Ignore the Message of Fatima:

At the Cost of
Your Enslavement
and Nuclear Destruction

If we had already listened to Our Lady of Fatima, then we would not have had

  • 55,000,000 violent deaths in World War II, a very great number were Christians.
  • 130,000,000 is the estimated number of violent deaths since 1917 as a result of Russia’s “errors being spread” behind the iron and bamboo curtains.
  • 50,000,000 murders of innocent babies by abortion per year in our world, paid for by your taxes.

All this evil is caused by sin. All these things happened because we ignored Our Lady of Fatima.

Worse still will happen IF:
• We do not convert
• We do not heed our Lady of Fatima


Entire nations will be annihilated
Many will go to hell forever
Whole world, including U.S.A. and
  Canada, will be enslaved by Russia.

No Other Peace Plan Will Work
No Other Way is There to Avoid
Nuclear Destruction

Marxism, Leninism, Communism is anti-Christ. Marx taught a satanic doctrine based on hatred of God and hatred of Man. Violence is the logical result of his errors. Lenin applied this doctrine in an organized way, imposing it on Russia. Lenin, in 7 years, was responsible for 20 million corpses. Stalin consolidated this system of organized murder and exported it to the world. As a result Stalin is responsible for 46 million corpses in 29 years. Russian communism continues to expand and impose by force its satanic, anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-Catholic system of slavery and death.

Only obedience to Our Lady of Fatima will stop this apocalyptic beast by converting Russia.

Unless the Lord Build the House 
They labour in Vain who Build it. 
Unless the Lord Guard the City 
In Vain does the Guard Keep Vigil. 
Psalm 126
Lenin, in 7 years, was responsible for 20,000,000 (20 million) corpses

Stalin, in 29 years, was responsible for 46,000,000 (46 million) corpses

Mao and Communists in China were responsible for 70 million corpses

Today communism has not changed in its practice and doctrine of hatred, violence and death.

We must choose – if I decide I can ignore it, or I don't have to obey this message, I have chosen wrongly.

Your choice:

#1: Obey the 
Message of Fatima

The consequences —
“If My requests are granted,
Russia will be converted and 
there will be peace.”
              Our Lady at Fatima

“If people do what I tell you, 
many souls will be saved.”
              Our Lady of Fatima

#2: Disobey and/or 
Ignore the

The consequences —
• Many souls will go to hell
• “If My requests are not
granted, Russia will spread
its errors throughout the
world raising up wars and
persecution against the
Church. Many will be 
martyred, the Holy Father
will have much to suffer. 
Our Lady of Fatima

Our Heavenly Mother Came to Fatima
to Give Us a Message and Offer Her Help

Saint Augustine explains that certain special favors and graces are obtained from Jesus Christ only through the intercession of the Saints. This is because God wants us to realize that it is through the merits of the Saint and not our own that He has granted this favor to us. At Fatima we are told that the grace of world peace and freedom will only come to us through the merits and intercession of Our Heavenly Mother.

To wilfully ignore the plea of Our Heavenly Mother would be a serious sin. Of this, Bishop Graber of Germany has said, “Knowing that the world can be utterly destroyed by the terrible weapons of mass destruction today and knowing too that this can be averted by prayer and penance as the Most Holy Virgin reminded us at Fatima, it is my sacred obligation to utilize these twin means of salvation, prayer and penance. Neglecting them, I incur guilt in the destruction of the peoples. The omission of prayer and penance — I say this in all seriousness — is a crime against humanity.”


“Every nation in the world without exception will eventually be enslaved and scourged by communism.”

Message of Fatima