Re: the Feast of the Visitation and
The Fatima Crusader Issue #88


“... And His mercy is from generation unto generations, to them that fear Him...”

(Luke 1:50)

St. Anthony of Padua
June 13, 2008

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

July 2 is the Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Her cousin Elizabeth. This is a most significant event in the life of Our Lord, Our Lady, Her cousins Zachary and Elizabeth, and especially for St. John the Baptist.

The degree of significance is underlined by the fact that of all recorded biblical events it is one of the 15 important enough to have been rendered a place in the mysteries of the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin — specifically, the second Joyful Mystery.

Here is some of what the great Doctor of the Church, St. Alphonsus de Liguori, had to say about Our Lady with respect to this feast day in his wonderful book, The Glories of Mary:

St. Alphonsus further says...

Enclosed with this letter is a beautiful prayer card depicting the Visitation of Our Lady to Her cousin. On the back of the prayer card are the words spoken by Our Lady to Her cousin in response to Elizabeth’s greeting to Our Lady. These words are recorded in the Gospel of St. Luke (1:46-55).

As you know, they are the words of a well known Catholic prayer which is offered daily by priests and religious, as well as laity. This prayer is called The Magnificat.

Our Lady offers these words in response to Elizabeth’s words of high praise to Mary. But the Mother of Our Redeemer does not keep such praise as Her own, instead She immediately gives this praise (and all praise) to Almighty God.

The great Marian Saint, Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort, in his book True Devotion to Mary, recommends that Catholics say this prayer, The Magnificat, after receiving Our Lord in Holy Communion.

St. Alphonsus has much more to say about Our Lady with respect to the Feast of the Visitation which we encourage you to read in his book, The Glories of Mary. If you do not have this book and would like to obtain a copy for just $6.00 (while supplies last), or if you would like more copies of this prayer card, return the enclosed reply form or call us at 1-800-845-3047.

The Fatima Crusader, Issue 88

It is quite likely you have already received this issue of The Fatima Crusader from Father Gruner. If so, I hope you have had a chance to read it. If not, I encourage you to do so as soon as possible.

It gives an overview of The Only Way to World Peace conference which was held in Chennai, India earlier this year with a selection of pictures taken and excerpts from some of the talks given. It was a very moving event which continues to produce great fruit.

We are receiving letters from priests and bishops who attended the conference and are now actively working to spread Our Lady’s Fatima Message and devotion to Her Immaculate Heart to their parishioners and others.

Please be sure to read the article, “Salvation and the Three Hail Mary’s” by Brother Jean-Marie. The devotion of the Three Hail Mary’s has been a favorite of many of our apostolate volunteers over the years.

It is a devotion that was practiced by many of the great saints and doctors of the Church and with good reason. It is a devotion that has been instrumental in changing the lives of many by miraculous intercession by the Queen of Heaven in return for the practice of this devotion.

Because the devotion is so pleasing to Our Lady, as evidenced by Her assistance to those who practice it, over the years the Fatima Center has promoted the devotion through the leaflet, “Heaven Opened by the Practice of the Three Hail Marys” (LF007), and has had the leaflet translated into Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese, all of which are available for you (as well as the English version) for distribution to others.

The Fatima Center has also added another leaflet which goes along with the Three Hail Mary’s leaflet, titled, “True Accounts About Special Graces and Favors Through the Practice of the Three Hail Marys” (LF155). This leaflet contains present-day stories of miraculous conversion/intercession on the part of Our Lady in return for the practice of this devotion. This leaflet is available in English and French.

For copies of Issue 88 of The Fatima Crusader, or for copies of the leaflets promoting the devotion of the Three Hail Mary’s, return the enclosed reply form or call us at 1-800-845-3047.

We look forward to hearing back from you.

Joanna Swords

In the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts,