Re: The Attack on Our Children
and the Solution


Feast of Corpus Christi
June 23, 2011

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

The enclosed prayer card entitled Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima, was recently reprinted by Our Lady’s Apostolate.

It was first printed to commemorate the establishment in 2002 of May 13 as the official Feast Day of Our Lady of Fatima for the Universal Church.

Although the official feast day on the Roman Calendar is May 13, some tend to think of the thirteenth of every month as belonging to Our Lady of Fatima, given that She appeared on that day for six consecutive months.

We are told Sister Lucy, the longest surviving of the three child seers at Fatima, prayed for the gift of dying on the thirteenth of the month. At nearly 98 years of age Heaven granted her request in February 2005.

With the goal of trying all means possible to reach out to others with Our Lady’s soul-saving Fatima Message, hopefully you will find this prayer card readily welcomed and accepted by many.

For those who are familiar with Our Lady’s Fatima Message it can be used to serve as a reminder of Her requests and the importance of doing what She asked.

If you find that some adults are unreceptive, you might want to turn to those whose hearts are closer to Heaven, having been more recently placed here on Earth by our Creator: children.

Children are generally open to hearing about Our Lord and Our Lady and true stories about Heaven and heavenly things. And they like prayer cards because even if they cannot read, they can still look at the picture.

Holy Mother Church applies the following passage from the Holy Bible (which refers to Our Lady): “They that explain Me shall have life everlasting,” to those persons who make it clear to their hearers the importance and necessity of devotion to Our Lady.

When needing a bit of incentive or seeking the courage to reach out to others, the above quote should encourage you.

It is taken from the Epistle in at least two of the Masses in honor of Our Lady — The Feast of the Immaculate Heart and The Feast of the Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

You may agree that a life without Our Lord and Our Lady is an empty life. But we pray that those souls will find the true life before they die.

With the anti-God, anti-Christianity agenda enveloping the world — and very much present in North America — that is the life many children are heading toward (if not already experiencing) unless someone steps in to help and guide them.

Currently there cannot be organized prayer in the classroom in public schools in the US, and attempts have been made in Canada to stop prayer in school.

Laws in the US do not permit children to talk about religion in a personal way in school. That is, if a child wanted to explain to a non-Catholic classmate why people should be Catholic that could result in disciplinary action for the child.

Discussion about religion must be equal opportunity. That is, if one religion is taught in a classroom, then there must be similar teaching on other religions. This gives the impression that all religions are the same, and as you know, they are not.

Children already are, or will soon be, subjected to being taught more about anti-God lifestyles and ways of thinking than anything that will lead to the salvation of their souls.

As human creatures we tend to adopt the characteristics of or become like what we are most subjected to.

Children are already bombarded with pornography, the anti-God homosexual agenda, abortion, contraception, a careless disregard for others, etc. via internet, TV, radio, general conversation, billboards and signs.

They are taught many of the behaviors that sixty years ago were known to be sinful and bad. Today those same sinful behaviors are now widely considered acceptable and normal.

Conversely they are often taught that much of what was known to be good sixty years ago is now considered unacceptable, or even prejudicial and hateful.

The greater majority of children are sent daily for nine months of the year into the lions den to a place called school, to be “educated”.

But what is actually taking place in many schools is soul destroying indoctrination. They are being brainwashed with regard to sinful anti-God principles. This indoctrination is often very subtle.

And with new laws proposed in many states and provinces and spreading to others, it will only get worse.

The homosexual minority is out to get children. That is not speculation. Some of these people have publicly admitted it, and it has been printed in the press. They want children forcefully brainwashed into thinking that it is a normal way of life.

Besides the various media outlets already mentioned, the anti-God agenda is either already a part of their “education” in school, or it will soon be so in many school districts.

At least with the media, the perverted TV show or internet site can be turned off. Not so once the children are in school. Most children will not have an option to avoid those indoctrination courses.

Should they have the courage to object in the interests of saving their souls and for many other reasons, they will be subjected to persecution by being called names such as homophobe, or accused of “hate” crimes.

They will not be allowed to object without suffering. Nor will the parents be allowed to exempt their children from such vile exposure.

Do parents understand how bad the educational system already is? Probably not.

It took decades before parents, who sent their children to Catholic schools, discovered that their children were taught a watered down Protestantized muck and not the real Catholic Faith.

Some parents are still in ignorance because after so many decades, they themselves are the victims of the earlier failure of Catholic schools to teach the Faith of two thousand years.

Given the lack of knowledge about the real Faith, and the bombardment of their souls with vile anti-God propaganda, no wonder children are committing suicide; no wonder they are killing their bodies with drugs and alcohol; small wonder the crime rate involving teenagers is so high ...

If they have not been taught about Our Lord and Our Lady in the real Faith, and have not been taught how to live their Faith as God intended, who are they to turn to?

That is where Father Gruner and you and our other apostolate volunteers and supporters come in. By the grace of God we have been taught to turn to Our Lady and Our Lord using the most efficacious means of supplicating Them — the Mass, the Sacraments, and the Rosary.

The child who is scared or frightened reaches for the hand of his mother. Likewise, it is the Rosary that a devotee of Our Lady immediately reaches for when faced with a family or other crisis situation.

Holding the Rosary is like holding the hand of our Heavenly Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Imagine not knowing about the Rosary or not knowing how to pray the Rosary. Imagine not even knowing how to pray the Hail Mary and the Our Father.

This is the status of millions of children today. And all they need is for someone to reach out to them; someone to give them a lifeline.

For more copies of the enclosed prayer card call us at 1-800-845-3047.

Issue 99 of The Fatima Crusader is Printed

The latest Issue of The Fatima Crusader, Issue 99, just arrived from the printer. It contains some of the talks given at the “Consecration Now!” Conference which took place in Rome, May 9 - 13, 2011.

Father will be sending this issue to you in the coming week. Please read it so you can experience some of what occurred at this year’s conference.

Note the pictures with the bishops and the Cardinal who arrived unexpectedly from the Roman Curia. Also see the pictures where the apostolate Pilgrim Virgin Statue was blessed by Pope Benedict XVI.

If you should encounter priests, fellow parishioners, and others questioning or making false negative statements about the status of Father Gruner and this apostolate, show them the pictures of the bishops and Cardinal who attended the conference.

And ask the question, if there is an issue about Father Gruner and his status, why don’t these bishops and this Cardinal know about it?

For copies of Issue 99 of The Fatima Crusader, please call us at 1-800-845-3047.

In the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts,

Joanna Swords


We still have the booklets FATIMA! Through the Eyes of a Child and many other items available for you to reach out to children younger and older as well as others with Our Lady’s Message.


Pray for our outreach efforts to make Fatima much better known especially among our spiritually stained children.


We are praying 12 million more Rosaries for the Pope and bishops to do the Consecration of Russia soon. Please join us and pass on this word. We hope to achieve this goal of 12 million Rosaries by Pentecost 2012.