"What Others Say …"
U.S.A. Prepares for Surrender?

A number of intelligence and military experts have published reviews and forecasts of the extreme threat to the United States which the Soviet military represents. In these book reviews we quote directly from a number of qualified sources. In the excerpt below, from the 1984 book entitled What to do When the Russians Come, note that the authors predicted four years ago what seems to be taking place today. Serious observers suggest that the surrender of the United States may actually have begun! By comparing the following extract with the text of U.S. Secretary of State George Schultz' December 1987 speech given during Gorbachev's Washington visit, you too may come to the same conclusion.

"Initially American surrender might not be given such a harsh name. America would be allowed to save a certain amount of face — whether it had to back down because of Soviet superiority of weapons or because it had lost an actual war — by disguising the unpleasantness of formal surrender under some such rubric as a "disarmament agreement". America would agree to the dispatch of Soviet "inspection teams" to monitor the "agreement". The teams would be military and would set up bases in key areas. Their consistent and rapid reinforcement, which the United States would be powerless to halt, would naturally lead, without undue loss of time, to full-scale Soviet control.

In the case of the three small Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, which were once democratic republics, the Soviets began their expansion by demanding "defensive" bases. This was done in the guise of a "military defense pact." Ostensibly, this in no way intruded on the sovereignty or independence of the host countries. Within months, however, the Russians announced the discovery of "plots" against them, which required the total occupation of the states in question. A few weeks later "elections" were held, which not surprisingly resulted in a call for immediate annexation to the USSR. Each country was then placed under a special Soviet commissioner (one of whom was the veteran Mikhail Suslov, prominent in Moscow's councils until his recent death) and under a Soviet police chief. Between them they introduced the full rigor of the Communist system.

On the other hand, in Poland and most of the other countries of Eastern Europe, when the Russians took over during the heavy fighting in the last phase of World War II, they thought it best, instead of imposing their own system immediately, to set up transitional governments in which representatives of the old political parties — with all "anti-Soviet" elements removed — were permitted to serve until such time as it became expedient to suppress them. In each case the Russians made sure from the start that their Communist stooges controlled the police apparatus and all the machinery of repression. This is the likely pattern in the U.S.A.

As predicted in this book published four years ago, the U.S.A. "appears" to have begun its surrender to the USSR effective December 1987. Of course it is being accomplished under a guise of a "disarmament agreement", as the authors predicted. For, in fact, Secretary of State George Schultz clearly indicated that the Soviets will be given a military base in Denver, Colorado, near the U.S. Military Air Defense headquarters. Again, as the authors predicted, it's being called a base for their "inspection team". Yes, a USSR military base in Middle America! Apparently, Soviet military strength has become so intimidating, American resolution so dissipated that U.S. leaders are beginning to bend before Soviet military might.

It won't be long before this surrender-process technique, developed by the Soviets, accelerates until 275 million North Americans wake up one morning under the Godless banner of the USSR, as patterned by this book.

Our only hope is the Consecration of Russia as requested by Our Lady of Fatima. We must Pray and Work now to bring about the Consecration of Russia by the Pope and all the Catholic Bishops before it is too late!