Autumn 2017

Issue 120

Finally, After So Many Years…
by Michal Semín

At last, being enabled by divine Providence and Our Lady's gracious assistance, one of Father Gruner's long-held hopes has been realized — announcing the true and complete Message of Fatima in the heart of Russia itself, as The Fatima Center held its first-ever conference in Moscow.

In This Issue

This issue of The Fatima Crusader presents an overview of the talks presented at our historic conference in Moscow, Russia which took place November 4-5, 2017, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Fatima apparitions.

Report on The Fatima Center's Historic Moscow Conference
by Joanna Swords

After nearly a year of preparations, The Fatima Center hosted its first conference in Moscow, which was directed specifically to the people of Russia and explained the importance of Our Lady of Fatima's Message for that nation. In this article, Joanna Swords provides a synopsis of each of the speakers' presentations.

Fatima and the Current State of the Church
by Bishop Bernard Fellay

Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X, tells us there is much we have yet to learn about Fatima, as many volumes written by devout and learned friends of Sister Lucy remain under lock and key. He reminds us also that Fatima is our only hope at this point in history.

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Introduction to Fatima
by Christopher Ferrara

In his talk on the meaning of the Fatima Message, Mr. Ferrara explains that Our Lady spoke with dire and precise accuracy when She said that only She can help us. He explains also what Our Lady said we must do to receive this crucial help.

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Russia's Role in the Divine Plan and What She Has to Gain by the Consecration
by Michal Semín

Mr. Semín, publisher of Te Deum magazine, discusses Russia's central role in the history of the world, as the bridge between East and West — geographically, ideologically, and spiritually. Heaven has chosen this unique nation to serve, if need be, as its instrument of chastisement, and ultimately as an instrument of salvation!

Conference Photos (photo insert)

The Importance of The Fatima Center's Historic Moscow Conference
by Father Shane Pezzutti

Father Pezzutti explains the very special place which the country of Russia holds in the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and how She longs to draw this poor nation out of the clutches of the Communistic and atheistic oppression to which it has been so ruthlessly subjected.

The Fatima Epoch: Has It Finished?
by Stanislav Protasenko

Mr. Protosenko, one of our Russian speakers, refutes the mistaken idea held by many in the West that Russia has turned again to God. On the contrary, he explains, there has been a resurgence in Russia of enthusiasm for the old Soviet state, and the Russian Orthodox Church is still the servant of its political masters.

Why God Asks For This Act of Consecration of Russia
by Father Nicholas Gruner

When the Pope and bishops consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, She will bring about the conversion of that nation, and thus Our Lady's exalted place in the economy of salvation will at last be properly recognized and honored. At the same time, the Pope's unique role as supreme Head over all the other bishops of the world will be made manifest.

100 Years after the October Revolution
by Elena Chudinova

Elena Chudinova, another native Russian speaker, discusses the threat which Islam poses to Russia and the West alongside the persisting Communist threat.

BEWARE: Our Lady of Fatima Has Warned Us, Hell Is Real!!
by Father Isaac Mary Relyea

Father Relyea reminds us that Our Lady of Fatima showed the children-seers a vision of hell, which Sister Lucy faithfully described in vivid detail, in order to fortify us with an antidote to the skepticism of our age. Our actions will have eternal consequences. Death, Judgment, Heaven, and Hell are not pious fantasies, but REAL!

For Fatima, For Russia, For the Whole World!
by Artimy Glushaev

Mr. Glushaev, one of the helpers from Russia who attended our Moscow conference, offers a personal testimonial to the urgency of the Message of Fatima for Russia and the whole world.