Consecration of Russia: EU Petition ...

The petition is printed in Italian (top) with English translation underneath. The only place for a signature is under the Italian. The signatures must be under the Italian wording of the petition since that exact wording in Italian is what has been filed with the EU and if they receive the petition with the signature under another language it will not be accepted.

Signatories must print their name, then sign, and also provide their date of birth, all as indicated clearly on the form, under the Italian wording.

Click here to read the petition. Then print off, sign and return to The Fatima Center Rome office at:

Associazione Madonna di Fatima onlus
Piazza Risorgimento 14
00192 Roma

Or you may, instead, return the petition to The Fatima Center U.S. office at:

Servants of Jesus and Mary
17000 State Route 30
Constable, NY 12926