““Catholic Protestants””

by Father Andrew B. Horvath, B.A., M.A.

““Protestantism is the Great Revolt against God”” (Ven. Pope Pius IX). In 1859 A.D., Our Lord said to St. Anthony Mary Claret that one of the dangers that will befall the Church will be ““Protestantism”.” I had a sad experience for believing that. I went to a priest to hear my confession. Because he refused to hear me, I asked why. In reply, he said with anger in his voice: ““Because you send articles to Protestant ministers and Jewish rabbis”.”

He did not hear my confession. Unfortunately, that priest is no longer in active ministry today. But how many Catholic (?) clergymen are like him in many of our churches, who are sympathetic toward Protestantism? They are not true defenders of the Catholic Faith. They are its adversaries. Judases? Our Lord has many of them today. That is why the Church is in such a terrible crisis today.

““The fort is betrayed even by them that should have defended it”” (St. John Fisher, a martyr in the Protestant Reformation). Where is the martyr’’s spirit today? ““I am come hither to die for the faith of Christ’’s Holy Catholic Church”,” he exclaimed before his execution. ““Wherefore, I do desire you all to help me with your prayers that, at the very point and instant of death’’s stroke, I may in that very moment stand steadfast without fainting in any one point of the Catholic Faith.””

What kind of clergymen is the Church beset with today? Innovators, ecumenists, charismatics, compromisers, abusers of authority, etc. But the Church cannot be conquered by the ““gates of hell”,” which ““are heretics and heresiarchs”” (St. Epiphanius).

““There is no one so far removed from God as a heretic”.”

(St. Jerome)

St. Frances Xavier Cabrini once said: ““We have occasion to feel great sorrow in seeing men who, after abandoning the Catholic religion, after having rebelled against Jesus Christ, reach the precipice of Atheism, Pantheism and Materialism ...

““Take away the supernatural principles and dictates of our Holy Faith, and what remains but wickedness and the indulgence of every passion?”” That is why this great saint could say: ““We have become cowardly, faint-hearted, and, so often, for some reason or other, we keep silent. We let ourselves be overcome by human respect, and cease to show ourselves as true followers of Our Lord before the world ...

“Why? Because we are cowards! Oh, how we need to renew our Faith, to rekindle our hearts in the sublime principles of our holy religion!””

Separation from God Results in Damnation

The non-Christian world is what it is, because Christianity, which should never have failed, failed it. Separation from God necessarily implies loss of salvation, and the result is damnation, because there is no middle between them. ““There is no concord between the love of this world and the love of God, and he who will not separate himself from the children of this world shall not belong to the children of God.”” (Pope St. Leo the Great).

“Let us not allow ourselves to be deceived by false teachers, for, otherwise, our destiny will be hell. St. Ignatius of Antioch (d. 107 A.D.) wrote: “make no mistake, my brethren, they shall suffer everlasting punishment who endeavor to corrupt the Church of Christ. Whosoever sets at nought His doctrine shall go into hell, and so shall everyone who listens to him ... What communion does light have with darkness, or Christ with Belial? Or what portion does truth have with falsehood? Or righteousness with unrighteousness? Or true doctrine with that which is false?””

The ““New”” Mass

In this post-conciliar era of religious chaos and confusion, how many so-called Catholics are really Catholic? If they were given an examination in the Catholic religion, what would be their percentage? How knowledgeable are they of it? Rev. Gelineau, S.J., who was one of the ““experts”” (““periti””) involved in devising and implementing Archbishop Bugnini’’s ““New Mass”,” said: ““To tell the truth, the New Mass is a different liturgy. This needs to be said without ambiguity. The Roman Rite, as we knew it, no longer exists. It has been destroyed.””

As for the ““New Mass”,” Cardinals Ottaviani and Bacci stated that it ““represents, as a whole and in detail, a striking departure from the Catholic Theology of the Holy Mass as it was formulated in Session XXII of the Council of Trent.”” Martin Luther’’s attempt to destroy the “Old Mass” had been accomplished in the 20th Century and Catholic clergymen accepted it. No opposition!

I take Pope St. Pius X as my inspiration. I recall what His Holiness wrote about ““LIBERALISM”.” ““Let priests”,” he had warned, ““be on their guard against accepting any doctrine of that Liberalism which, under the pretext of good, aims at effecting a reconciliation between right and wrong ... Liberal Catholics are wolves in sheep’’s clothing; and, therefore, a true priest is bound to unmask them, and to disclose to the people entrusted to his care their dangerous snares and evil designs.””

Liberal Modernism the Synthesis of All Heresies

How much do today’’s Catholics, including clergymen and Religious, know about Liberal Modernism, which, according to Pope St. Pius X, is ““the synthesis of all heresies””? Remember this, THE LESS OPEN A HERETIC IS, THE MORE DANGEROUS HE IS. He is a traitor, and is to be feared more than a murderer. He is evil, and hates the truth. He deceives by many errors.

Having abandoned God’’s truth, he believes the lies of the devil. He alters and changes, and there is no stability in what he advocates. His heart is corrupt, which decks itself with ease in lying colors, with some appearance of truth. And this is extremely dangerous for the unlearned.

It is hard to correct the perverted, because malice enters into the intellect, and the will finds itself a victim of crass ignorance. That is why there are so many abuses in the Church today. Because of the advocacy of some ““new churchmen”,” the ““liberalized”” Catholics believe that taking Communion in the hand is sacred, and that shaking of hands before Holy Communion is a sign of fellowship.

Here the emphasis is on man and not on what is about to take place at Communion time. Would you not call that the beginning of irreverence and disrespect for the Holy Eucharist? Was Jesus wrong when He called the churches amusement centers, where people come not to honor Him but to dishonor Him. They sin instead of becoming holy.

An Ignorant Person Is Like a Dying Man

They are ignorant, and St. John Mary Vianney portrays an ignorant person thus: he ““is like a dying man lying unconscious; he knows neither the malice of sin nor the beauty of grace nor the value of his soul. He goes from sin to sin, like a rag dragged through the mire”.”

St. Ambrose remarked: ““Those who perish, perish by their own negligence.”” In Proverbs 29:7, we read: ““The wicked are devoid of knowledge.”” Because they do not really know Jesus, they do not really love Him.

““Poor creatures!”” wrote St. Alphonsus Maria Liguori. ““You do not know God; neither can you love Him!”” And who loves Him? ““The one who obeys Me is the one who loves Me”” (John 14:21). ““Every proud man is an abomination to the Lord”” (Proverbs 16:5).

St. Catherine of Siena wrote: ““For he who knows not, loves not.”” This explains the irreverence in the churches today. We read in 1 John 3:14: ““He who does not love abides in death.”” So many today are spiritually dead, because they live continually in the state of damnation. Instead of obeying God’’s laws, they violate them.

Hence, the Holy Ghost does not abide in them, for we read in the Acts of the Apostles 5:32: ““God hath given the Holy Ghost to all who obey Him.”” Furthermore, we read in Wisdom 7:28, 8:4: ““God loveth none but him who dwelleth with wisdom...for it is she who teaches the knowledge of God.”” ““If any man love God, the same is known by Him”” (1 Cor. 8:3). ““But if any man know not, he shall not be known”” (1 Cor. 14:38).

““To be unknown by the Lord is to perish”” (St. Augustine)

““With God, not to know is to reject”” (St. Bede the Venerable). To sin against God is to reject Him. ““My heart is penetrated with grief when I think of the almost infinite number of souls who are damned for lack of knowing the true God and the Christian religion. The greatest misfortune, O my God, is not to know Thee, and the greatest of punishment not to love Thee”” (St. Louis Marie de Montfort). This explains the lack of holiness in our churches today.

Many Catholics today are ““CATHOLIC PROTESANTS”.” To reject any Catholic teaching is to ““PROTEST”.” ““The nature of the Catholic faith is such that nothing can be added to it, nothing taken away. Either it is held in its entirety or it is rejected totally. This is the Catholic Faith which, unless a man believes faithfully and firmly, he cannot be saved”” (Pope Benedict XV). It is not impious, and cannot be diluted, for it is as pure as God is.