Spring 2012

Issue 101


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Regarding the Prophetic Message of Fatima:
by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)
This edited transcript of a speech given by Father Gruner at the 2011 Consecration Now! Conference in Rome tells us that the love of truth is really the only strategy Our Lady’s Apostolate has — or needs! Reading this article, you will not only learn the beauty and simplicity of Our Lady’s saving message but also be able to recognize the enemies of Fatima: those highly placed persons in the Church and world who are indifferent to truth — or worse

Apostles of the Rosary: Help Bring Peace and Truth to the World! (ad)

Open Letter from Bishop Mata
In this urgent letter to all people of good will, Bishop Juan Abelardo Mata Guevara (Bishop of Esteli, Nicaragua) warns us that we are surrounded by a world hostile to the Catholic Faith and, in particular, to the Message of Fatima. He explains to us the urgency of the Fatima Message and the importance of the upcoming Fatima: Your Last Chance! conference in Rome.

The Real Peace Plan…
Listen to Your Mother
Why does Rome fiddle while the world burns?
by Michael Matt
Mr. Matt, editor of The Remnant, a newspaper dedicated to restoring Catholic tradition, gives eloquent expression to the frustration experienced by those who know the simple solution to all our dire problems given us by Our Lady and ignored by very powerful members of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church and the world. He paints a vivid picture of a world in ruin with only one hope — Our Lady’s Fatima Message.

Fatima: Your Last Chance! Conference for World Peace – May 2012

A Sunshine of Hope:
Russian Sunrise and the Issues It Raises
by Suzanne Pearson
Fatima expert Suzanne Pearson examines the blueprint for creating a Catholic social order presented in Dr. Bruce Walters’ wonderful and inspiring novel, Russian Sunrise. Miss Pearson performs the invaluable service of showing us that with our obedience and Our Lady’s help that world peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima and described by Dr. Walters can indeed become a reality.

Fatima TV Channel 213 Rome and Fatima TV WorldWide Launch

Obama Codifies Indefinite Detention Without Trial for US Citizens
DAA could threaten religious people, pro-lifers, or anyone the Government deems suspect.
by John Vennari
Mr. Vennari’s article is a wake-up call for anyone still complacent enough to think that we can safely delay the Consecration of Russia.

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