Re: God's Laws under Attack, 2012 Rome Conference, Fatima TV


Our Lady on Saturdays
February 18, 2012

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

As you know, Archbishop Augustine, Father Gruner and The Fatima Center are hosting another conference in Rome, Italy, from May 13 to May 18, 2012. The intent of the conference is to examine the Message of Fatima in light of current world and Church crises.

This year's theme title is "Fatima: Your Last Chance!". It is not just a title. Some of us believe that this is the last chance.

The circumstances in the world are such that this may be the last final public appeal to the Pope and bishops to please make the public Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as requested in the Fatima Message.

Some may be inclined to say that Father Gruner and others have said in the past how dire circumstances are and warned that time is running out.

And certainly The Fatima Center, which has been doing this work for more than three decades, has petitioned the Catholic hierarchy for much of that time to intercede and stop what was, and is, happening in the Church and the world.

Over the last three decades the calls for the Consecration of Russia, from those who understand the importance of fulfilling Our Lady's requests, were not without good reason.

The appeal for the Consecration has never been bogus. God in His mercy always gives His creatures plenty of warning before chastising.

Holy Mother Church has been undergoing, in part, a chastisement for decades. Many do not recognize it for what it is, but it is a punishment nonetheless.

The full force of the punishment foretold by Our Lady at Fatima will soon descend upon the Church and the world if the Consecration is not done soon. Here is some of what is happening now.

God's Laws Are Under Attack
by the US Government

I am quite certain that you have seen in the news some of what is happening in the US regarding the sins of contraception and abortion. The one true Church of Jesus Christ is under attack.

In late January, President Obama signed a Health and Human Service (HHS) ruling that by law requires Catholic Institutions — including charities, hospitals and schools — to provide and pay for insurance coverage that includes contraceptives, abortion-inducing drugs and sterilization procedures.

Failure to comply will result in heavy fines steep enough to financially ruin the institution that rightfully defends the laws of God. Inability to pay the fines will result in going out of business for these institutions.

By the Grace of God, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, (USCCB) under the direction of Cardinal Dolan, is standing firm and fighting against this diabolical law.

The faithful need to pray that the bishops persevere. (To read what some of the US bishops have said regarding this law and to better understand the battle they are engaging in, be sure to obtain a copy of the article, "What Obama Learned from Alinsky, 'Crush the Opposition'".)

Notice I said the faithful. There are many out there calling themselves Catholic, but it is in name only. They are not faithful. I refer to lay Catholics who vote for politicians that openly promote anti-God laws.

And there are those holding public office who promote anti-God laws and have the audacity to call themselves Catholic — such as Vice President Biden, Representative Nancy Pelosi and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius. These people are a disgrace and give the title Catholic a bad name.

It seems that Obama has recognized that his stand on this issue could hurt his re-election chances and is trying to come up with a "compromise". But there can be no compromise with regard to God's laws.

And since he is up for re-election, one can only look at any proposed "compromise" as temporary. If he is re-elected, don't expect him to stick to any compromise, expect him to push forward with his original agenda. Once in a second term, he can't run again and has no worries about being re-elected.

If you encounter those who attack the Catholic Church for upholding Christ's teachings, after first defending the rights of God, don't forget to remind them of two other issues:

1. It is the Department of Health and Human Services that proposed the law under Obama's new Health Care program. This mandate is a gross misrepresentation of the terminology "health" and "health care".

A law designed to encourage people to use birth control or obtain an abortion by making these things free is most definitely not in the interests of preserving anyone's health. In fact, they are practices that undermine and even destroy a person's health.

Anything that interferes with the laws of nature — in this case, birth control and abortion — has adverse effects on the physical health and generally quite often emotional and psychological health as well.

This is not conjecture or some personal belief; it is fact that is well documented. Unfortunately, those who promote these practices while keeping silent on harmful side effects have goals much different from ours. Money would be one of them.

2. The ruling violates the First Amendment of the US Constitution regarding religious freedom.

Religious freedom is one of the primary reasons why many fled centuries ago from Great Britain and other countries, in order to have freedom to practice one's religion and live according to one's beliefs without government interference or persecution.

Laws interfering with one's religious beliefs, under penalty of heavy fines, are a form of persecution. At the time of the Protestant Reformation, placing the burden of fines on Catholics who would not embrace the new religion was also one of the first methods of persecution.

Eventually the persecution progressed to hunting down, imprisoning, torturing and killing Catholics who would not embrace the new monarchy-authorized form of Christianity — not the one established by Jesus Christ — but the one modified to suit man's desires.

God's Laws under Attack
in the Province of Ontario, Canada

In the Province of Ontario the provincial government is imposing anti — God mandates on Catholic schools by forcing the schools to promote the homosexual agenda.

The schools are being told they must have "Gay — Straight Alliance" Clubs.

Government or not, such diabolical laws must be fought against. And Catholic parents must protect their children from such laws.

Religious freedom is also protected in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Certain religious groups, such as the Catholic Civil Rights League, are fighting against this mandate. Keep praying.

US Citizens under Attack by US Government

This pertains to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) signed by Obama on December 31, 2011 and scheduled to go into effect 60 days after the signing of the bill — March 2, 2012.

There is much to be said about this and not enough space in this letter to do so. Here is some of what has been cited and/or written:

"Americans should fear new detention law," warned Soviet refugee Igor Birman;
"Obama says Bill Breaks with Our Values, Signs it Anyway," headline in The Atlantic;
"Constitutional Experts say Pro-Life 'terrorists' could be permanently detained without trial under new law," — LifeSiteNews. (This means every faithful Catholic would be considered and labeled a "terrorist" or "suspected terrorist" for upholding God's laws, i.e. for being Pro-Life and anti-abortion.)
"The NDAA, 'authorizes defense and counterterrorism spending through fiscal year 2012 and regulates the detention, interrogation and prosecution of suspected terrorists.'" – Politico, December 31, 2011
"The bill also contains provisions that effectively abolish the US Bill of Rights. It grants dictatorial power to the president to order the military arrest of US citizens on US soil and detain them for an indefinite period." – Catholic Family News, February 2012

Because of the seriousness of this new law about to take effect and the absolute power this bill gives to one man — a man whose track record so far has been decidedly anti-Christ — I encourage you to learn more by reading the article by John Vennari, "Obama Codifies Indefinite Detention for US Citizens", in the new issue of The Fatima Crusader, Issue 101. You should receive it soon.

In light of the aforementioned information, please, if at all possible, join us this coming May in Rome, Italy, at the "Fatima: Your Last Chance!" conference.

Some of us believe (though we pray and hope we are wrong) this may be our last conference, at least until after Our Lady's Triumph. We may be unable to have more conferences due to impending world circumstances, some of which are outlined in this letter.

Please consider joining us in Rome. We realize it is a big sacrifice to make both financially and in terms of time away, but it is worth it. Heaven will reward you.

If we have not already met you, Father Gruner and The Fatima Center staff would very much like to meet you. So would other supporters.

Some of those who have attended conferences in the past have continued to keep in contact with one another. Not just contact with North American supporters, but contact with supporters from other countries.

It is a great way to meet, pray, and share information with like-minded people. You will also have the opportunity to meet bishops and priests from different parts of the world, also speakers and some of our international office staff.

It is your chance to show Our Lady how strongly you believe in Her Message. And it increases one's resolve to return home and work even harder to spread the Fatima Message and work for the salvation of souls.

It will be a great way to store up courage for what is to come.

If you are in a position, financially and otherwise, to join us, please do so. We would love to have you there.

Encourage others who know Our Lady's Fatima Message and understand what is happening, to attend as well.

Encourage your parish priest to attend. Consider organizing a fundraiser to raise the money to send your parish priest.

Call, fax, email or write to your bishop and ask him, in light of the current laws enacted in the US and Canada, does he still think the Consecration of Russia does not need to be done?

Encourage your bishop to respond to the invitation extended by Our Lady's apostolate to attend the conference (if he didn't receive one, call us and we will send one). It will be an opportunity to learn what he can, and must, do to stop what is happening.

It will also provide him with an opportunity to meet and discuss the Fatima Message (and what must be done) with brother bishops from other parts of the world.

The bishops who attended last year's conference had the opportunity to meet Cardinal Martino from the Roman Curia.

Enclosed is a conference brochure. If you would like more copies to distribute to others, call us at 1-800-845-3047. Time is running short.

Whether or not you are able to attend, please offer prayers daily — Rosaries if possible — asking God to bless our efforts by making this the most successful conference (in His eyes) yet. Petition Our Lord, through Our Lady, for the Pope and bishops to be given the graces to do the Consecration as Heaven requested before any more time passes.

In the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts,

Joanna Swords

P.S. To reserve a space at the conference, or for more information on attending, call Ellen at 1-800-263-8160.
P.P.S. Or you can watch online ourconference live on Fatima TV worldwide in high definition TV transmission — go to during the conference or anytime to see our TV station broadcast from Italy. You can also view the conference while it is happening by going to and clicking on the conference logo.