Summer 2014

Issue 109


War Is Inevitable:
Unless Our Lady Is Obeyed NOW!

An Urgent Message from Father Nicholas Gruner
Father Gruner examines the growing tensions between the United States and Russia over Ukraine in the light of the Fatima Message. Father demonstrates that no human solution is capable of averting world war between East and West and that Our Lady is our only hope at this crucial point in history.

War 2014?
Researched and Compiled by The Fatima Crusader Editorial Staff
This three-part article is the result of careful and extensive research into all aspects of the current political, military and economic crisis that has brought the world to the brink of what appears likely to end in World War III. It marshals an array of facts, against which there can be no argument and makes the case that short of Divine intervention, as offered by Our Lady of Fatima, armed conflict on an unprecedented scale is inevitable.

The military encircling of Russia by the U.S. and its NATO allies has led to a standoff between the world’s two greatest nuclear powers over control of Ukraine. Who will blink first? Currency manipulation by the United States has also led to a false prosperity in the West that cannot last. A revolt against the world domination by the dollar is under way and appears about to erupt in violent confrontation. No diplomatic or political solution can avert war at this point. Our only recourse is to Our Lady of Fatima.

In the Unfolding World Conflict:
There Is Only ONE Right Choice

by Christopher A. Ferrara
Christopher Ferrara exposes the sophistry that attempts to dismiss Fatima as private revelation that one can ignore, or relegates its prophetic message to past events. He establishes the Fatima Message’s centrality in the 20th Century and its ongoing and urgent importance in our time. Mr. Ferrara also demonstrates that Vladimir Putin appears to be steering Russia back to its Christian roots, thus setting his nation in opposition to the increasingly liberal and pagan West. Whatever his motives, this course correction may serve as preparation for the conversion of Russia when Our Lady of Fatima is at long last obeyed.

70 Years of FALSE PEACE Ending Soon!
By James Hanisch
This insightful article explains the intricacies of international finance and exposes the way in which the United States has attempted to exploit the dollar as the world’s reserve currency to its own advantage and to the disadvantage of the rest of the world. It is an eye-opening exposé that explains why the United States is pushing the world toward war as the only way to maintain its false prosperity.

Open Letter to the Pope
Our Lady’s Apostolate makes an impassioned plea to all of its supporters to join in an effort to gather 1 million signatures on an open letter to Pope Francis requesting that he and the Catholic bishops perform the consecration of Russia as Our Lady requested without delay.

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