"Good News" Update

A Stunning Endorsement

by Christopher A. Ferrara
October 24, 2011

In September I was stunned to learn of a most unexpected endorsement from high places of my book The Secret Still Hidden. The book is an extensive and systematic presentation of the massive evidence of a cover-up — by the Vatican Secretary of State — of a text pertaining to the Third Secret, a text that would provide the soundtrack, as it were, to the ambiguous vision of a “Bishop dressed in White,” which has been subjected to a host of conflicting interpretations.

In the August-September issue of the prestigious Inside the Vatican magazine, its Harvard-educated editor, Robert Moynihan, shares some reminiscences of his late friend, Archbishop Pietro Sambi, who died last July. Sambi was Papal Nuncio to the United States, and thus a key attaché of the Vatican Secretariat of State under Cardinal Bertone. The Archbishop personally escorted Pope Benedict XVI on his visit to America.

The second of four memories Moynihan mentions in his tribute relates to a discussion he once had with Archbishop Sambi regarding “the Third Secret of Fatima, the allegations that the Vatican has not published the entire text of the Third Secret as revealed to Sister Lucy, and the response of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican Secretary of State, in a book where Bertone states that there is nothing more to be revealed.”

At the mention of this issue, Sambi did and said something quite extraordinary, and personally gratifying to me (as related in Inside the Vatican):

Sambi said, “Excuse me.” He got up, went out of the room, and came back with a book. “Here,” he said. “Do you know this book? You should read it.” It was Christopher Ferrara’s The Secret Still Hidden. “Wait,” I said. “You are the Pope’s representative in the US, and you are urging me to read a book that questions what the Secretary of State wrote?” Sambi replied: “All I am saying as that there are interesting things worth reading in this book. And in the end, we are all after the truth, aren’t we? The truth is the important thing...”

What is even more extraordinary, however, is Robert Moynihan’s publication of this information. Humanly speaking, the editor of Inside the Vatican had nothing to gain from giving offense to the Vatican Secretary of State by revealing that no less than the Nuncio to the United States entertained doubts about the “official” version of the Secret, and that those doubts were nurtured by the evidence presented in my book.

Mr. Moynihan has shown that, like the late Archbishop, he places truth ahead of human respect. Indeed, “we are all after the truth,” for “the truth is the important thing.” The pursuit of the truth is why I wrote The Secret Still Hidden. And the lesson I have learned from this wonderful good news is that one must never despair in the pursuit of truth, that the truth will make itself known despite all efforts to suppress it, that given time the truth will penetrate the thickest of walls — even the walls of the Vatican.

All the more is this so when it comes to the divine truths Our Lady of Fatima consigned to Her Church through the offices of three shepherd children for the good of all humanity. May the perpetual light shine upon Archbishop Sambi, and may God bless Robert Moynihan.