Autumn 2016

Issue 116


100th Anniversary: The Angel's Apparitions at Fatima

In this, the 116th issue of The Fatima Crusader, we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the angelic apparitions of 1916 which prepared the children-seers of Fatima for the appearance of Our Lady in the following year. The lessons taught by the Angel — of adoration, of reparation, and of sacrifice for the conversion of sinners — are essential to understanding the Message of Fatima in its entirety.

Our Lady Will Protect Her Dear Ones
by Coralie Graham, Editor

The Fatima Crusader can arm its readers with the information and truths needed to bring about the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which is the ONLY way to true world peace and the salvation of millions of souls.

Networking at St. Louis – Our Lady’s Army of Advocates Conference   (photo insert)

The Angel of Fatima and Reparation at Holy Mass
by Father Michael Rodriguez

The greatest act of love and reparation we can offer to God is Holy Mass. Father Rodriguez urges us to heed the Angel of Fatima’s instruction on the importance of reverence in prayer by adhering to the Traditional Latin Mass — a God-centered act of Divine worship — and by keeping love and gratitude for the Eucharist at the heart of our prayer life.

100th Anniversary:
The Angel’s Appearances at Fatima
by Frère Michel de la Sainte Trinité

Frére Michel (one of the world’s leading experts on Fatima, whose invaluable books The Fatima Center has been distributing for many years) recounts the Angel’s three apparitions of 1916 and their significance for our times, when the need for reparation is so great.

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Celebrating an Apocalyptic Plague – The 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Revolt
by John Vennari

Pope Francis, in an historic scandal scheduled to take place in Lund, Sweden, will join Lutheran leaders in a “common worship service” commemorating the anniversary of Luther’s revolt. This outrage will truly be an assault on the Immaculata, as St. Maximilian Kolbe said of ecumenism in general, endangering souls by downplaying the deadly errors of Protestantism.

Candlelight Rosary Procession in Honor of Our Lady (photo insert)

We Need Priests To Promote the Fatima Message
by Father Nicholas Gruner

The Fatima Movement of Priests was very dear to Father Gruner, and he wanted all of us to support its efforts through the Society of St. John Vianney (which we can still do!). In this article, Father calls on good priests to teach the souls in their care about Our Lady’s Message, and to enlist the laity in the effort to have Russia consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart.

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The Consecration of the City of Aliquippa to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary
by Nelson Hertel

The June 4, 2016 consecration of a western Pennsylvania town to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary shows what wonderful things can be done when we have a mind and heart to act!

Solemn Consecration of the City of Aliquippa   (photo insert)

Our Catholic Catechism: Part II
Authentic Apostolic Teaching on Faith and Truth
by Father David Phillipson

In this second part of Father Phillipson’s speech on the Catholic Catechism (delivered at our conference in Boston), he demonstrates how Catholics of all times and places are united by their profession of the same Faith.

Prophecies for the Latter Day Saints – Our Lady and Islam
by Matt Gaspers

As St. Louis de Montfort, Venerable Mary of Agreda, and others have shown, Our Lady’s triumph over Islam is a certainty, long foretold by Catholic prophecy.

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MURDER in the Magic Kingdom
Special to The Fatima Crusader

In the present crisis involving “radical” Islam, Our Lady of Fatima’s Message and requests are the world’s only hope.

WHY the World Needs Fatima NOW

As headlines from leading journals around the world demonstrate, our time is running out. Only by fulfilling Our Lady of Fatima’s command for the Pope and bishops to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart can we avoid another horrible war.

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