Re: Our Lady of Fatima Rosary Guild


May 2007

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

As you can well imagine, The Fatima Center receives many contacts via phone calls, letters and emails, of varying nature. Contacts about questions on the Fatima Message, questions about the Catholic Faith ...

Requests for advice; horror stories of problems in Catholic parishes; priests preaching a doctrine that is not Catholic; Catholic churches inviting Protestant ministers to speak, or those of Hindu or Buddhist sects to speak or perform ceremonies ...

Contacts about family problems: children gone astray, parents whose children don’t come to visit anymore, grown children who no longer practice the Catholic Faith, or even worse, have abandoned the Catholic Faith to pursue a false creed ...

Calls, etc. requesting prayers for all of the above, for special intentions, for sickness in the family... 

Calls regarding the anti-Catholic and often blasphemous attacks in the media, theaters, and just about every place imaginable...

Calls asking why the Pope and bishops have not performed the Consecration of Russia as requested by Heaven...

The list goes on...

I don’t need to tell you that for all of the above, the most important thing a person can do, is pray. The most efficacious means of prayer given to us is the Rosary, which as you know was requested many times by Our Lady when She appeared at Fatima in 1917.

It is clear by the continuing moral and social decline that there is not enough prayer.  It is clear that as things worsen, each one of us will not only need to increase our own prayers, but will need the assistance of the prayers of others in order not to stray from the road that leads to Heaven.

Yet living in a time when it is a struggle not to stray, in a time when we need more spiritual assistance, there are fewer people praying, and of those praying, fewer prayers are offered. 

Fifty years ago we had more spiritual assistance available to us through the prayers of priests and religious. But over the last 4 decades, there has not only been a decline in vocations to the religious life, but an exodus from that life of priests already ordained and religious who were already professed.

Therefore we the faithful, and the entire Church as well, have lost this tremendous spiritual benefit of those whose vocation is prayer and sacrifice for our sins and conversion.

Based on the many letters and phone calls we receive here at the Fatima Center, it is obvious that we need to help each other, and help other apostolate volunteers and Fatima Center supporters as well, by our prayers and sacrifices.

This month marks the 90th anniversary of Our Lady’s first apparition at Fatima and we would like to introduce a means to  help ourselves and each other more.

The 13th of the Month Pledge of Prayer

Because of the Apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima on the 13th of the month, that date has become quite precious. Not just the 13th of May though October, but the 13th of every month.

It has been reported that Sister Lucy also felt that date was quite precious and that she prayed that she would die on the 13th of the month. She received her request 2 years ago on February 13.

In that spirit then, may I suggest that you and I, and each of our volunteers, unite in prayer on the thirteenth of the month.

The form of prayer —  just what Our Lady asked for — the Holy Rosary.  The prayer intentions are multi-fold:

- For the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope and bishops in accordance with the directives given by Heaven (this is the best way we can help ourselves and the whole world, by obtaining this consecration through prayer and sacrifice);
-to make reparation for sins and offenses committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in particular, our own sins, the sins of those with whom we share the guilt, the sins of our family members, our fellow apostolate volunteers, Fatima Center supporters, workers, and their families;
- our own conversion and eternal salvation, the conversion and eternal salvation of our family members, and all the apostolate volunteers, supporters, workers, and their families;
- Father Gruner, the other apostolate priests, the grace of final perseverance;
- the release of the full Fatima Secret;
- our own personal intentions, the intentions of the other Fatima Center volunteers and supporters.

All who agree to do this on the 13th of the month, should make a conscious act of uniting your prayers with those of the other volunteers. Ask Our Lady, the angels and saints, and the souls in purgatory, to join in as well, interceding on our behalf, praying with us and for us. 

I don’t know about you, but I need all the help I can get. And as you know, people joined in prayer — whether it be physically under one roof, or spiritually united — is more pleasing to God than the person praying alone.

Depending on how many join in this endeavor, we have the potential to be approximately 15,000 strong, praying for the same intentions, on the same day, in spiritual union.

If you would like to join us and share in these spiritual benefits, please call us at 1-800-845-3047 and ask us to sign you up as a member of Our Lady of Fatima Rosary Guild. We will send you a copy of the Prayer Card titled, Our Lady of Fatima Rosary Guild which has the prayer intentions of the Rosary Guild for the 13th of each month.

Please do not let concern of being able to always fulfill the obligation prevent you from making the commitment. If something happens that on that particular date you may not be able to, you can always make it up on another day.

The Fatima CrusaderIssue 85,

By now, you have likely seen this issue of The Fatima Crusader. I am, of course, reminding you that as one of our volunteers, there are extra copies available for you to pass along to others.

We are blessed with the easy availability of this magazine here in North America.

We receive many requests for copies of the ‘Crusader’ Magazine from other parts of the world. Unfortunately we are limited in our ability to fill these requests, to an extent by the cost of printing more issues, and we are also limited in our ability to fill requests in a timely manner because of the high cost of postage. 

The high cost of postage results in our having to ship in the most cost efficient way, and that means shipping takes months for the ‘Crusaders’ to arrive at destinations in Australia, Africa and even the U.K.

But for you and all our volunteers, unless we run out of a particular issue, more copies are readily available for you to help others by giving them a copy.

For more copies of Issue 85 of The Fatima Crusader, and of Our Lady of Fatima Rosary Guild prayer card, please call us at 1-800-845-3047.

We look forward to hearing back from you. 

In the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts,

Joanna Swords
Volunteer Department


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to share in the benefits of the prayers of many others.  Call us today at 1-800-845-3047 and tell us to add your name to Our Lady of Fatima Rosary Guild!