked.

"Oh, much bigger! It was a truly monstrous thing, three or four times the size of Palazzo Madama." Meanwhile I kept thinking, What can this horse be? I must stop running and try to get a close look at it. What a horror to see those ears and that frightful snout! At times it seemed to be carrying a load of riders; at other times it seemed to have wings. "It must be a demon!" I exclaimed.

"The red horse of the Apocalypse," he replied.'

Father Rua (now St. Rua) remarked that a red horse — symbol of bloody persecution against the Church, according to Martini — is indeed mentioned in the Apocalypse, chapter 6, verses 3 and 4: "When the Lamb broke open the second seal, I heard the second living creature cry out, 'Come Forward!' Another horse came forth, a red one. It's rider was given power to rob the earth of peace by allowing men to slaughter one another. For this he was given a huge sword."

Don Bosco used to remark, "To prevent this calamity, all the faithful, and we too in our small way, must zealously and courageously strive to halt this unbridled monster."

How? By alerting the masses to its false teachings through the practice of charity and wholesome publications and by turning their minds and hearts to Saint Peter's Chair — the unshakable foundation of all God-given authority, the master key of all social order, the immutable charter of man's duties and rights, the divine light which unmasks the deception of evil passions, the faithful and powerful guardian of natural and Christian morality, the irrevocable guarantor of eternal reward and punishment. The Church, Saint Peter's Chair, and the Pope are one and the same thing. That is why Don Bosco wanted an all-out effort to make these truths accepted. His goals were to fully document the incalculable benefits brought by Popes to civil society, to rebut all slanders hurled against them, and to foster gratitude, loyalty, and love for them.

Reprinted in part from "DREAMS, VISIONS & PROPHECIES of DON BOSCO", Available from The Fatima Crusader