News from the Apostolate

Rosary Rallies

In December, Father Gruner travelled to Toronto, Ontario; Portland, Maine; and Merrimack, New Hampshire for Rosary Rallies. During these Rallies, many highly favorable comments were received on the most recently published Fatima book, The Devil's Final Battle. Although the number of attendees was not as high as we had expected, Father's talks were superb and those who attended were very appreciative of hearing new insights on Our Lady of Fatima's message to the world.

Literature Distribution:

Earlier this year, over 17,000 copies of an interview with Father Gruner was mailed from our Philippines office to priests and lay people. The response has been great, with many volunteers asking for more copies to pass on to friends and family.

During the month of September, our North American Volunteers distributed over 70,000 pieces of literature and sacramentals. Among these were a new prayer card, Our Lady's Seven Sorrows, and the leaflet The Devotion of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Many priests write and thank us for the sacramentals and literature they have received and request more. They offer prayers and Masses for the success of our work as a means of thanks.

If you are interested in becoming one of Our Lady's Volunteers, please call our volunteer department at 1-866-871-7723.