Re: Countering False Information
Concerning the Fatima Message


“Jesus wishes to make use of you to make Me known and loved.”

(Our Lady to Sister Lucy, June 13, 1917)

February 2, 2011
Purification of the Blessed Virgin

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

At the beginning of this new year please consider renewing your Peace Pledge to Our Lady.

On the back of the enclosed prayer card is the Peace Pledge Formula given by Sister Lucy, the longest living of the three child seers of the Fatima apparitions who died February 13, 2005.

Noted on the back of the card is Saint Padre Pio's advice to Catholics, that when enough people fulfill this pledge then Our Lady of Fatima will convert Russia and She will bring true peace to the world.

Why should we renew this pledge at least annually?

“Jesus wishes to make use of you to make Me known and loved.”

This is our work now. This is what Heaven expects of Father Gruner, you, me and all Our Lady’s Apostolate volunteers and supporters.

If we allow Our Lady to lead us, and let Her know we are Hers to use as She wills in making Her known and loved, She will do so in ways we may not imagine.

As you have already likely encountered, it is hard work and often discouraging, but that makes the sacrifices we offer up all the more pleasing.

Please renew your Peace Pledge to Our Lady and encourage others to make a pledge to Her as well.

Some Recent Telephone Calls

Here are some calls we received recently from volunteers telling of some of their discouraging encounters:

One volunteer from the Province of Ontario, Canada called to say he had given copies of the book The True Story of Fatima to a Catholic book store to offer for free. The book store willingly accepted them and offered them to customers.

Then a priest came into the store, saw the books and told the clerk to get rid of them. The reason for his outrageous command had nothing to do with the book or its author, Father John De Marchi (RIP).

The reason the priest gave was based on a false rumor about Father Gruner — whose name is not in the book, but the address on the book is the address of this apostolate.

If this had occurred fifty years ago a Catholic layman would have been better versed in the Faith (so would the priest) and would have known that if the book has an Imprimatur, we have the guarantee that it is free from error in Faith and morals.

And that would be all the clerk would have to show the priest in order for the priest to recant his statement.

Of course a priest of fifty years ago would have looked first to see if the book had an imprimatur and upon seeing one, would not have said anything.

But a priest of fifty years ago would also know that one does not speak ill of a brother priest.

He would understand the exalted position of the sacred priesthood and would know that to slander another priest — especially to an unsuspecting layman — is a grievous offense. The Catholic layman of years ago would also know this.

In the New World Order of atheistic Communism, one of the agendas for decades has been to dumb down the educational system (especially in the U.S.). Part of that process is to discourage people from thinking for themselves.

The Communist agenda is to advise one to think what the government says and woe to those who would challenge and say something contrary. Even if the argument used for saying something contrary were based on solid fact and reasoning.

But today the fruit of decades of dumbing down the educational system is evident. A thinking human being would have respectfully questioned the priest as to why he was attacking a book written more than sixty years ago based on the false reputation of a priest whose name is not anywhere in the book.

And if the priest could not say anything Catholic and rational, the layman would pray for that priest, and then continue to give the book away for free. The priest did not work for the bookstore, he was a customer.

As Catholics it is our duty to defend the Faith. That means defending the Faith to non-Catholics and to those who call themselves Catholic but who don’t know the Catholic Faith, including clergy if the need arises (of course doing so with the utmost charity).

Having to correct those whose position in life is higher than that given to us is not easy. Making or renewing one’s pledge to Our Lady, and fulfilling that pledge, will help us to be faithful to our duties as a Catholic.

We have had more than one call from volunteers still encountering resistance to the Fatima Message which is often based on false information.

I am speaking of the areas of the Message where resistance is commonly encountered. That is, the Third Secret, with the incorrect belief the full Secret has been revealed; and the Consecration of Russia, with the false belief it has been done.

One call came from a volunteer who received a letter from a group called Fatima Family Apostolate. The volunteer told me that the letter she received states that the Consecration of Russia has been done and advises not to support organizations who say otherwise.

Understand this was sent out months after the Pope’s statements to Italian journalists on May 11, 2010 (see Issue 95 of The Fatima Crusader). Logically, if those running that apostolate aren’t going to listen to the Pope, they likely won’t listen to anyone else.

Upon investigating this group I discovered that the former head of this organization was Father Robert Fox, who died in November 2009. Please pray for his soul.

Obviously, Father Fox can’t be blamed for not paying attention to the Holy Father’s words last May since he died six months before the Pope issued his statement.

But it is most unfortunate that those carrying on Father Fox’s apostolate seem to have buried their ears, eyes and minds in the grave at the same time that Father Fox was laid to rest. In charity, it is possible that they were not aware of the papal pronouncements.

There is no question that we will be challenged for trying to spread the Truth. The devil does not want to lose one soul who has become his captive. Our duty as members of the One True Faith is to fight him every step of the way by pulling souls away from him.

Father Gruner has recently sent to you a new tool to help in this battle for Truth against those who seem determined to remain obstinate in their falsehoods, and to educate those in ignorance.

It is a booklet entitled Vindication, The Latest Chapter in The Story of Fatima. It is an Epilogue to the book written by Christopher Ferrara, The Secret Still Hidden.

In the booklet it explains the events that took place at The Fatima Challenge conference last May concerning the talk given by the Italian Journalist Giuseppe De Carli.

Mr. De Carli was co-author with the Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Bertone of the book, The Last Seer of Fatima.

Mr. De Carli accepted the challenge posed by The Fatima Center and came to the conference to defend his position and that of the Vatican Secretary of State as outlined in their book.

The position is the opposite of the Fatima Center. De Carli’s book presents the opinion that Fatima is over and in the past and the entire Third Secret has been revealed.

In the Vindication booklet is the discussion that ensued between Mr. DeCarli and other Fatima Challenge speakers, especially Christopher Ferrara, Father Gruner and John Salza.

Also in the booklet are the statements of Pope Benedict just four days after the end of the conference, on his way to Fatima, Portugal on May 11, 2010.

Pope Benedict made statements that shocked the Italian journalists, the media, and many others. He chose sides. And the side he chose was opposite that of the Vatican Secretary of State: Pope Benedict XVI chose the same side as this apostolate.

The Pope’s statements supported the position of The Fatima Center over that position of the second person in command in the Vatican.

You can bet that caused a stir. The Pope’s words received wide coverage in Italy and some parts of Europe.

Unfortunately despite the wide circulation in the Italian media and some parts of Europe, the media in North America and other parts of the world seems to have been silenced with regard to the Pope’s statements.

Because of that silence in the media, the Church outside Europe has seemingly been kept in the dark with regard to the Pope’s pronouncements.

But not you, not me, not the supporters of this apostolate. It is Father Gruner and this apostolate that have moved to make the Pope’s words known throughout the world.

Thus Our Lady’s words to Sister Lucy and subsequently to us, “Jesus wishes to make use of you to make Me known and loved.”

For a copy or copies of the booklet, Vindication, and/or for more copies of the enclosed Peace Pledge prayer card to give to others, call us at 1-800-845-3047.

In the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts,

Joanna Swords