Re: Planned Parenthood


“If thou do good, know to whom thou dost it: and there shall be much thanks for thy good deeds ... Do good to the just, and thou shalt find great recompense: ... Do good to the humble, and give not to the ungodly: hold back thy bread, and give it not to him, lest thereby he overmaster thee. For thou shalt receive twice as much evil for all the good thou shalt have done to him ...”

— Ecclesiasticus 12:1,2,6,7

September 3, 2011
Feast of Saint Pius X

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

Our Lady of Fatima warned that if Her requests were not heeded Russia would spread her errors around the world.

Abortion is one of the major errors spread by Russia. This crime against God and humanity continues to spread to some of the most "Catholic" countries.

It is because of this crime, so widespread here in North America, that we send the enclosed article, "From Planned Parenthood to Pro-Life" which may seem a bit uncharacteristic in view of what you usually receive from us.

The promotion and performance of abortions is one of Planned Parenthood’s main means of "assisting" women.

Their mode of advertisement focuses on offering assistance through counseling and things which give the appearance of being helpful. But their form of assistance and words of counsel involve sins against the Fifth Commandment.

This article is a first-hand testimonial of someone who not only worked for Planned Parenthood but was an executive director of one of their clinics.

Read her testimonial and use this article to convince others you may encounter or know who are ignorant of Planned Parenthood’s agenda. Hopefully it will result in their refusing to donate money to this diabolical organization.

The error of donating money to Planned Parenthood also brings in to question how much we check into other causes asking for donations.

How many organizations are people giving to in good faith, not knowing the evil use much of that money is put to? That is the reason for the passages from Ecclesiasticus at the top of this letter.

I recently read something in which the writer stated "I can give money to whomever or whatever I please, it is my money.” And, of course, that is true. We have free will given to us by Almighty God, Who respects our free will.

But we also have to remember that we will have to answer to Our Lord for how we have spent every penny we have received.

In today’s world it is becoming difficult to give to organizations and causes that are truly using donations in a Godly fashion.

Unfortunately, the onus is on us to make sure that we give only to those using the funds in a manner pleasing to God. That is, in a manner according to the teachings of our holy Catholic Faith.

Many give to medical research. This often happens after a loved one has been lost to a particular form of illness. It is a natural reaction.

Nonetheless, we must investigate the use of the money we give. In the case of medical research, it is reasonable to ask what has happened with the hundreds of millions of dollars in donations and taxpayer funds spent in this type of research for decades.

Yet still no cures? Seems a bit strange. Who is being hired to do the research? Or perhaps the question should be, who is filtering the results of that research?

But it isn’t just giving to medical research that needs to be questioned. What about UNICEF, MOD (March of Dimes), United Way? Although the advertising utilized when soliciting donations often seems for good purposes, one should take a close look and not assume.

Much of what is presented on the surface looks good. But when research is done, one finds that funds are being used not for good (i.e., what would be pleasing to God) but for anti-God purposes.

A very good indicator of what an organization is really doing with funds is how much the organization is being touted by the media and the secular world in general. Since the secular world has an anti-Christ agenda, so will most, if not all, of what is promoted by the mainstream media and secular world on a large scale.

We should bear this in mind when making donations. We also ought to consider before donating money what will do the most good for the salvation of souls.

When we purchase goods we often consider which is the most economical price without compromising quality.

The same consideration should be given when donating funds. That is, what will offer the most without compromise for the spiritual and temporal welfare of others.

For copies of the enclosed article, "From Planned Parenthood to Pro-Life" to pass on to others, call us at 1-800-845-3047 and ask for the Volunteer department.

Russian Sunrise

Also enclosed with this letter is a brochure featuring the new book, Russian Sunrise, by Dr. Bruce Walters. Some of our apostolate supporters have expressed surprise that the Fatima Center is promoting a novel.

But this is no ordinary novel. Please take the time to read the enclosed brochure to learn about this book. If you do not yet have a copy of the book consider ordering one. Once you read this book, you will likely be moved to order copies for others.

This book would be a great gift to give to others.

New York State Fair

This is the third year in a row that Our Lady’s Apostolate has a booth at the New York State Fair where we give away tens of thousands of pieces of literature and sacramentals.

I have been working in the booth at the Fair and want to share this story with you:

A few days ago a woman came to the booth with two of her teenaged daughters.

Upon seeing the Brown Scapulars her eyes suddenly filled with tears. She then told me that her son died last year wearing the Brown Scapular.

Despite her grief, a sorrow which no parent ever expects or wants to experience — the loss of a child — we discussed the great gift and the consolation of knowing that having died wearing Our Lady’s Scapular, her son would receive Our Lady’s promise of being saved from the fires of hell.

Aware that today many Catholics do not know about the Brown Scapular, I asked her how her son had acquired knowledge of this great gift from Heaven.

She said that two years ago she visited our booth at the Fair and picked up Scapulars and Scapular booklets for herself and family.

She had placed a Scapular booklet (Our Lady’s Garment, The Brown Scapular: A Sign of Salvation and Protection) and a Scapular in her son’s room, hoping he would read the booklet and start wearing the Scapular.

Last year he died in his sleep. She found him in the morning, and discovered he died clothed in Our Lady’s Garment.

Once again this reminds us that we never know the effect of the work we do in trying to reach out to others with Our Lady’s Fatima Message.

Thank you for your prayers, good works and for all you do to help with this important work for the salvation of souls.

In the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts,

Joanna Swords

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