Dear Father Gruner,

I know you are extremely busy with your apostolate and that you probably cannot begin to read all of the mail that comes your way, but it is my hope that you read this letter. It is a remarkable story, one that demonstrates just how God works in our lives and if you pray and listen, you are able to discern and follow His lead.

About 4½ years ago, I happened to catch your program on TV. I began to follow you and also began to read The Fatima Crusader. I pledged $10.00 to you and I am ashamed to say I never sent it. My reason? As I read The Fatima Crusader, I formed the opinion that you were speaking against the Pope. It was my own opinion, a wrong one, I now can see. Nevertheless, I felt at that time it would be wrong to support you.

Now we come to the point in time where God opened my eyes and heart. When I first saw you, I had just come “home” (back to the Church) after having been away for many years. I got a job in a Christian (mostly Catholic) store. I began reading and informing myself more and more. Early this year, a friend of my mother’s gave her a book to give to me. I put it on the bookshelf and it sat there for months. A month ago I picked it up and began to read it. I couldn’t get that book out of my mind no matter what. I knew in my heart I had to read it. Once I picked it up, I could not put it down. About the same time I began attending the Tridentine Mass. The name of the book was Fatima Priest.

Father Gruner, I am very sorry that I let you down. I have learned so much in the last five years. At first I was very happy with the parish I joined and I became very involved. Little things kept happening such as when I went to confession, Father would say “weren’t you just here?” or “Is that all?”. I went to Father with concerns about my son’s public school education — new age concepts, and Father laughed at me. I had read books on the “New Age” and then saw exactly the same in a notebook my son brought home. Father thought it was simply very creative.

I began to notice the lack of reverence at Mass. You can’t even pray in church before Mass because everyone is chatting and laughing. I watch kids fight during Mass, people chat during the Consecration, then they get up and receive Our Lord with their hands hung at their sides, chatting and shaking hands on the way up. No one genuflects anymore, women sometimes in short skirts or revealing clothing, are lectors or eucharistic ministers. Our Sunday bulletin has contained an article by Father about tradition. He stated that there are some people who would go backwards in time and are not to be listened to.

Father Gruner, what are we to do? For now, we do have the Latin Mass but I don’t look for it to remain long.

Father Gruner, I will be sending you that $10.00 and I wish I had more.

I thank you for your Apostolate and your love of our Church. I thank you for being traditional. I don’t know a priest I feel comfortable going to anymore and it is refreshing to know there are good and holy priests out there and that you are one of them.

Sincerely in Christ,

Rhea S., PA

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