Winter 2017

Issue 117


In Defense of Catholic Truth
by Coralie Graham, Editor

Pope Francis rocked the Catholic world by concelebrating with a faux Lutheran “bishop” in Lund, Sweden, at an ecumenical service commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Revolt. The Fatima Center’s Rapid Response Team was on hand with our processional statue of Our Lady of Fatima, in order to bring Our Lady — powerful in battle — into the center of the spiritual fray, with wonderful effect.

Our Lady of Fatima Being Adorned with Flowers Prior to the Procession  (photo insert)

Defending Catholic Truth Against the Errors of Ecumenism
by Michael Semin

Martin Luther led Europe down the road to ruin by divorcing society and its governance from Catholic truth. Only by returning to that truth can European society again find solid footing.

Wisdom of the Saints: Our True Happiness
Sermon for the Feast of All Saints, by Fr. Håkan Lindström

The unfortunate people of Sweden were led by their ancestors out of the bosom of the true Church into the grip of an increasingly secularized society, whose false allurements and vain hopes have only brought them to despair. True Christian life, living the beatitudes, is the only path to true happiness and to the restoration of society.  

The Ecumenical Fiasco in Lund, Sweden – A Game of “Let’s Pretend”
by Christopher A. Ferrara

Pope Francis made an “ecumenical journey” to the Lutheran heartland of Sweden, lending the weight of the papal office to the diabolically inspired pretense that a “Christian unity” can be established among Our Lord’s true faithful alongside those who have rejected His authority, teachings, and commandments. More truly charitable would have been for Christ’s Vicar to warn the Swedes that Protestant errors cannot be reconciled with the true Faith.

Our Duty to Resist! (Excerpt from Crucial Truths to Save Your Soul)
by Father Nicholas Gruner

Father Gruner reminded us in his final book that we have a duty to resist error. This was The Fatima Center’s objective in Sweden, through a public act of reparation performed in a spirit of charity, and witnessing to the truth with love, as Father always did.

Has the Vatican Surrendered to the Sexual Revolution?
by Christopher A. Ferrara

The Church is now in the perilous position of having its moral teaching confused by the Pope’s scandalous exhortation, Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love). The need for moral clarity rooted in age-old teachings of the Church has never been greater!

The Diabolical Disorientation of Luther
by John Vennari

The errors of Martin Luther — and of Protestantism, which he spawned — could not be more contrary to the beautiful Catholic truths reiterated by Our Lady of Fatima.

HOLINESS: Knowledge of God, Knowledge of Self
by Fr. Michael Rodriguez

Just as the children of Fatima were allowed to see themselves in the light of God, all true knowledge of who we are — including our unworthiness and our absolute need of God — must be sought through the grace of divine illumination.

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The Dismantling of Morals and Marriage — Amoris Laetitia: A Ramped-up Program of Diabolic Disorientation
by John Vennari

In Amoris Laetitia, Pope Francis advances the cause of situation ethics, which denies both natural law and the unchanging moral teaching of the Church’s magisterium, based in Scripture and Tradition.

The Sacrament of Matrimony — A Helpful Reminder for Our Faithful
from the Catechism issued by Pope St. Pius X

A trustworthy catechism, dating back to a time when clear, orthodox statements from Rome were standard fare, is a priceless guide for the faithful today, when (as Sister Lucy predicted) marriage and the family have come under furious attack by the devil.

Our Catholic Catechism: Part III
Authentic Apostolic Teaching on Faith and Truth

by Father David Phillipson

In this third part of Father Phillipson’s speech on the Catholic Catechism (delivered at The Fatima Center’s conference in Boston), he reminds us that true Christian morals cannot survive when divorced from doctrinal truth. At all costs, objective truth must come first, before subjective aspects of one’s convictions.

Distribution of Our Leaflet on Luther at the Papal Mass (photo insert)

Follow the Will of God Through the Intercession of His Holy Mother, Mary
by Father Nicholas Gruner

In one of his most moving talks (delivered in Cork, Ireland just one month before he passed away), Father Gruner points out that God has given each of us a role in bringing about the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, allowing us to share in Our Lady’s victory.

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