Re: Fatima: Only Way to World Peace
—the Consecration of Russia


Our Lady of Mount Carmel
June 16, 2008

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

You have probably already seen the booklet, Fatima: Only Way to World Peace, also known as the Consecration booklet.

The booklet covers, in detail, the history of the request for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart, the authentification of the request by God Himself, the proof that the Consecration has not been done, the punishments allowed by God because Heaven’s request has not been heeded, and the punishments yet to come if this is not done soon.

Persistence in Requesting the
Consecration of Russia is a Must!

At times, we receive complaints from supporters that they are tired of hearing about the need for the Consecration of Russia. Perhaps this complaint, when expressed, is genuine, but I believe people complain because they become frustrated over the continual need to defend Heaven’s request for the Consecration whenever it is brought up in conversation.

But tired of hearing about it or not, the simple truth is the Consecration of Russia needs to be done, and soon. I admit it is much easier to talk about the non-controversial aspects of the Fatima Message. That is, praying the Rosary, wearing the Brown Scapular, making sacrifices for sinners, the First Saturdays Communion of Reparation, etc.

There are many who are willing to speak about those aspects of Our Lady’s Message (and to do so, of course, is a good thing) precisely because they are non-controversial. It does get tiring to have to engage in discussions requiring one to defend one’s position, or in this case, the command expressed by Heaven.

But if Father Gruner, you, me and other supporters of Our Lady’s apostolate don’t keep speaking about the Consecration and the need for the Pope and bishops to make this act, then our beloved country will go the way of very oppressive Communism.

Please allow me to explain. There is an impression that many have, not just in North America but in other parts of the world,  that Communism no longer exists, or if it exists, it is not the Communism of Stalin or Lenin, but a much more “agreeable form”. I heard a former NATO employee in Europe express this exact belief just in the past week.

How clever the devil and his human agents have been in spreading this falsehood around the world. How naive and foolish many have been to accept this dangerous, diabolical disinformation either by actual belief, or consent by silence.
Why silence? Because like the Consecration of Russia, Communism also is not a popular topic of conversation.

How has this idea that Communism no longer exists been accomplished? Quite simply by not talking about it. Fifty years ago, many children in Catholic school in North America were taught at a very young age about how evil Communism is and that it is the enemy of Jesus Christ and our holy Catholic Faith.

Prior to the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic Church was the most outspoken organization warning about the evils of Communism. Back then, you heard about it in school, from the pulpit, in Catholic magazines, etc.

Then in 1962 certain members of the Catholic hierarchy made a deal with the devil (likely without intending to do so) through his human helpers. In preparation for the Second Vatican Council, in order to have members of the Russian Orthodox Church attend the Council, they agreed to the Vatican-Moscow Agreement.

The first question Catholics should ask is why would anyone in the one true Church of Jesus Christ want members of a schismatic group, a group that does not accept the Pope as the head of the Church of Jesus Christ, present at what should be a meeting for the Catholic hierarchy only?

But the Vatican-Moscow Agreement was made even though Vatican officials were forbidden by their vows to do so, and in making this agreement the Vatican officials agreed not to discuss or talk about the evils of Communism at the Council. And God have mercy, they did not and still do not allow many to speak out against Communism even today.

By not speaking about the evils of Communism, children were no longer taught the truth about Communism in school and silence on the subject has led people to forget about its existence, its evil intent to destroy faith in God and erase religion, and its goal to completely control every aspect of human life.

That is precisely what will happen if Father Gruner, you, me and others stop talking about the need for the Pope and bishops to do the Consecration of Russia as requested by Heaven.

Many people already think that the Consecration has been done, or that it is no longer necessary. And after enough time passes, most people will forget about the Consecration completely or that there was ever a request made by Heaven for one.

Communism is Not Dead,
It Has Spread Around the World

Atheistic Communism has not disappeared, quite the contrary. Just as Sister Lucy warned in her famous 1946 interview with Professor William Thomas Walsh, the whole world will be enslaved by Communism. And when the U.S. was specifically mentioned — she made it clear that yes, the United States would also be enslaved by Communism.

There is no more question of when? It is already here and in place. The people of North America need to look around and then let’s discuss that ideal called freedom that we supposedly have.

Certainly if one wants to live a homosexual lifestyle, or kill babies in the womb (it is not the abortionists we have seen in the news being imprisoned, but rather those who had the courage to protest against this crime in front of abortuaries), or promote euthanasia; if one wants to remove Jesus Christ and any reminder of Him from classrooms and public buildings; if one wants to promote birth control, pornography, and other crimes against God and nature then yes one is free to do so. If one wants to promote Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, or other false religions, one is pretty much free to do so for now (although that will change).

But if one wants to simply say that abortion and euthanasia are sins against the 5th Commandment, if one wants to pray a Hail Mary in the classroom — even if every student desires this, if one wants to object to the teaching of children about homosexuality or other aberrant lifestyles, if one wants to properly discipline one’s own children, in some states and countries if one wants to homeschool one’s children, if one wants to in any way promote the Social Kingship of Christ the King — then either one has no rights, or what little is left will soon be gone.

We must wake up now before someone breaks down our doors in the night and takes us or a family member away for expressing our views, voicing our objections to anti-God laws and crimes against humanity such as abortion, or for practicing the Catholic Faith of all time, the True faith taught by Jesus Christ.

You may think I am exaggerating but pray, watch, and listen. These very things are happening in North America and all around the world. Hate crimes laws — laws which erroneously give the impression of being a good thing protecting certain individuals but instead are actually designed to stop you and me from promoting the rights of Christ the King and practicing our Catholic Faith.

Hate crimes laws are actually designed to protect certain minorities — that is, prevent anyone from speaking against the sin of homosexuality — but will allow the minority, i.e. homosexuals, to speak abusively to, and about, you the Catholic.

With hate crimes laws you will not be allowed to in any way speak against homosexuality, nor will you be able to prevent them from teaching your children and grandchildren in schools that this unnatural act and lifestyle is a normal way of life and indoctrinate your little ones, your loved ones into this depraved lifestyle. If you do speak out, you will be imprisoned. What is their punishment for pushing their agenda in your face or saying horrible things about God, Our Lady, you and Catholics in general? Nothing. They can incite people against God and you and receive no punishment; you can object and be imprisoned.

Remember the diabolical disorientation that Sister Lucy spoke about? In Canada and European countries that are supposed to be free, persons are “legally” harassed, fined and imprisoned for telling the truth and speaking out against homosexuality, even if it is a priest speaking from the pulpit about sin. This is happening now.

Germany under Hitler stopped homeschooling of children so that the government would have control of their young minds —brainwashing them from the start. Homeschooling in Germany has not been allowed since then. Currently certain states in the U.S. are causing problems for parents who choose to homeschool their children.

You recall that just in the last year, legislators in the United States tried to pass a hate crimes bill and nearly succeeded. But President Bush vetoed the bill. However, it was reported in the news that Hillary and Obama both made it known that if elected they would promote and pass the hate crimes legislation. I do not know where McCain stands on this issue.

If you don’t believe that Communism is here in the U.S. and would like to see a demonstration of its presence, then I invite U.S. citizens to cross the border from the U.S. into Canada — where intermittently (not all the time, although for a while it was all the time at certain border crossings) citizens of the U.S. are stopped by U.S. customs guards and questioned, BEFORE leaving the U.S., about where they are going and for what purpose.

I don’t know about you, but I only saw that happen in old movies about “commies”, where the communist countries would stop its own citizens and interrogate them before they could leave their own country (if they could even go at all). And if you speak to people who have traveled to known Communist countries, that is exactly what happens. And now it happens right here in the “good old U.S.A.” — “the land of the free and the home of the brave”. Or is it the land of the oppressed and the home of the depraved?

And please don’t support bogus explanations of “it is necessary in the war against terrorism, in order to protect us”. Defending our borders against terrorists means don’t let the bad guys into the country. Not the other way around — don’t stop the everyday citizen as he is leaving the country — how does that protect anything? It doesn’t. It simply indoctrinates the people to get used to the idea of oppression — i.e. communism, as a way of life.

While U.S. citizens are being stopped from leaving the country without first being questioned, known Communists have been invited into the country to advise on such issues as Homeland Security.

The former head of the Soviet KGB (the feared secret police of the Soviet Union), General Yevgeni Primikov was paid with our tax dollars as a consultant for setting up the office of Homeland Security, particularly the Office of Information Awareness, designed to spy on every aspect of every American citizen’s life.

Also paid by the U.S. as a consultant was Alexander Karpov, another “former” KGB chief and first director of the Russian Federal Security Service.  What would be the point of hiring these people if there were not an agenda contrary to freedom?

Many people in the U.S. think that the Office of Homeland Security was set up as a result of the September 11, 2001 disaster. But it was reported by Steve Bonta, in the October 7, 2002 edition of The New American, the framework for the Department of Homeland Security was drawn up by members of the Council on Foreign Relations well before the attack on the Twin Towers. The proposal for the Homeland Security Agency is found in a report by the Hart-Rudman Commission, chaired by CFR members Gary Hart and Warren Rudman.

I hope the few above mentioned examples have convinced you that we need to keep speaking out about the need for the Consecration of Russia, even if it means having to continually defend God’s request against the naysayers.

Now may be the best time to approach people because of all the flooding, fires, tornadoes and other disasters that have been occurring and continue to occur in the U.S., as well as the latest impending nationwide disaster — the failing dollar and quite likely the economy along with it.

Generally people are more inclined to hear about God and to pray in times of trouble. And we certainly are heading into very troubling times. We must remind one another that God allows these punishments out of love and mercy precisely so that people will turn to Him and hopefully do so before it is too late and they lose their soul for all eternity.

The booklet, Fatima: Only Way to World Peace will help you to convince others of the need for the Consecration. For copies of the booklet call us at 1-800-845-3047 or return the enclosed reply form.

We look forward to hearing back from you.

In the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts,

Joanna Swords

Volunteer Department

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