Re: The Expansion
of “Legalized Murder”


Dear Volunteer,

I used to think when an extreme injustice was being committed, that if people knew what was happening they would unite to stop it. I am sorry to say that evidently I was wrong. For a horrible crime has taken place in the U.S. today. This crime began 14 days ago, and not only the entire country, but a large portion of the world witnessed this crime.

I am referring to the “legalized murder” of Terri Schiavo. This murder was permitted by the government and people of the United States, while much of the world looked on in horror, and rightfully so.

The Vatican Speaks

While thinking about how to express, in this letter to you, my outrage at this horrible crime that no one seemed to know how to prevent from happening, I was most pleased to come across the text of a statement issued by Cardinal Renato Martino from Vatican City on March 7 (10 days before Terri’s feeding tube was removed).

Here is the statement issued by Cardinal Martino, President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace:

“The courts have ruled again and again. Unfortunately, the deadline for the removal of the tube delivering food and water to Terri Schiavo is quickly approaching. I am sorry to have to use the word ‘deadline’ but this is the most accurate way to describe what will happen. Without the tube which is providing life-giving hydration and nutrition, Terri Schiavo will die. But it is not that simple. She will die a horrible and cruel death. She will not simply die; she will have death inflicted upon her over a number of terrible days, even weeks. How can anyone who claims to speak of the promotion and protection of human rights — of human life — remain silent? Is this not a question of the right to life? I believe that I must speak out about this in the same way that I would speak of the protection of the unborn and just as I would concerning any injustice.

“Has due process in this case been truly served? Have all options been employed? Where is love? Where is human compassion? No one would ever wish to witness the suffering of another, especially a loved one. And I am sure that no one could ever choose to witness suffering or a cruel death being inflicted upon another, especially one who is loved. How then have we come to this point?

“If it is true that the process has been fair and that all legal avenues have been exhausted, how is it that this woman, who has done nothing wrong, will suffer a fate which society would never tolerate in the case of a convicted murderer or anyone else convicted of the most horrendous crimes? Again, it is an issue of human rights. It is an issue of the right to life, and as I stated earlier, no one can be the arbiter of life except God Himself!

“The State of Florida has many laws on its books which protect animals, whether they be household pets, domesticated farm animals or animals destined for slaughter. (And please pardon me as I make this analogy. I am not comparing Terri to an animal. I only want to show the protection that the courts afford to animals in the State of Florida.) These laws ‘prohibit[s] anyone from intentionally committing an act to any animal which results in cruel death, or excessive or repeated infliction of unnecessary pain or suffering’ (828.12). It is also unlawful to keep an animal in a place while failing to supply ‘a sufficient quantity of good and wholesome food and water’(828.13).

“Are these laws not enforced by the same courts, are these not the same laws established by lawmakers in order to protect other creatures of God?

“However, in just a few days, [if her husband and the courts have their way] this is exactly what will happen to Terri. She will be completely deprived of water and food. She will have excessive suffering and pain inflicted upon her which will lead to her cruel death. Yet we have come to the point of asking whether due process has been fully carried out and all options exhausted on behalf of Terri. This is unbelievable! Is it not sufficient enough to say that there are still questions that must be answered? We plead, we make the urgent appeal for the life of a helpless human being ... a person with whom we all share our God-given human dignity. How can anyone say that her best interests have been taken into consideration?

“In his Message for the Eleventh World Day of the Sick (11 February 2003) His Holiness Pope John Paul II stated: ‘And while palliative treatment in the final stage of life can be encouraged, avoiding a “treatment at all costs” mentality, it will never be permissible to resort to actions or omissions which by their nature or in the intention of the person acting are designed to bring about death.’

“Palliative care, by its definition is the alleviation of suffering and relieving pain. In the last stage of life, it is this care for which we all must hope because, if the feeding tube is removed and Terri is forced to die this slow, terrible, painful death, we must ask ourselves, ‘And who will be next?’. Will this open the door for a state to decide whether this or that incapacitated person should die ... not be allowed to die a dignified death but that they should have death inflicted upon them?

“It must stop here and now. The courts, the judges and everyone involved with this must understand that all of the questions involved in the case of Terri Schiavo have not yet been answered. Society must realize that we can never inflict this sort of death on a human being, on any other creature, without each and every one of us and society as a whole suffering a terrible fate.” (Cardinal Martino)(Emphasis Added)

Government Protection of “Legalized Murder”

“Legalized murder” was officially sanctioned by the government of Canada in 1968 and in the United States in 1973. It’s not called murder, it’s called abortion. Now more than 30 years later, this is the outcome of the slaughter of innocent life.

There are 4 sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance. One of those sins is referred to as the slaughter of the innocents. Abortion is just that. And so is the case of Terri Schiavo and others like her who place their trust and care into the hands of those they believe will help them, never thinking that the very ones they trust may re-define the words “help” and “care” to mean suffering and (premature) death.

Cardinal Martino is absolutely correct when he says “who is next?”. With the murder of Terri Schiavo, what has been taking place quietly in some places in both Canada and the United States for a number of years now, will become commonplace. And yes, I am saying that this case of Terri Schiavo is not an isolated incident.

There are all sorts of fancy terms used by health care “professionals” — “death by dignity”, “mercy killing”, euthanasia, elective termination of pregnancy — terms that mean only one thing — murder. These are all sins against the 5th Commandment.

In addition to the above terminology, they try to convince people (or perhaps themselves) of the necessity of committing these crimes by using other fancy descriptive language, such as “quality of life”.

How dare any one of us play God! In the case of Terri Schiavo, every health care worker in the facility where Terri was, should have refused to cooperate. They should have refused to pull the feeding tube, and continued to feed her. And refused entrance to her room to anyone who would try to inflict harm or end her life (we must pray for doctors and nurses).

The anti-God decrees of a few “judges” whose duty is to uphold the law and protect human life (may God have mercy on them and may they repent before they die) do not supplant God’s laws (we must pray for our government officials).

Offer Up the Sacrifices of our Daily Duty

We must pray for health care workers and government leaders. It is not easy in these times to defend our holy Catholic Faith, to fight against the growing tide of injustice or to fight for the standard of the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

When Our Lady of Fatima asked us to offer up the sacrifices of our daily duty, She wasn’t just referring to the obvious — that is — offering up the sacrifice of our work, etc. She was also referring to offering up the sacrifices required to defend our Faith, and fight against injustice — fighting for the Social Kingship of Christ the King.

She knew how difficult this would become in the future — which is now.

In the news, one misguided “Catholic” stated he didn’t understand why people were picketing outside the death facility where Terri was, before she died. He made some statement about the Catholic Church teaching that there is no need to use extraordinary means.

Although he is correct about not having to use extraordinary means, he is very confused about what extraordinary means are. Food and water are the basics of life, and not extraordinary means.

If You Need to be Hospitalized

Please be wary if you or a loved one should need to seek medical treatment. There is a “death” crusade taking place in parts of North America and other parts of the world (all part of Russia spreading her errors, as Our Lady warned).

If you need to go into a hospital for treatment, be very careful of what you sign. Do not sign paperwork that says “no extraordinary means” without reading everything and having it all defined in writing.

I was presented with just such a paper to sign when my grandmother was admitted to a hospital in Ontario, Canada, six years ago. My grandmother was 90 years old at the time and still taking care of herself until she suddenly became ill.

I read the paper that was given to me 3 times, because I thought I must be missing something or not comprehending. But after the third time, I was pretty sure I was not mistaken.

When I told the nurse who had given the paper to me to sign, that I could not sign it because, according to the paper, the doctors and nurses did not have to do anything for my grandmother, including not giving her food, water or any treatment, I had still hoped I was wrong and that the nurse would deny it.

Instead, she proved my assessment right when, instead of denying what I said, she responded by saying, “just cross off the parts you don’t like” — meaning that I was absolutely correct. Had I signed that paper, they would have given my grandmother a bed and let her die.

If starvation is painless, why are we encouraged to fast as a means of Penance? The reports given in the media, of doctors consulted, would have us believe that pain perception is different in cases such as Terri Schiavo’s because she was in a “vegetative state” (another term whose meaning appears to have been changed in the last 30 years).

By promoting and believing this falsehood, they may be soothing their consciences so they can feel okay about the fact that the government is allowing the killing of its citizens (and doctors and nurses are doing the killing), but it does not change the fact that death by starvation and thirst is very painful.

St. Maximilian Kolbe was killed by the Nazis in a prison camp during World War II by starvation and thirst. I ask you to tell me how different is that, to what we are seeing here today in the U.S.?

“Only Our Lady of the Rosary Can Help You”

The only way to stop abortion and other forms of “legalized murder”, the only way to solve the crisis in the Church, the only way to prevent the annihilation of nations, the only way to stop terrorism and other evils in the world, is to heed the requests made by Our Lady of Fatima.

There is no other way. Man has tried for decades to solve such problems, ignoring Our Lady’s requests, and the end result is that things continue to get worse.

We must do as Our Lady asked of us — amend our lives, offer up the sacrifices of our daily duty, pray the Rosary every day, make the First Saturday Communion of Reparation, wear the Brown Scapular, and pray for the Holy Father and the Catholic Bishops to do the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

There is no other solution. People are only fooling themselves if they think that the government can help us out of the mess the world is in.

Getting the Message Out

Some of the phone calls Joanne and I receive from different volunteers has given us the impression that perhaps some of Our Lady’s volunteers do not know that there are many items available to them for free, to help spread the Message of Fatima.

We want to correct that misunderstanding, if our impression is right. When we send with the letter a piece of apostolate literature, although that may be a particular item we are promoting for that month, it does not mean that is the only item that a volunteer may request that month.

At any given time, you may request any of the many pieces of literature that we have available for free distribution.

With this letter we are sending you two different prayer cards that we have available for you to distribute, to help make known Our Lady’s Message and spread devotion to Her Immaculate Heart. If you would like more copies, please let us know by returning the enclosed reply form or calling us at 1-800-845-3047.

In the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary,

Joanna Swords

P.S.Don’t hesitate to call us if you would like to know of other literature available to you for free, to give to others and help make known Our Lady’s Message.