Autumn 2011

Issue 100


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Following Our Lady’s Path to Her Triumph
by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)
Father Gruner recounts his early involvement with the Fatima apostolate and takes us on an exciting journey through the many years during which he has struggled against tremendous opposition to make the Message of Fatima known and Our Lady’s requests honored and obeyed. This article is more than a perspective on history. It is a blueprint for victory in this final battle between Our Lady and satan.

The Fate of YOUR Church — and the World — Still Hangs in the Balance(ad)

Clergy Congratulates Fatima Crusader on Commemorative 100th Issue
A sample of the numerous congratulations received from priests throughout the world who have sent messages of appreciation and encouragement to Father Gruner and the staff of The Fatima Crusader, thanking them for their tireless work through the years. These messages show how vital the Crusader has been in keeping alive the hope and promise of Fatima among those devoted to Our Lady.

Russian Sunrise (ad)

Commemorative 100th Issue Photo Gallery (Part I)

Commemorative 100th Issue Photo Gallery (Part II)

The Devil’s Final Battle — New Edition (ad)

International Fatima Rosary Crusade (ad)

The Holy Rosary — No Sword Like It

What are the Five First Saturdays? (ad)

Protect yourself. Protect the ones you love. (ad)

Making a Bequest for this Important Work is Easy (ad)

Papal Nuncio Endorses Christopher Ferrara’s Book:
The Secret Still Hidden
Inside the Vatican editor and former U.S. ambassador to the Holy See, Dr. Robert Moynihan reveals that in a conversation about whether the Third Secret of Fatima has been fully revealed, the late Papal Nuncio to the U.S., Archbishop Pietro Sambi, recommended that Moynihan read Christopher Ferrara’s expose of the suppression and cover-up of the text that explains the meaning of the vision of the Third Secret published in 2000.

“The Third Secret is the Key”¬†(ad)

The Fatima Center’s World Peace Conferences (Part I)
The Fatima Center’s World Peace Conferences (Part II)
This collection of photographs shows the Fatima Center in action at its various peace conferences throughout the world. The photos capture scenes from these historic events in Fatima, Mexico, Ontario, Spain/Portugal, Brazil, India and Italy.

More 100th Issue Congratulations
Some of the congratulations received from Catholic academics, attorneys, authors and others from the U.S. and Europe who have sent messages of gratitude to Father Gruner for his determined and persistent efforts in spreading the full Message of Fatima and congratulations for his achievements.

The Fatima Center’s India Apostolate

Apostolate to Priests * India Orphanage

This heart-warming article tells of the enthusiasm for the Message of Fatima and the devotion for Our Lady in the Archdiocese of Hyderabad, where the Fatima Center has established the Immaculate Heart of Mary orphanage. This article gives us a sense of what a beautiful world this could be if only Our Lady were honored and obeyed as She is in this haven of charity founded and maintained by Our Lady’s Apostolate.

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