Don’t “Shoot” the Messenger!

Some “old” sayings have refused to yield to new buzz-words, slang, colloquial expressions and misunderstanding. One such expression is “don’t shoot the messenger,” which refers to the ancient, barbaric practice of killing the hapless bearer of bad news in the hope that it would somehow alleviate the situation.

Today we have progressed from our misconceptions of the past, we do not “shoot the messenger”. We silence him.

Sister Lucy has been “silenced” by Church authorities who do not want her to talk about the contents of the Third Secret, written on one sheet of paper. These Church “leaders” have taken it upon themselves to ignore Heaven’s request to release the full contents of the Third Secret of Fatima. They claim that “since up to the present (1959), Sister Lucy has said everything she believed it her duty to say about Fatima, she has said nothing new and consequently has authorized nobody, at least since February 1955, to publish anything new that might be attributed to her on the subject of Fatima.” (The Whole Truth About Fatima - Vol. III, The Third Secret, page 550) They anonymously withheld the promised information in 1960.

In 1981 Father Alonso passed away leaving behind a 24-volume work on Fatima. His research could not be published because of an ecclesiastical ban.

And now it is Father Gruner, a messenger since 1978, who is coming under the gun. The enemies of Our Lady and Her message of peace have used every resource availabe to them to try to force Father Gruner into silence. This priest in good standing is being persecuted for not being silent about the Catholic Church-approved Message of Fatima. They have used Papal Nuncios to spread fear into the hearts of bishops to dissuade them from attending Peace Conferences organized by Father Gruner’s Apostolate.
They have blocked his incardination in two benevolent dioceses; they have demanded he return to the diocese of Avellino, Italy to do virtually nothing, knowing that such a demand is morally and legally (both in Church law and in Italian civil law) impossible to obey. For upholding and obeying the law, he is attacked and slandered.

What do Sister Lucy, Father Alonso and Father Gruner have in common? They are all messengers. The message? The whole Fatima Message, including the full Third Secret and the absolute necessity for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope, together with all the bishops at the same time, to obtain world peace — before it is too late.