Spring 2013

Issue 105


Some Wise Words from Father Gruner
by Christopher A. Ferrara
Following the election of Pope Francis, there was a rush to judgment by many, even before the new pontificate got underway. Father Gruner, in his customary way, urges us to wait and see how Pope Francis conducts himself before assuming that he will be unfavorable to Catholic Tradition and liturgy.

The New Pope, the Church and the Consecration
In a wide-ranging interview with Father Gruner after his return from the conclave in Rome, Father offers us his frank assessment of the condition of the Church at the present time and why it was important for Our Lady’s Apostolate to be present in Rome prior to the start of the conclave.

Archbishop Bergoglio (Pope Francis) Writes to the Fatima Center
The Fatima Center writes regularly to all the Catholic bishops of the world, reminding them of Our Lady of Fatima’s request for the Consecration of Russia and the crucial role they play in salvation history. When Pope Francis was Archbishop of Buenos Aires, he graciously responded to our letters. We reprint his response here.

Following the Footsteps of Father Gruner and the TV Crew Covering the Conclave in Rome

Appeal to the Cardinals on Fatima TV Broadcast Before the Conclave
Father Gruner appeared on Rome TV’s Channel 217 (Fatima TV) before the start of the conclave to deliver a special address to the Cardinals about the grave responsibility they have to keep the Message of Fatima and Our Lady’s requests foremost in their minds as they choose a new Pope.

What Is a Conclave?
by John Vennari
On the eve of the conclave, Fatima TV broadcast a special report from St. Peter’s Square in which John Vennari, who was in Rome as a journalist covering the papal election, offers an explanation of the processes of the conclave and his reflections on its significance for Catholics everywhere.

Reaching the Cardinals Before the Conclave
The Fatima Center did all it could to make certain that the papal electors were informed about the crucial role of the Message of Fatima for the Church and the world at this dire time in our history. Father Gruner and seven other priests sent the Cardinals a letter in which they made the case for the centrality and urgency of Fatima. Father Paul Kramer sent his own letter, including his work The Mystery of Iniquity, in which he apprises the Cardinals of the dangerous infiltration of masonic influence in today’s hierarchy. And lastly, John Salza and Robert Sungenis, co-authors of The Consecration of Russia: How Seven Popes Failed to Heed Heaven’s Command and Brought Turmoil Upon the Church and the World, tell the papal electors that there is a way out of the crises that are ripping the Church and world apart: Obey Our Lady of Fatima.

Getting the Fatima Message into the Media

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An Open Letter to His Holiness Pope Francis
Several staff members at the Fatima Center appeal to the new Holy Father to put an end to the suffering of the Church and the world by doing the only thing that can help us now: Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The Papal Coat of Arms and the Pope’s Motto
Pope Francis chose to keep his coat of arms from when he was Archbishop of Buneos Aires, Argentina, adding of course the papal tiara. The motto stresses humility, as it cites Our Lord’s choosing of St. Matthew — “Lowly yet chosen” — as His disciple.

St. Francis of Assisi Was Committed to the Conversion of Souls
by John Vennari
St. Francis’ charity is sometimes emphasized at the expense of his zeal for souls through bringing them to the Catholic Faith. If the new Pope is to be true to the saint whose name he has taken, he will be a Pope equally committed to converting souls to the one, true Faith.

What Does “Holy” Mean?
by John Vennari
On the day following the papal election, John Vennari appeared on Fatima TV, offering his thoughts on what it means to be holy in light of the fact that we call the Pope, “Holy Father.” This insightful commentary was broadcast on Fatima TV in Rome.

Why Did Benedict XVI Resign?
An Interview with Father Paul Kramer
Fatima TV interviewer Peter Dychtiar explores the forces — aside from failing health — that may have led to Pope Benedict stepping down. Father Kramer, author of The Mystery of Iniquity, explains the combat taking place at the highest levels of the Church between masonic and orthodox forces and how this may have affected Benedict’s decision.

Are We Close to a Papal Funeral?
Some people close to Pope Benedict XVI believe the former Holy Father’s physical condition may be more serious than is generally known or reported.

Russia Gears Up for Nuclear War
by Christopher A. Ferrara
In February 2013, Russia conducted military exercises aimed at heightening the readiness of its nuclear forces. Such an occurrence underscores the falseness of the absurd claims by some that the consecration requested by Our Lady of Fatima has been performed and that Russia has been converted.

Book Review
Fatima Priest Part IV – A New Day for Fatima
by Paul Lavin, Ph.D.
So much has happened in the history of Fatima in recent years that a new section needed to be added to Fatima Priest, the fascinating chronicle of the struggles of a lone priest — Father Nicholas Gruner — to keep the whole Fatima Message intact against the powerful forces intent on burying Fatima once and for all. Part IV of this biography contains important news for all the faithful.

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