Story of the Blessed Sacrament

from Moments Divine Before the Blessed Sacrament
by Father Frederick A. Reuter, K.C.B.S.

A very remarkable event is recorded to have happened on February 5, 1876, in a small town in Poland called Dubna, during the celebration of the Forty Hours' Devotion in the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Amid the terrors of the revolution, the church of Dubna had been fortunate enough to escape molestation, and that reason, added to religious motives, contributed to make the number of religious worshipers thronging the edifice particularly large. As the Blessed Sacrament was exposed to the view of the multitude, soft brilliant rays of light began emanating from the monstrance, in plain sight of the people kneeling close to the sanctuary. Then a wonderful apparition took place. The figure of the Savior appeared distinctly in the place of the Host, and remained there throughout the entire forty hours. Catholics and heretics, some from motives of strong Faith, others out of mere curiosity, repaired to the church to witness the miracle, until persons in every walk of life and of every form of belief offered their solemn testimony as to the fact of the manifestation. This wide acknowledgment brought the affair to the ears of the city officials and as a result the parish priest was called upon to give testimony before the director of police. The Governor of Schitomar being informed, it was forbidden under pain of imprisonment to speak of the apparition. But the witnesses were not anxious to parade God's work before the incredulous, and consequently they were content that God saw fit to exhibit His marvelous power in their behalf. A written statement of the miracle having been submitted by the priest to the bishop of the diocese, the latter requested that the event should be kept secret, lest the church should be closed by the civil authorities.


I adore Thee in Thy Sacrament, O Jesus, eternal Love and Source of all graces, and I beseech Thee to cast a look of mercy upon Thy children prostrate before Thee. See, O Lord, how great is our poverty, and deign to help us.

Bless us in our thoughts, our sentiments, our words and actions. Bless us in our relations, in our labors, our trials, our sufferings. Grant by Thy grace that, doing what Thou requirest of us, we may become worthy to be the object of the blessings by which Thou wilt call Thy elect to the Kingdom of Thy Father.Amen.