When Will They Bite the Hand
That Feeds Them?

Russia is a country in turmoil. Even a brief attempt at their version of democracy only accelerated the slide into economic and financial chaos. Bread lines and alcoholism are the visible results of a godless society that cares little about the people living in abject poverty. Organized crime is the invisible dilemma subjecting the peasants to a very bleak future.

Medical supplies are as scarce as they are expensive, one of the reasons for a declining life-expectancy rate. Many hospitals are what would be expected in a Third World country.

The seemingly obvious, and expected, solution is more foreign aid. Of course, most of the money is expected to come from the U.S. The irony is that Russia continues to be very successful at producing military weaponry, but the people cannot live on that. Sophisticated submarines and jet fighters, envied worldwide for their superiority, continue to be produced by a country that claims to be working for peace throughout the world.

As we continue to subsidize Russia’s faltering economy, that nation will continue (as Our Lady of Fatima warned) to spread her errors. This time it is by weapon stockpiling as well as sales to its allies against Christendom.

A Mirror Image

The similarities between Russia and China are so obvious (as made apparent in Andrew Cesanek’s article, “China: a Threat to Peace” in The Fatima Crusader, Issue 65) that the companies who deal with Communist China should hold their heads in shame. But, unfortunately, greed can impair the senses of many a corporate executive.

It’s Time for an About-Face

U.S. politicians should re-examine their stand on Russia and China. Trade has taken precedence over human rights issues.