April 20, 2000

His Holiness John Paul II
Vatican City
00120 Roma

Your Holiness:

On November 22, 1999 I wrote to Your Holiness, enclosing a recourse to you and a canonical libellus against Cardinals Gilberto Agustoni, Angelo Innocenti and Jose Sanchez, Archbishops Zenon Grochelewski and Crescenzio Sepe, and Bishop Antonio Forte. Another copy of my November 22, 1999 letter is enclosed for your reference.

In that same letter I respectfully reminded Your Holiness that a related libellus against Cardinal Sanchez, Archbishop Sepe and their collaborators had been placed in your hand at the general audience of November 20, 1996, as shown by photographs of the event taken by the photographer for L' Osservatore Romano.

In accordance with Can. 1506 of the Code of Canon Law promulgated by Your Holiness, I must respectfully insist that Your Holiness proceed with both libelli, which, as foreseen by Can. 1405 § 1, are reserved exclusively to the judgment of Your Holiness, the non-competence of other judges being absolute. Can. 1406 § 2.

As provided in Can. 1506, if I have not heard to the contrary from Your Holiness himself within ten (10) days, I shall presume that Your Holiness has admitted both libelli as cases before the First See, and that Your Holiness is proceeding with both cases.

Your humble subject in Christ,

Father Nicholas Gruner