Summer 2015

Issue 112


Words of Wisdom from Father Gruner

A brief address by Father Gruner that will serve as an inspiration to all who love Our Lady and are devoted to Her Fatima Message.

The Holy Ghost Working Through Father Gruner *
By Father Paul Kramer

Father Kramer exhorts all of us to remain steadfastly loyal to the apostolate Father Gruner founded and for which he poured out his last strength.  Father Kramer stresses the importance of The Fatima Timeline, which was among the last projects Father Gruner worked on. Father Kramer worked closely with Father Gruner for many years and he recounts how for more than 40 years he was privileged to watch the Holy Ghost working through Father in forming and directing the apostolate.
* Includes “Fond Memories” testimonials.

His Faith and Love Shone Upon Us  (Photos & Fond Memories)

Spreading Fatima Worldwide  (Photos)

Father Nicholas Gruner: Our Lady’s Knight *
By Father Isaac Mary Relyea

Father Relyea extols the priestly virtues that shone through the character of Father Nicholas Gruner’s selfless life of devotion to the great cause of Our Lady. He was, Father Relyea tells us, the exemplar of a good and holy priest.

Following Father’s Footsteps *
By Coralie Graham, Editor

Coralie met Father Gruner more than 31 years ago, an event that changed the course of her life. She recounts how Father endured privations and persisted in the face of great hardship to build the Fatima Apostolate into the international organization it is today. An inspiring narrative that gives us an insight into the profound depths of Father’s dedication.

Goodbye to the Soft-Spoken Warrior
By John Vennari

The editor of Catholic Family News, Mr. Vennari worked closely with Father Gruner through the years and tells of Father’s ready sympathy with everyone he met and his ability to get along with people of vastly different temperaments. Along with Father’s gentility, though, he displayed a great competence and an intense focus that allowed him to accomplish the amazing feats that marked his life.  

Some Details of Father’s Passing *
Compiled by James Hanisch and Staff

Mr. Hanisch brings together the recollections of those who worked with Father Gruner on the last day of his life, which unfolded like most days, beginning with the extraordinary event of Father’s daily Mass — always an otherworldly experience for those graced enough to witness it — and proceeding through a day dedicated to working for the apostolate as it prepared for the Boston Conference that was to be held that weekend.  This is an account that opens a window onto the daily life of this heroic priest.

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Reviled and Yet Blessed *
By Louis Verrechio

Mr. Verrechio marvels at Father Gruner’s patience and perseverance in the face of so many detractors and the almost non-stop persecution of those who want the Message of Fatima to go away. A lesser man, Mr. Verrechio, tells us would have given in to discouragement or bitterness, but Father stayed the course with grace and gentility.

Tribute to Father Gruner *
By Robert Siscoe

Mr. Siscoe reflects on the nature of the attacks on Father Gruner, motivated as they were by modernism  rather than by any fault on the part of Father, whose only “fault” was his unswerving loyalty and love for the Catholic Faith and Our Lady.

Onward? Please God, Yes! *
By James Hanisch

Mr. Hanisch urges everyone who appreciated and supported the work of Father Gruner and the apostolate to stay the course Father plotted. There is much left to be done, Mr. Hanisch notes, and Father pointed us in the direction we must follow.

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Pontifical High Mass / Rest in Peace, Father  (Photos)

What the Laity Can Do
By Don and Cathleen H.

In this brief exhortation, Father’s encouragement for everyone to do their part in promoting the Message of Fatima and hastening the Consecration of Russia is recalled. Father always insisted that each of us has a responsibility to do what he or she can for the final Triumph of Our Lady.

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Father Nicholas Gruner:  May 4, 1942 – April 29, 2015  (back cover)