St. Linus

Pope, Martyr

September 23

Pope Linus was born at Volterra in Tuscany and was the first to govern the Church after Peter. His faith and holiness were so great that he not only cast out demons but also called the dead back to life. He wrote the Acts of St. Peter, particularly what Peter had done against Simon the magician. He decreed that no woman should go into a church without having her head veiled.

He was beheaded because of his constancy in the Christian faith, at the command of Saturninus, the godless and ungrateful consul whose daughter he had freed from diabolical possession. He was buried in the Vatican near the grave of the Prince of the Apostles, on September 23.

He ruled as Pope for eleven years, two months and twenty-three days, and, in two ordinations in December, created fifteen bishops and eighteen priests.