Re: The Rosary as a Weapon


Dear Volunteer,

 Enclosed with this letter is a new prayer card on the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which was printed specifically for you and our other volunteers.

It contains the 15 promises Our Lady revealed to St. Dominic and Blessed Alan de la Roche as additional benefits for those who devoutly pray the Rosary.

Also on the prayer card are the words of Sister Lucy to Father Fuentes on the Rosary, from an interview on December 26, 1957. 

Although the apostolate has printed the 15 promises and Sister Lucy’s words on the Rosary many times before, it did not have it on a prayer card which would make it easier to give to others.

On the front of the prayer card are two reminders.

The first is that the Rosary is a weapon (as Padre Pio called it), as the title tells us: “The Rosary -- Heaven’s Weapon for Peace”. Our Lady asked the 3 seers at Fatima numerous times to pray the Rosary to obtain peace.

The second is the promise of Our Lady of Fatima to Lucy and all true children of Our Lady remaining on earth, -- “My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God.”

Daily Reminders of the Need to Promote
and Pray the Rosary

Daily in the news and all around us, we are reminded of just how much we need Divine intervention to get mankind out of the mess we are in.  We know from Our Lady, that it will only be with Divine intervention obtained through Her intercession, (especially by means of the Rosary) that can accomplish this.

Our Lady of the Rosary said at Fatima, “Only I can help you.”

A Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article on June 15 reported on 12 “Catholic” women defying the Church by planning (on July 31) to be “ordained” into the priesthood by 3 excommunicated women claiming to be “bishops” in “Roman Catholic Womenpriests” -- an international group claiming to be “Catholics” who support the non-Catholic notion of ordination of women.

In today’s news (July 4), there is talk of war between Israel and Syria over the capture and imprisonment of an Israeli soldier by Syrian soldiers. 

I received a letter about the sad story of a 17-year-old Catholic girl seeking an abortion.  When approached by a counselor trying to impress on the girl why she should have the baby and not have an abortion, the girl’s response was she did not want to be pregnant all summer.  She wanted to go to the beach and enjoy the sun and the ocean with her friends.

The above three examples touch on the crisis situation in the Church, which affects the political and military situation in the world and the moral degradation in the personal lives of so many.

We need the Rosary, and as many willing souls to pray it as you can possibly reach out to.

The prayer card is totally non-controversial.  The apostolate has printed extra copies in the hope that you will help by distributing the card and getting others to pray the Rosary for their sakes, for our sakes and the sake of the entire world.

For more copies, call us at 1-800-845-3047.

 In the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts,

 Joanna Swords  

P.S.  Also enclosed with the new prayer card is a copy of the Little Treatise of Sister Lucy about the Nature and Recitation of the Rosary.  You may recall having seen it before.  The apostolate sent it out about a year ago.  More copies are available for you to give to others.

P.P.S.  Since the beginning of this year, you and our other volunteers distributed 526,962 pieces of literature and 177,923 sacramentals; and made 210, 997 Green Scapulars.