Re: The Fatima Crusader, Issue 80


Dear Father,

Every scrap of our knowledge enters through our senses. For this reason we can state that a tree is known by its fruit and a plant is known by its flowers.

This universal law applies to the physical order, the intellectual order and the spiritual order.

The enclosed issue 80 of The Fatima Crusader applies this principle to the Church and the world. It is fair to ask: “What does this mean to me?” It means the decision between life and death.

Life by its very nature produces its fruit; while death ends every possibility. Can the Church champion life by its fulfillment of the Fatima request or do we continue down the futile political road to more death and destruction?

We have chosen life and present that decision to you for your consideration. We do not advocate sedevacantism; we do not encourage a new draft for more war; we do not appreciate the mind-set of Vatican II modernism.

We do affirm a life-giving tradition that plants the seed of truth and life in the hearts and minds of all.

For forty years we have experienced the sterility of false ecumenism sapping the energies of our clergy and our laity. False religious freedom has taken the fiery zeal from our missionaries. Wavering decisions have divided our dioceses and parishes.

Is this the fruit of renewal or the deadly poison of a modernist culture dictating to Christ Himself?

Our Holy Father calls us to return in earnest to the love of the Blessed Sacrament and the Holy Mass.

The Mass of the Ages canonized for our rule of life reminds us of the power of the priesthood and is the answer (together with obedience to the Fatima Message) to the plague of sin affecting our world. The Novus Ordo has failed to produce the fruit that the canonized Mass continues to produce. This reality has to return to the mind of the priest.

To effect this renewal of the priestly spirit, the Fatima Center is contacting priests of different regions and asking them to spend a few hours contemplating the spiritual realities we face today.

We believe firmly in the design of God to lift up the humble Maid of Nazareth to crush the serpent’s head. We want to speak with you about a cooperative effort to return our world to the feet of the Blessed Mother.

Call us and let us know of your interest. We do pray that this issue of the “Crusader” stimulates your interest to do something about the chastisement which is imminent.

In Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,

Father Richard Voigt,   Father Gregor Hesse   

Monsignor John Esposito,    Father Karl A. Claver

Father Stephen Somerville,   Father Marcos Charles Tillia

Father David Belland,   Father Victor Soroka

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