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Update to Chronology of a Coverup

May 13, 1991- Sister Lucy declines to go to Fatima during the Pope’s visit but is commanded to do so under Holy obedience. Pope John Paul II visits Fatima the second time, and after a half hour talk with Sister Lucy neither the Pope or Sister Lucy makes any announcement—clearly indicating that if the “letters of Sister Lucy of 1989" were genuine, then surely the Pope would have announced that the consecration of Russia was done. The silence of the Pope and Sister Lucy is most eloquent. There is total disagreement between Sister Lucy and the Vatican apparatus, which has been trying to suggest the Consecration of Russia is done. But since 1960 Sister Lucy has been bound by her vow of obedience to remain silent, and her silence continues. Father Alonso’s 24 volumes of 5,000 original Fatima documents are still banned from publication.

May 13, 1992- Cardinal Casaroli announces at the Symposium sponsored by the Bishop of Fatima that three years after the “FALL OF COMMUNISM”, despite the Casaroli policy of Ostpolitik, the situation for world peace is worse than before. He has no alternative to offer to bring peace to the world. He does not even consider doing what Our Lady of Fatima requested. The Vatican could end the chaos, diplomatic and military threats to peace by heeding Our Lady, but declines to do so.

October 8, 1992- The Fatima Crusader’s Peace Conference is held. Lying declarations are published in L’Osservatore Romano by Cardinal Sanchez and Archbishop Sepe, suggesting that ecclesiastical permission is required for the Conference when it is clearly not necessary under Church law. Similar lies are published in the Portuguese press October 7-9. Nevertheless, more than 100 bishops accept the invitation and payment of expenses for their trip to Fatima for the Conference. While 65 bishops ultimately attend, 35 others are “persuaded” not to attend by the “Fatima establishment” and by officials of the Vatican Secretariat of State.

October 10, 1992- Father Gruner is beaten up by Fatima Shrine officials, one of whom later admits he was acting under orders of the Rector of the Shrine, Msgr. Guerra. Bishop Amaral, the Bishop of Fatima, is in the next room during the assault, but does nothing about it. The bishop is removed from office three months later, but Msgr. Guerra remains Rector of the Shrine.

October 11, 1992- A bogus interview of Sister Lucy by Father Pacheco, Cardinal Padiyara, Bishop Michaelappa and a chauffeur, Carlos Evaristo. Evaristo later publishes a doctored version of the interview, which he admits was “reconstructed.” Among other lies, Evaristo claims Sister Lucy said that Mikhail Gorbachev knelt in front of the Holy Father and asked pardon for his sins. This claim is denounced as a total fabrication by papal spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls. Father Pacheco publishes a repudiation of the bogus “interview.” Fatima scholar, Frère Françoise, concludes that this concocted interview was put together by the Rector of the Shrine in order to stop petitions for the Consecration. Today, Evaristo’s totally discredited interview is no longer mentioned as “proof” of Sister Lucy’s alleged affirmation that the Consecration has been done.

July 31, 1993- A prominent bishop in India states he is willing to incardinate Father Gruner, thus ending any effort by the Vatican to force Father Gruner’s return to Avellino, Italy. However, the Bishop of Avellino, Antonio Forte, admits to Father Gruner that he cannot approve his transfer out of Avellino because Cardinal Sanchez and Archbishop Sepe at the Vatican’s Congregation for the Clergy will not allow it. Sanchez and Sepe are working with the Secretariat of State to silence Father Gruner and his apostolate.

January 1994
October 1993 -
- Cardinal Sanchez, Archbishop Sepe and Bishop Forte continue playing “the incardination game” against Father Gruner: They command him to find another bishop, then obstruct incardination by other bishops, while refusing him excardination from Avellino. The “checkmate” is to declare that since Father Gruner has “failed” to be incardinated elsewhere, he must now return to Avellino or else be suspended from the priesthood.

January 13, 1994- Bishop Forte tells Father Gruner that he has nothing against him, and tells him to return to Canada.

January 31, 1994- Bishop Forte sends Father Gruner a letter accusing him of being a vagus (wandering) priest because he has not returned to Avellino from Canada — even though Forte himself had just told Father Gruner to go back to Canada only 18 days earlier. This incredible behavior is explained in Fatima Priest. It continues today, and is still being appealed in the Vatican tribunals and before the Pope.

October 1994- The Secretary of State and the papal nuncios write to bishops of the world, directing them not to attend the second Fatima Crusader Peace Conference to be held in Mexico. Visas are denied and other obstacles put in the way of more than 100 Catholic bishops who accept invitations to the conference.

July 12, 1995- The first Open Letter to the Pope is published in Il Messaggero, publicly protesting the gross abuse of power by Vatican bureaucrats during the period 1992-1994. It is signed by two bishops and thousands of priests and lay people. The Pope does nothing, although privately word is received that His Holiness did read the documents.

1996- The third Fatima Crusader Peace Conference is held in Rome. Again, bishops of the world are invited with all expenses paid. The Secretary of State, papal nuncios, Cardinal Gantin and other Vatican bureaucrats pressure bishops to not go. The conference proceeds, and more than 200 bishops, priests, and lay people attend.

November 20, 1996- Father Gruner’s Canonical Complaint is placed in the Pope’s own hands, as shown in a photograph reproduced in Fatima Priest.

April 2, 1998- The second Open Letter is signed by 20 bishops and archbishops, soon to be 27, as well as 1900 priests and religious and more than 15,000 lay people. It is published in Il Messaggero on April 2, 1998. Thousands of posters of the Open Letter are posted around the Vatican during 1998. The circus of a canonical court case continues to wend its way through the Vatican court system. Details of the absurd proceedings are provided in Fatima Priest. During the process, Archbishop Grochelewski, now chief judge in the case (after Cardinal Agostoni is forced to recuse himself due to the appearance of prejudice) admits that the case is not about Father Gruner’s incardination, but what he says (concerning Fatima). This is the real reason for the actions against Father Gruner, even though it is nowhere admitted in the written acts of the proceedings.

October 1998- The various lies, innuendoes and accusations against Father Gruner are summarized in a lengthy accusatory document prepared and issued by the Promoter of Justice in the canonical proceedings. Father Gruner is told he may not even have a copy unless he takes an oath to keep it secret. This bizarre request is signed by the Tribunal itself and a copy is available for the press. Father Gruner refuses to take this oath of secrecy. He is forced to review the Promoter’s document in the presence of his canon lawyer, who must travel to Canada from Rome and then take the document back to Rome without leaving a copy.

October 10, 1998- The Promoter’s document reveals, for the first time, the existence of some 20 letters circulating against Father Gruner and his apostolate. The letters are replete with misrepresentations and outright lies by the Congregation for the Clergy, the Secretary of State and even Cardinal Ratzinger’s Congregation, going back to the early 1980's.

December 1998- Despite the absurd obstacles and very limited time, Father Gruner submits a 100-page canonical response to the Promoter’s document, conclusively refuting its every allegation. The Promoter’s document is never again mentioned by the Tribunal.

December 1998- Father Gruner requests copies of the approximately 20 letters against him from the Congregation for the Clergy. The letters are never provided. Lies continue to circulate behind Father Gruner’s back, greatly hindering his efforts to persuade bishops that the Consecration of Russia must be done in the proper manner in order to avoid the annihilation of nations of which Our Lady of Fatima warns.

1998- The first volume of Father Alonso’s manuscripts is finally published, but with extremely heavy editing. The other 23 volumes are still unpublished after 25 years, even though they were fully prepared for press in 1976.

September, 1999- The Apostolic Signatura issues a decision, backdated to July 10, 1999. The manifest groundlessness of the decision is demonstrated in the Law For One Man, a chapter in Fatima Priest, and by documents published and filed by Father Gruner in the Apostolic Signatura on October 14, 1999 (reproduced in Fatima Priest). The Apostolic Signatura offers no reply. Meanwhile, Father Gruner’s third canon lawyer comes under pressure to denounce him. The misconduct of the first two canonists is detailed in Fatima Priest. Only 16 canonists are allowed to defend 400,000 Catholic priests in the Signatura, making it is easy to pressure these lawyers with threats of the termination of their admission to the Tribunal.

October 12-15 1999- The Apostolate’s Peace Conference in Hamilton, Ontario is subjected to the same pattern of harassment, abuse of authority and calculated untruths. Bishops and priests attend, but in reduced numbers. It has become increasingly difficult to reach the priests and bishops because of the Vatican’s campaign of blackening the reputation of Father Gruner and his apostolate.

November 22, 1999- A second Canonical Complaint of this date is sent by registered mail in early December 1999 to the Pope from the Vatican post office. This complaint names Cardinals Agostoni, Innocenti and Sanchez, Archbishop Sepe, Archbishop Grochelewski and Bishop Forte.

April 20, 2000- Father Gruner invokes Canon 1506, which requires the Pope to accept both canonical complaints against the named cardinals and bishops. The complaints are deemed accepted under canon law, once the May 2000 deadline has passed. The Pope does not respond although he is bound by law to do so.

May 13, 2000- The fraudulent description of the Third Secret is given by Cardinal Sodano: “the Pope apparently falls dead”. The vision says the Pope is killed.

June 5, 2000- A letter threatening Father Gruner with excommunication (for what?) is signed by Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos. The letter is delivered to Father Gruner in his home by a Vatican emissary on June 21 at 10:00 p.m. The emissary lies his way into Father Gruner’s living room by claiming he has good news from the Pope.

June 26, 2000- The Vatican publishes a text it claims is the entire Third Secret. Questions abound. (See article by Andrew Cesanek in press kit.)

July 11/12, 2000- Father Gruner resists the threat of excommunication, publishing his reply to Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos.

July 14, 2000- Discovery that Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos is commanding the nuncios of the world to continue to plague Father Gruner with many lies. For example, the nuncio to the Philippines circulates the lie that Father is guilty of forging Vatican Secretariat of State documents — a manifest absurdity. These lies are refuted by the apostolate’s published declaration. See Fatima Priest. Father Gruner files a canonical complaint and recourse to the Pope against Cardinals Innocenti, Sanchez and Agostoni, Archbishop Sepe and Bishop Forte. The grounds are abuse of power and violation of canonical due process.

July 15, 2000 - Issue 64 of The Fatima Crusader is published by Father Gruner. The issue demonstrates that the text of the Third Secret released on June 26 is probably incomplete. (See, especially, the article by Andrew Cesanek. Copies are available in Italian.)

October 16, 2000
August 8 -
- Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos refuses to withdraw his threat of excommunication. In mid-October he says he is referring the matter to “higher authority.” He refuses to identify this “higher authority.”

August 31, 2000- Father Gruner, in his third canonical complaint to the Pope, notes that the Pope is bound by the laws he promulgates, even though he is the supreme legislator of the Church, and that not even the Pope can violate Church laws.

October 8, 2000- Yet another consecration of the world, but not Russia, in a Vatican ceremony. This one is called an “entrustment.” Although anti-Fatima propagandists say the Consecration of Russia is impossible, some 1400 bishops and 76 Cardinals are gathered in the Vatican on this date and can easily mention Russia during the “entrustment.” In fact, a number of bishops think this is exactly what they are going to do. The text of the entrustment is not made public until October 7, the day before the ceremony. It makes no mention of Russia.

December 8, 2000- Despite the Vatican’s claim that the entire Third Secret has been released, Sister Lucy remains under orders not to speak in public about the Message of Fatima without permission from Cardinal Ratzinger or the Pope himself.

December 15, 2000- The cover-up continues...

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