Nuclear Advantage of Russia
Over U.S.A. Now 6 to 1

"Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn a few years ago made this prediction of how eventual Soviet victory would come about: 'At one time there was no comparison between the strength of the USSR and yours. Then it became equal... (The Soviet advantage grew). Then (it became) three to one. Finally it will be five to one... With such a nuclear superiority it will be possible to block the use of your weapons, and on some unlucky morning they will declare: 'Attention. We're marching our troops to Europe, and if you make a move, we will annihilate you.' And this ratio... of five to one will have its effect: you will not make a move.' Today, the effective nuclear ad-vantage of the USSR over the United States is 6 to 1 and growing." See Crommelin and Sullivan, pg. 82.

The following charts give you a clearer understanding of why America's situation is extremely precarious. The above quotations and these charts are taken from Soviet Military Supremacy by Quentin Crommelin, Jr. and David S. Sullivan. (available from The Fatima Crusader.)

Marshall Nikolai Ogarkov in May, 1987 was elevated to the de-facto highest military position in Russia. Ogarkov has written frequently outlining an extremely aggressive plan of attack. One of his plans calls for an all-out surprise nuclear attack on the U.S.A. His promotion is a clear indication that Communist Russia under Gorbachev intends to use its ominous military superiority to defeat us and enslave us all.