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May 17, 2013

But please, Father, whether you are able to attend or not, keep our conference in your prayers. Ask the souls in your charge to consecrate themselves to Our Lady of Fatima, as Pope Francis has consecrated his papacy to Her. Let us create a groundswell for the consecration in every way we can. Remember: Our Lady said, “Only I can help you.” Let us ask Our Gracious Mother for the help She so longs to give us.

We know that you may have many calls upon your financial resources. We do not want lack of funds to keep you from this conference and will do as much as we are able to assist you to attend. As a guest of the Fatima Center, your costs for admission, conference meals, and lodging while you are at the conference will be covered, but for us to cover these costs you must reserve ahead of time.

conference is so greatly desired.Fatima: The Path to Peace !This is why it is so important that you, as a pastor of souls, be fully informed about the state of the world and the Church and the relevance of the Message of Fatima. This is why your attendance at

We cannot know all the ways of Providence, but we can take St. Augustine’s counsel: Pray as though all things depend on God, but act as though all things depend on us. We, Father, must put our shoulders to the wheel. It may be that the grace needed for the consecration depends upon the priests and faithful living the Fatima Message. So we must become zealous apostles of Our Lady of Fatima!

Our Lady of Fatima told us that only She can help us, and She specified how Her help must be obtained: the Pope and the bishops must consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. When this is done, Russia will be converted, wars will end, a period of peace will be granted to the world. We have Heaven’s guarantee! So why is the consecration delayed?

Prominent political figures, such as former U.S. Congressman and Presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul, and members of the Canadian and European Union Parliaments, will be there. Many bishops will be there. And you, dear Father, should be there, too.

From September 8 through September 13, 2013, in Niagara Falls, Canada, a conference of historic importance will bring together leaders of Church and state to examine the crises spreading from nation to nation, engulfing the world in violence and impending financial ruin.


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