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It's Important to Speak Personally to the Bishops and Priests

"Dear Father Gruner, I too think it important to speak personally with the priests and bishops. I'm below the poverty line economically or I would send you the entire fare. I was sitting thinking how good our Lord is giving us Divine Mercy Sunday and I was interrupted by (like a mental command) saying give Father Gruner 500 dollars. And I'm doing exactly that and feeling very good about it. Father, would you ask Our Lady (for I believe you have great favor with Her) for my niece and her family to come back to the Catholic faith. Her life is in shambles and it causes me a lot of grief. I pray for them but ‘When two or more are gathered, etc.' Thank you for not giving up."

Wanda B., Ontario

Father Malachi Martin Comments on the Third Secret

"Father Gruner's mission is to proclaim the whole truth about the apparitions of Fatima, and the consequent apparition of Our Blessed Mother to Sister Lucy with the urgent request to consecrate Russia in union with all the Bishops of the World to Her Immaculate Heart, in order to bring peace to the world. Of equal importance was the release of the Third Secret, at the latest by 1960, also requested by the Holy Virgin.

"The official attitude of the Catholic Church, according to His Eminence Cardinal Ratzinger, is that all this has been accomplished, but the facts prove this to be wrong.

"Father Malachi Martin, who read the Third Secret in 1960, testified to its contents for 4 hours on July 13, 1998, on the Art Bell show. Bound by oath not to reveal it, he commented to different versions, which were called in to the radio program. In response to a quotation that the last Pope would be under the control of satan, he responded, ‘Yes, it sounds as if they were reading the text of the Third Secret.' He stated the release would make some people extremely angry. He stated many would fill up the confessionals and churches with parishioners kneeling down. He stated something very relevant to the US is mentioned in the Secret. He stated that the central element of the Secret is awful. Reading it would have such dire effects not just on Christians, but on all.

"Since space does not permit further details, may I just mention one more interesting fact. On July 13, 1917, Our Lady showed the three children the frightening vision of hell, the horrible groans and cries of pain of the souls tormented by demons in a sea of fire. According to the highest authority of the Vatican, these old beliefs of hell are no longer valid, so is it any surprise that the requests of the Holy Virgin have been ignored, and those few dedicated believers are under tremendous pressure, especially Father Nicholas Gruner? For further details about this most important matter, visit the Fatima Website, archive.fatima.org

Otto H., Phoenixville, PA.

God Wishes to "Save" Russia

"Dear Father,

Let us take another look at the enemy in the Vatican, from the Pope on down.

"Who is it that hates Russia so much? There has to be a conspiracy of hate for the nation of Russia, its people, its culture, its very existence.

"Who wants Russia annihilated? The enemies of Russia do not want to see Russia "saved". Our Lady said: God wishes to "save" Russia by means of this consecration. Our Lady used the word ‘save'! Have you ever looked at the word "save"?

"Russia will undoubtedly be one of the nations that will be annihilated if it is not converted beforehand. Consider this word, beforehand. Our Lord says ‘they' will do the consecration but it will be ‘late'!

The Pope must stop talking about a civilization of love and show this love for the people of Russia. The Pope must want to ‘save' Russia from annihilation.

"People will never be any better than those who rule and govern them – Catholics will never do penance unless the Pope and bishops and clergy do penance first. If the Pope and the bishops do not show love for these suffering people in Russia then the ‘Civilization of Love' that John Paul II talks about is already null and void.

"I love the people of Russia and I feel their suffering, their bewilderment and confusion. We must love the sinner but hate only their sin.

"There are two very important words you must not overlook in any future publications: "save" and "beforehand".

Name withheld, South Dakota

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