Re: Separation of Church and State
and Response to Socci


May 2012
Easter Week

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

The last letter to our apostolate volunteers elicited strong negative reactions from a few.

I can assure you that was not our intention.

Your comments and questions are always welcome. We consider our volunteers to be an elite group among apostolate supporters.

That is because you have been given the grace of a greater understanding of how critical Our Lady’s Message is for the salvation of souls and how vitally important it is to heed the Message in order to stop the continuing decline of the world at large.

Because of that understanding many of our volunteers pray a great deal and offer sacrifices for souls and for the grace to be given to the Pope to make the Act of Consecration of Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart.

It is also because of that understanding that many of you reach out to souls by distributing Fatima literature, encouraging others to pray the Rosary and make the Five First Saturdays Communion of Reparation.

As an apostolate volunteer, you are one of the foot soldiers marching forward seeking those who will listen and those who are searching for solutions to the world’s problems.

And upon finding these wandering souls, our volunteers teach and explain that there is a simple Heaven-sent solution for resolving the problems of the world — even those that are most difficult.

Our volunteers often experience frustration and sadness when unable to convince others that the Consecration of Russia has not been done, that Fatima is not over, and that the problems in the world are directly related to Catholics not heeding Our Lady’s Fatima Message.

Those volunteers who are unable to convince others from a supernatural or spiritual focus of the importance of the Fatima Message in resolving the world’s evils, begin to look for things on the natural level to convince those who will not listen to anything else.

That is why on occasion it is communicated in a letter to our volunteers and/or we send a piece of literature focusing on some of the secular problems in the world — problems Our Lady of Fatima warned would occur.

We send this type of material for you to use to convince the skeptics and those living in denial, or who know something is wrong, but cannot identify what it is.

That is why last month we sent the article, "Human Rights Hypocrisy”. But the truth is not always pretty. And the more we speak to people the more evident it becomes that some do not want to hear the truth.

Ignoring the truth or denying it will not change anything, nor make it go away. A fact is a fact. And as you have read in Father’s letters on many occasions, St. Thomas Aquinas said, “against a fact there is no argument”.

Some of the negative comments received after the last letter were quite troublesome, not because the person disagreed or did not like the letter and the article, but because of a lack of understanding about Catholic teaching.

Quite frankly, if our volunteers — our foot soldiers — don’t understand, then what are the implications for our other Fatima apostolate supporters and Catholics in general?

Probably the most troubling comments (from more than one person) concerned the error of “separation of Church and state”. Some felt that because the Fatima Apostolate is Catholic nothing of a political nature should be written about it.

“Separation of Church and state” is not something proposed by God. Our Catholic Faith is supposed to be a way of life and should permeate every aspect of our lives. This idea of “separation of Church and state” is a falsehood introduced by the enemies of the Church, the Freemasons.

It was further spread around the world as one of the many errors of Russia which Our Lady warned about if Her Fatima requests were not heeded.

But many have been brainwashed with this idea in godless educational systems and the continuing bombardment of the idea by the corrupted media.

Suppose for a moment that one wrongly believes there should be separation of Church and state, then what about the recent blatant abuse of this error by Obama himself?

If he really believes in separation of Church and state, then why is he overstepping the bounds of the state by telling the Catholic Church and other religious organizations that they must pay for contraceptives in their employee health care benefit packages?

To push that godless agenda is sending a message to Catholics and others that they will have to change their teaching regarding contraception and abortion.

Please tell me, where is the separation of Church and state?

It seems that the government promotes this idea only when it suits its purpose. For example, removing prayer from schools, or removing a Judge — Judge Roy Moore, Chief Justice in the State of Alabama — because he refused to remove the 10 Commandments from his courtroom.

But conveniently the government forgets that same idea when it comes to interfering in religious matters, as is the current case with regard to Obama mandating that Catholic organizations must adjust their beliefs and pay for something decidedly anti-Christ.

Refusal to comply with Obama’s mandate (and we must refuse) will have one of two outcomes: either the organization will have to discontinue providing health care to its employees, or, if they opt not to discontinue health care benefits but refuse, rightly so, to provide contraceptive and abortive coverage, they will be heavily fined by the government.

No true Catholic can promote the false anti-God idea of “separation of Church and state”. Just as the idea was introduced by the enemies of Christ and His Church, likewise, those who accept and promote this idea are, knowingly or unknowingly, promoting something anti-Christ.

Obama made it clear to Cardinal Dolan that “...the mandates (regarding contraception) remain. We’re more or less giving you (Cardinal Dolan and the U.S. Catholic Church) this time to find out how you’re going to be able to comply”.

Here is Cardinal Dolan’s (the head of the USCCB) response to President Obama: “Well, sir, we don’t need the (extra time). I can tell you now we’re unable to comply.”

Please pray that Cardinal Dolan and the U.S. Catholic bishops remain firm in fighting against this governmental abuse of power.

Just to Make You Aware

Enclosed with this letter is a booklet entitled Nagging Questions about Antonio Socci’s Latest Article on Fatima by John Salza, which the Fatima Center sent to priests and theologians.

We are sending it to you as one of Our Lady’s Apostolate Volunteers to make you aware of a development which you may be confronted with in your work of spreading the Fatima Message.

In the booklet you will read about concerns and questions regarding what may seem to be a change of thinking by the well-known Italian journalist, Antonio Socci, in his article entitled “Latest News from Fatima: What Our Lady Has Done (and Keeps Doing) for Us...” (See pages 12-15 of enclosed booklet.)

You may recall that in 2006, while writing a book initially intended to silence or prove Father Gruner as well as this apostolate and other “fatimiti” wrong (those claiming the entire Third Secret has not yet been revealed and the Consecration of Russia has not yet been done), upon examining the evidence, Mr. Socci had a complete change of mind.

His book entitled The Fourth Secret of Fatima, instead of debunking information disseminated by this apostolate, supported what Father Gruner and others have been saying for many years — that indeed the entire Third Secret has not yet been revealed and that the Consecration of Russia as requested by Our Lady has not yet been accomplished.

Because of his influence as a significant, well-known Italian journalist, the change of position by Mr. Socci based on the evidence was a major gain for those on the right side of the battle for truth pertaining to the Fatima Message.

Socci’s influence was of such a magnitude that it led the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Bertone, to write a book (The Last Seer of Fatima) attempting to convince the Catholic world that Fatima is over.

Considering the influence of Cardinal Bertone’s position in the Church, this book seems to have been written as a means of stopping the significant influence Mr. Socci’s book would have on others who had previously believed as Mr. Socci had, prior to sorting through all the evidence.

The claim in the Secretary of State’s book that Fatima is over was refuted by His Holiness Benedict XVI himself publicly in May 2010 (read Vindication – The Latest Chapter in the Story of Fatima).

To be absolutely clear on this, the Pope — the Vicar of Christ — publicly refuted the contents of the book written by the number two person in the Vatican, Cardinal Bertone.

When you read the enclosed booklet you will see that John Salza points out the ambiguities and lack of clarity on the part of Mr. Socci in his recent article. This lack of clarity may lead some to conclude that Socci has had a change of heart regarding Fatima and whether or not the Consecration of Russia has been done.

In the back of the booklet, pages 12-15, is a translation of the article written by Mr. Socci and published in January of this year, that is, the article that Mr. Salza is referring to in the beginning portion of the booklet — pages 1-12.

Mr. Socci rightly advises Catholics to please refrain from reading horoscopes, and similar things (which is what Catholic teaching also demands) such as the Mayan calendar, which is something devised by pagans.

But he then wrongly advises the reader to follow Medjugorje. Please do not follow Socci’s advice.

There is no substitute for the Fatima Apparitions. Fatima is THE MESSAGE for our time. Medjugorje is a distraction from Fatima — that is, it is steering people away from the true apparition, which is Fatima.

This distraction from the true apparition is what occurred during the apparitions of Our Lady at Lourdes. There were a number of other apparitions occurring in surrounding towns at the same time which were later proven to be false and served the purpose of drawing people away from the true apparition at Lourdes.

Unfortunately, Mr. Socci seems to have fallen into this trap of being led away from the true apparition of Fatima by the falsehood of Medjugorje.

What Socci should have said is we should look to Our Lady and Church-approved apparitions, especially Fatima instead of referring others to an apparition that has not been approved by the Church.

And frankly, Medjugorje will not be approved by the True Church of Christ, assuming that some of the words purported to have been spoken by “Our Lady” at Medjugorje really were. Certain things written as being said by Our Lady are words She would never speak since they are contrary to Catholic dogmatic teaching.

Pope Benedict — both in his current position as the Vicar of Christ (in 2008) and previously in 1985 as Cardinal Ratzinger — denounced pilgrimages to Medjugorje (see volunteer letter dated September 24, 2008 for more information).

For copies of the enclosed booklet Nagging Questions..., the “Vindication” booklet, or for a copy of the September 2008 volunteer letter, call us at 1-800-845-3047.

In the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts,

Joanna Swords