The Pope's Heavy Responsibility


The Pope, if he had more public opinion support, could order (he has the right and the power to do so) all the Catholic bishops to join him (under pain of excommunication from the Church) on one day, say, May 13, 1988 or August 15, 1988 to consecrate Russia in a solemn and public way. If any bishop disobeyed, he would automatically be excommunicated and his cooperation would not therefore be necessary to fulfill Our Lady's request. The grace for the Pope to do this is what we should pray for.

The Pope has an extremely heavy responsibility, given to him by God. The peace of the world, the salvation of millions of souls, and the literal existence of various nations depends on his obedience to the command of Jesus and Mary, the King and Queen of Heaven and earth. It is absolutely impossible for him to carry out this responsibility by his own strength. Nevertheless, he can do it, by the grace of God. He must do it, and one day he will do it, because Our Lady has told us, "Finally My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, which will be converted and a period of peace will be granted to the world."

We too have a heavy responsibility. We must help the Pope fulfill his obligation to consecrate Russia by our prayers. The children of Fatima understood this lesson which Our Lady of Fatima taught them and prayed constantly for the Holy Father. We must do the same.

Already it is late — already hundreds of millions are dead because the consecration of Russia by the Pope and all the Catholic Bishops has not yet been done. It was requested in 1929 when Our Lady of Fatima said, "The moment has come." Since then over 50,000,000 died in World War II, over 115,000,000 died under Stalin and Mao in Communist lands, and the death toll is millions more under the more recent butchers of the Kremlin. The butcher Gorbachev and his predecessors are responsible for over one million dead in Afghanistan today. Only the consecration of Russia will convert Russia and prevent this from taking place in our own homeland.

Indeed the Pope has a tremendous responsibility to do all he can to stop all this death and destruction because with the help of God's grace and our prayers he can, if only he would obey Our Lady of Fatima by ordering all the bishops of the Catholic world to consecrate Russia in a solemn and public way.

It has not been done in the manner specified by Our Lady of Fatima. There is known resistance on the part of a number of bishops around the world — as it is also known that a number of bishops are willing to obey as soon as the Pope gives the word.

Help Him by Your Prayers

The Pope feels helpless because he needs the bishops' cooperation. Since he knows they will not cooperate under present day circumstances, he feels he can do nothing further. (See page 8.) This is where your prayers and public support for the consecration of Russia according to Our Lady of Fatima are so necessary, because as long as the general public does not know that their lives, temporal happiness and freedom are dependent upon the bishops' obedience, they will do nothing. Even the eternal salvation of very many of us is at risk if this is delayed much longer. If only the public knew all this, they would insist forcefully that the bishops fulfill their duties or resign their office.

One cannot emphasize enough the need Our Lady has for support from the general public. Church history provides an example in St. John Gualbert who, moved by a special grace, demonstrated publicly, and by a miracle, that the Archbishop of Florence had bought his way into office. St. John had tried to convince the Pope and his counselors of the unworthiness of the Archbishop of Florence. Since they were not convinced, the Saint went back to Florence and had a trial by fire to prove his point. The lay people then convinced the bishop of Florence to resign.

Mobilize Public Opinion

What is needed today, after 58 years of trying to convince the Pope and his counselors by private diplomacy, is widespread public support from the laity for the only peace plan which will work. Jesus told Sister Lucy that He wants His whole Church to recognize that consecration as a triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It is only by this means, that is by this act of consecration that Russia will be converted and there will be peace. Your family, your home and your lives are in great danger. Will you do your part to bring about the consecration of Russia by the Pope and the bishops in the manner specified? Pray for the Pope. Help him by petitioning the bishops to support him in his efforts to consecrate Russia.