Spring 2016

Issue 114


In This Time of World Crisis:
What Can We Do? Pray the Fatima Prayers

by Father Nicholas Gruner

Each of us can do something toward bringing about the Triumph of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart, said Father Gruner in his speech at the October 2006 Fatima: Last Chance for World Peace Conference. Most importantly, we can pray and make sacrifices, just as Our Lady of Fatima taught the three children to do.

Rome’s Chief Exorcist Confirms:
"Consecration of Russia NOT Done"

Special to The Fatima Crusader

In an interview published in the pro-life journal Faithful Insight, Father Gabriel Amorth (chief exorcist of Rome) reaffirmed the fact that the Consecration of Russia requested by Our Lady of Fatima has not been made. Humanity's ever increasing sins – the consequences of this disobedience – are all around us today, he added, and will soon bring upon the world a terrible punishment from God.

100th Anniversary of the Fatima Angel Appearances

The Fatima apparitions actually began in 1916, with the apparitions of an angelic precursor of Our Lady. Identifying himself as the Angel of Peace, he prepared the three children to whom Our Lady of Fatima would later appear, through three dramatic apparitions in the spring, summer, and fall of 1916, now exactly one hundred years ago.

Landmarks in the Fog
by Christopher A. Ferrara

Never has the diabolic disorientation of the upper hierarchy been as profound as it is now, in the present pontificate. After two-and-a-half years of endless rhetoric about "mercy," the very essence of our Catholic Faith is in danger of being obscured. In order to help us regain our bearings in such a fog, Mr. Ferrara reminds us of some of Our Lord's "hard sayings" which can serve as much-needed landmarks of the Faith.

The Holy Rosary
by Father Francis Spirago

Briefly explaining the origin, the beauty, and the power of the Holy Rosary, Father Spirago demonstrates the excellence of this devotion.

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The Rosary Chapel at Venice Honors:
The Rosary Victory of the Battle of Lepanto

by John Vennari

Mr. Vennari recounts the stirring details of the Battle of Lepanto, in which the Christian forces under Don John of Austria, by the power of Our Lady's Rosary, decisively repelled the Muslim threat of European conquest in the 16th Century. This great victory can give us a vivid idea of how gloriously Our Lady's Immaculate Heart will triumph over the present dire threats facing Christendom, when at last the Pope and Catholic bishops obey Our Lady of Fatima's request for the Consecration of Russia.

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The Third Secret: A Recent Stunning Disclosure
by James Hanisch

We have seen in recent months that the biography of Sister Lucy published in 2012 by the Carmel of Coimbra included an explosive confirmation, in Our Lady's own words, that there exist two parts to the Third Secret of Fatima, only one of which has thus far been published. In this article, Mr. Hanisch discusses another surprise discovery to be found in this same biography – evidence of an apparition of Our Lady of Fatima unknown to Fatima scholars until now.

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San Bernardino and Paris Massacres Reaffirm Urgency for Pope to Obey Fatima Message
by John Vennari

Islam – by no means a "religion of peace"! – will not be subdued by peace treaties or candlelight vigils. There is, however, a ready solution to all of the tragic violence which continues to plague our world: obedience to Our Lady of Fatima. Only She can help us, and the Pope holds in his hands the key to world peace, if only he has the faith and courage to use it.

The Fatima Prayers Teach Us:
Mary Is OUR Mother

by Father Nicholas Gruner

Father Gruner explains why the Blessed Virgin Mary is truly our spiritual Mother and how the enormous sins of our time have rendered Her more than ever the Mother of Sorrows, as Our Lady of Fatima has revealed, with Her Heart pierced all around by thorns.

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Christ the King and the Fatima Message
by Father Paul J. McDonald

In the aftermath of the Second Vatican Council, the Social Kingship of Christ has been downplayed and distorted, along with the related aspects of the Message of Fatima. Father McDonald explains that when the Immaculate Heart of Mary triumphs over these errors, the world will see the conversion of Russia and what will be the effect of Christ's reign over the converted nations of the world.

Joining Our Tears with Christ Crucified
by Coralie Graham

The Editor of The Fatima Crusader recalls the story of how she acquired the magnificent, nearly life-size crucifix which hangs above the altar in The Fatima Center's chapel. The life-like corpus on this crucifix gives us all a powerful reminder of the present need for penance and sacrifices.

Jesus or Barabbas?
Excerpt from The Sacred Passion Prayer Book

In this meditation on the ignominy suffered by Our Lord in being held on a par with a vile criminal, and then in being contemned as the more execrable of the two, we see a reflection of our own sinful lives. How many Barabbases have we preferred to Jesus Christ, our true King and Redeemer?

Remembering Christ's Passion
Excerpt from The Sacred Passion Prayer Book

This article explains how we should live each day in the remembrance of Christ's Passion, thinking often and gratefully of it, and ensuring that it affects all of our views and actions.

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