Winter 2013

Issue 104


Father Gruner Speaks to the European Union Parliament about the Message of Fatima for World Peace
On Oct. 23, 2012, a momentous event took place in Strasbourg, France, when Father Nicholas Gruner and Christopher A. Ferrara Esq., at the invitation of members of the European Union Parliament, explained the content of the Message of Fatima and the urgency of obedience to Our Lady’s requests to members of Parliament. These elected representatives of the 27 member states were also presented with a resolution to urge the Pope and bishops to obey Our Lady. Read this historic account

Motion Presented for Signature to Members of the European Union Parliament

Our Lady Came — Not to Announce Wars, But to Prevent Them
by Father Gabriel Amorth
Father Gabriel Amorth, former chief exorcist of Rome, speaks of the absolute seriousness of the Message of Fatima for every man, woman and child on Earth. Father Amorth tells us that the key to preventing wars and to saving our souls is obedience to Our Lady of Fatima.

Look What You Can Do Too — To Help Our Lady of Fatima
by Richard J. Doherty, M.D.
Dr. Richard J. Doherty’s letter to Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the Archbishop of New York, shows us that each one of us has it in our power to promote the Consecration of Russia by petitioning the Pope and bishops of the Church, as is our right under Canon Law. The laity can create of groundswell for obedience to Our Lady of Fatima.

Special Report
Fatima Center Breaks into the Political Arena
In an insightful interview, Father Nicholas Gruner explains why he believes Providence arranged for the Message of Fatima to be brought to the members of the European Union Parliament at this time. History has reached a crucial point at which we must decide: war or peace.

Part II
“Make EVERYTHING You Do a Sacrifice”
by Michal Semin
Mr. Michal Semin, head of the St. Joseph Institute in Prague, Czech Republic, reminds us that ours is a Faith rooted in the spirit of sacrifice. We should consecrate our every act to Our Lord and Our Lady. This is the heart of the Message of Fatima, and this spirit of sacrifice is best exemplified in the traditional Latin Mass. A brilliant and moving analysis.

Father Michael Jarecki — Under Our Lady’s Mantle
by Father David Phillipson
In death, as in life, Father Jarecki offers us inspiration to continue to battle for the truth of Our Lady of Fatima. Father Jarecki was Vice President of the Board of Directors of the National Pilgrim Virgin of Canada (The Fatima Center). He died Oct. 22, the evening before our presentation to the EU Parliament. The beautiful reflections offered at his Requiem Mass should encourage all of us to imitate Father Jarecki in his long-suffering and fortitude, which draws its strength from the deepest love of Our Lady.

Member of European Parliament States:
Fatima Message is Addressed to Political Authorities Too
by Mario Borghezio, Member of the European Parliament
The Honorable Mario Borghezio, EU representative of Italy’s Northern League, explains the importance of the Message of Fatima in light of the current crises, financial and political, facing Europe and the world. As Mr. Borghezio explains, we have reached a point at which our only solution is the supernatural one offered us by Our Lady — and leaders must act soon to avoid disaster.

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The Fatima Center Makes History
Special Report
In this special report, you will read a detailed account of the events of Oct. 23 that culminated in the addresses to members of the European Parliament. From the mysterious disappearance of Our Lady’s statue to Father Gruner’s Mass at the cathedral and the Rosary procession to Parliament headquarters — it’s all here. A must read.

Symbolism of European Union Flag is Marian
Taken from a Report by Giacomo Galeazzi, Vatican City
Not many realize it, but the 12 stars on a field of blue on the European Union flag represent the 12 stars in Our Lady’s crown as described in Chapter 12 of the Apocalypse. The 12 stars also appear on the Miraculous Medal. The symbolism of the EU flag is Marian and a prophetic sign of Our Lady’s inevitable triumph.

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An Important Historical Day for Our Lady of Fatima in Strasbourg

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