Re: Positive Effects of
Praying The Three Hail Marys


Dear Volunteer,

In this letter to you I have something old and something new. Please read the whole letter to the end and you will see why I have included a letter from a few years ago. This present letter, I pray, will help us to continue our soul saving campaign to help children, and, as you will see, people of all ages. If you agree and join us in living and spreading the practice of this devotion, you’ll reap the benefits of seeing family, friends, and fellow parishioners with you one day in Heaven. Please read on.

Four years ago we sent the following letter to our volunteers:

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

Many of the great saints have said that one of the greatest means of salvation and one of the surest signs of predestination is devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Our Lady of Fatima reinforced the teachings of the saints when She said “God wishes to establish in the world devotion to My Immaculate Heart ... Only I can help you.”

In these times of confusion, when our precious Catholic Faith is slipping away, it is our children who may end up most affected. It is their precious souls which must be protected. Though Catholic parents try to do all they can to instruct their children and teach them right from wrong, our children have become targets through those persons whose agenda is in opposition to that of Our Lord and Our Lady.

Now, more than ever, we must rely on supernatural means to protect them and Who better to call upon to protect the souls of our children, as well as our own souls, than the Most Blessed Virgin, for She is our Heavenly Mother given to us by Almighty God.

We have enclosed a very special leaflet titled Heaven Opened by the practice of The Three Hail Marys. We would like to begin a campaign for the salvation of the souls of children by use of this leaflet, teaching the practice of the three Hail Marys and thereby encouraging devotion to Our Lady and trust in Her as Our Heavenly Mother.

We ask YOU, our volunteers, to help us in this effort by distributing as many of these leaflets as possible, especially to those who have children and those who work with children.

As a testimonial to the efficacy of this practice I have obtained permission from one of our volunteers to tell her story. Marie relayed the following: “when I was 8 years old, the Sister who was my teacher at the time, told us one day that whenever we wanted anything special we should pray three Hail Marys in honor of the Blessed Mother, in honor of Her wisdom, power, and goodness. For some reason, I remember really wanting to remember that and so I immediately began to memorize it. I prayed this many times over the years, always for some favor I wanted.

“I practiced my Catholic Faith up until about the time I entered college and then began to slowly slip away from the faith. By the time I finished college, I no longer practiced my faith and remained that way for many years.

Because I had turned my back on God, I began to lead the life of one who no longer recognizes the difference between right and wrong. Of course I didn’t see it or recognize it at the time. No, I thought I was leading quite a good life — without God. Eventually, after many mistakes in my life and as I came to a point where I didn’t particularly care for myself, God used what I thought was going to be the worst event in my life and made it the best, for it started the slow process back to Him.

“I began praying the Rosary, going to confession and Mass, etc. At some point Our Lady let me know that it was through Her intercession that I was allowed the grace to come back. One day I realized at least to some extent the reason for Her intercession on my behalf. For the many, many years I was away from the faith the only thing I ever did was pray the Three Hail Marys, usually when I wanted a favor but pray them I did and quite often. That was all I prayed.

“In fact, when I started coming back I had to relearn many prayers, for it had been so long since I had prayed them that I forgot the words. It was the Three Hail Marys that Our Lady used to dispense this grace.

I am forever grateful to Her for Her intercession and for the gift of the Three Hail Marys.”

It is this leaflet of the Three Hail Marys which has become our volunteer Marie’s favorite thing to distribute.

A true child of Mary’s is a child whose salvation is assured, for our Heavenly Mother protects those devoted to Her.

Please read this enclosed leaflet and help us make this precious gift from Heaven known. The salvation of our souls and those of our children may depend on it.

If you are interested in helping us distribute these leaflets please fill out the enclosed form and return it to our volunteer department or call us on our volunteer hotline at 1-800-845-3047.

Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,


Since this letter went out, this leaflet has been and continues to be quite popular. In the past four years the number of volunteers has doubled and because of this we decided to re-send this letter.

Over time we have received some interesting feedback on this devotion, and I would like to share with you one of the most interesting accounts I have received about someone’s experience.

The name of the person telling the story about his experience with this devotion is Augustine (Confirmation name). As a young adult he was a convert to the Catholic Faith. Here is his story which he told to a group of people (I was present) regarding his experience with the Three Hail Marys:

A convert to the Catholic Faith for 23 years, he said that in the last few years, his faith and devotion were waning, and he was praying less and less. Finally, at one point he stopped going to Mass. Because of his professional skills our apostolate had asked him to review this same account given above and have it translated into another language so it could be sent to Catholics in another country.

He states that after reading the letter and the leaflet the thought that crossed his mind was that it was “ridiculous and stupid”. He didn’t believe a word he read, but for some reason he decided to try praying the Three Hail Marys in the morning and again in the evening just as the leaflet described the devotion.

He recounts that within a short time he began to attend Mass and pray the Rosary. His desire to live his Catholic Faith and be a good Catholic has returned with more fervor than ever. He continues daily with the practice of the Three Hail Marys.

Having read of the experiences of Marie and Augustine — the first having been introduced to this devotion as a child, and the second as an adult, how can one deny the importance of devotion to Our Heavenly Mother and not want to practice and promote this devotion after reading these two accounts?

Please help reach out to others and share this wonderful gift from Heaven. Remember, our Heavenly Mother protects those devoted to Her.

In the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

Joanna Swords

P.S. Heaven Opened by the Practice of the Three Hail Marys leaflets are now also available in Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian.