Russia Never Consecrated to Mary in Format Ordered by Our Lady of Fatima


by Robert A. S. Sullivan

Two more Cardinals recently joined with Edouard Cardinal Gagnon, P.S.S. and Paul Augustin Cardinal Mayer, O.S.B. in conceding that Russia was never consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary according to the specific 1929 manner requested by Our Lady of Fatima. Four Curia-level Cardinals have concluded before at least 16 witnesses from thirteen countries during five meetings — that Our Lady of Fatima's requested consecration of Russia has never been fulfilled, despite widespread misinformation to the contrary.

First Steps Toward World Peace

The two latest Marian announcements were made by: (a) Alfons Maria Cardinal Stickler, S.D.B. in Rome on November 26, 1987, before one witness from California and again on December 7, 1987 before three witnesses from New York; and (b) Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger in New York City on January 27, 1988, before one New York State resident.

Three Meetings with Four Witnesses

• November 26, 1987 — Private appointment with David Martin of Los Angeles. Cardinal Stickler, after agreeing to be "an instrument of transmission" of a letter to the Pope requesting the consecration of Russia, doubted whether the Pope would consecrate Russia since he lacks the support of his bishops. Cardinal Stickler said, "They do not obey him!" The Cardinal added that it is not just the American bishops but bishops of the entire world who do not obey the Bishop of Rome.

The 77-year-old Cardinal concluded, referring to bishops who do not obey the Pope, "We must be strong. Resist your bishops. Do not obey them!"

• December 7, 1987 — Private appointment with Michael Mangan and Francis Harrington from New York City. Cardinal Stickler responded to an inquiry about why Pope John Paul II has not yet honored Our Lady of Fatima's request for the special consecration of Russia. The Cardinal said, "Pope Pius XII had already consecrated Russia, including Russia in his consecration of the entire world, but it has not been done in the form requested by Our Lady of Fatima. Her request is not fulfilled." When asked for an opinion about whether Pope John Paul II believes the consecration was already completed, the Cardinal responded: "It's the Pope's decision, not mine. Some of the bishops would not agree with him. The Holy Father would probably say, 'The bishops will not listen to me. So I won't do it!'" He concluded: "The consecration is not done: conditions are not fulfilled!"

• January 27, 1988 — St. Peter's Church in New York City where Cardinal Ratzinger lectured on Erasmus, attended by John Cardinal O'Connor and 1000 persons including witness Elizabeth Rooney. After the lecture, upon personal request, Cardinal Ratzinger gave his priestly blessing and then responded with seven words of confirmation to her consecration request: "Your Eminence, I would like you to ask the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, immediately and in union with all the bishops in the world." Cardinal Ratzinger replied: "I know it has to be done!" …meaning it hadn't been done as yet as of January 27, 1988.

Applaud Cardinals

We are much indebted to Cardinals Stickler and Ratzinger for their individual acknowledgements that Our Lady of Fatima's specific request to a Pope and all the bishops remains unfulfilled. We also remain indebted to Cardinals Gagnon and Mayer for their earlier acknowledgements that Our Lady of Fatima's specific demands are not yet honored. We thank: Edouard Cardinal Gagnon for his November 1985 confirmation to Abbe Pierre Caillon, a French Professor of Theology, a guest speaker at the Vatican Symposium on Fatima held on the opening day of the Extraordinary 1985 Synod in Rome; and Paul Augustin Cardinal Mayer for his October 25, 1987 announcement before Victor Kulanday, a publisher from Madras, India and his peers from eleven other countries.

The extremely unfortunate consequences of the ongoing indifference by others in the Church to the Mother of Christ's 1917-1929 requests can mean over 100 million dead and the enslavement of the entire world by Communist Russia!

Public Opinion to Oblige Bishops

We remain hopeful that this acknowledgement by four Cardinals of the Roman Curia will help build public opinion whereby this most urgent consecration of Russia finally takes place according to Our Lady of Fatima's demands. For it is very late and there is still opposition by some bishops to this one hope we have of bringing peace to the world and saving Christian civilization.

We must therefore redouble our efforts. We must mobilize public opinion. We must above all have a Rosary Crusade in our homes, our neighborhoods, our cities and around the world. We must do this now before it is too late.