Summer 2016

Issue 115


"Our mission is to ensure that the entire Fatima Message is fully known, understood, and obeyed."
-Father Nicholas Gruner

When God Closes a Door, He Opens a Window
by Coralie Graham, Editor

We at The Fatima Center have been very blessed during this past year — the first following Father Gruner’s passing — in being enabled, by the grace of God and the sustained dedication of our supporters, to carry on the crucial work of Our Lady’s Apostolate.

Networking with Friends at Our Boston Conference  (photo insert)

Why the World Needs Fatima NOW

As headlines from leading journals around the world demonstrate, our time is running out. Only by fulfilling Our Lady of Fatima’s command for the Pope and bishops to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart can we avoid another horrible war.

Crucial Truths To Save Your Soul

Without a love for the truth, said Father Gruner at the 2014 Army of Advocates conference in Ontario, our souls are in grave danger. So many people today, lacking this foundational love for the truth, have chosen to mindlessly defer to various churchmen who have lost their bearings, and allow Our Lady of Fatima’s Message — where our only safety lies — to be opposed.

Anniversary of Father Gruner’s Passing  (photo insert)

God Is Love, God Is Truth
by Father Michael Rodriguez

Father Rodriguez explains that the devil uses lies to destroy souls, so he is especially implacable in his efforts to corrupt consecrated souls — bishops and priests — whom Our Lord has charged with the sacred duty of teaching the truth.  

Workshops at Our Boston Conference (photo insert)

Now – Father Gruner’s Fight Is OUR Fight
by Miriam Gruner

In this welcoming address given at the Army of Advocates conference in Boston, Father Gruner’s niece Miriam Gruner offers a warm tribute to her widely beloved uncle.

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Seminarian Gruner and the Diabolic Disorientation
by John Vennari

Father Gruner, who dedicated his entire priestly life to embracing, defending, and advancing the truth, took up this battle for the truth — and was already being persecuted for his defense of the truth — even back in his days as a seminarian.

Speaker Networking and Fatima Tools at Our Boston Conference  (photo insert)

Virgin Mary Statue Survives 7.8 Earthquake
by Nelson Hertel

A ray of consolation emerges from the devastation of the April 16, 2016 earthquake in Ecuador which claimed hundreds of lives, in a seemingly miraculously preserved statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, unscathed amid the surrounding rubble.

Our Catholic Catechism:
Authentic Apostolic Teaching on Faith and Truth
by Father David Phillipson

Father Phillipson explains that by re-reading a trustworthy catechism, we can refresh and clarify our knowledge of the saving truths of our Catholic Faith — a crucial means of preserving our faith in these times of pervasive diabolic lies and confusion.

Spiritual Graces Flow at Our Boston Conference  (photo insert)

Blessed Jacinta’s Heroic Suffering
by Cornelia Ferreira

Jacinta’s inspiring example of prayer and sacrifice for the conversion of sinners shows us what even a small child can do in response to Our Lady of Fatima’s plea for reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

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