Sacred Particles

by Father Andrew B. Horvath, B.A., M.A.

A memorable incident was related in Dallas, Texas, in 1993. During a marvelous sermon, the priest was urgently begging the congregation NOT to receive Holy Communion in the hand ever again.

He told of the time when recently he and his driver were rushing in the middle of the night to take Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament to a dying person.

He was in the act of transferring some Hosts from a ciborium to a pyx, when suddenly in the darkness of night, the tiny FRAGMENTS of the Blessed Eucharist left on his fingers began to glow brilliantly, shooting off beams of light. It lit up the car, and the driver almost ran off the road in shock.

They arrived and delivered Jesus, but, from then on, the priest has been preaching against Communion in the hand. He said: “I don’t want to contradict the bishops, and I know the practice is now permitted - BUT - ...” Why not contradict them?

St. Charles Borromeo, while distributing Holy Communion, inadvertently dropped a Sacred Particle from his hand. Having considered himself guilty of grave irreverence, he was so afflicted that he did not have the courage to offer the Holy Mass for four days. As a penance, he imposed upon himself an eight day fast.

St. Joseph of Copertino once expressed his desire to have another pair of index fingers and thumbs, so that he might use them solely for holding the Holy Flesh of Jesus.

Where is Reverence for the Sacred Host Today?

St. Therese of Lisieux saw a small Particle of the Host on the paten after Holy Mass. With the novices, she carried the paten in procession into the sacristy with gracious, adoring comportment. How angelic this must have been: The angels must surely have rejoiced over this act of love for Our Lord.

St. Teresa Margaret, who cried when she found a Fragment of the Host on the floor near the altar, feared irreverence that could be shown to Jesus. But where is such reverence today? When St. Teresa found a Particle, she would kneel in adoration until a priest arrived to take and put It in the tabernacle. Oh, the holiness of a saint who knew in whose presence she was!

When St. Francis Xavier distributed Holy Communion, he would, at times, feel himself so carried away by a sense of adoration toward Jesus, Who was in his hands, that he knelt as he continued to give Holy Communion. What faith and love worthy of Heaven!

Confessionals Collecting Cobwebs

But how is Jesus treated today? In many churches, there is no respect for Him. In many respects, they are like social halls, where everybody talks, laughs and giggles - especially just before Holy Communion. Shaking and waving of hands! What is this? A social affair? All sense of the sacred has disappeared.

But why not, since the Liturgy is now a “meal” or “banquet”, where practically everybody gets (or grabs) a Sacred Host, regardless of the spiritual condition of the soul. (Confessional boxes are collecting dust and cobwebs. Everybody seems to have been “immaculately conceived.”)

There is no sin or hell today. Everybody is now going to Heaven! “Canonization services” are now conducted at funerals. Even purgatory is no longer preached today. That is Protestantism, for Protestants do not believe in praying for the dead. Do you see priests wearing black vestments? Indeed, you don’t, because black indicates mourning or sadness. On the other hand, white indicates happiness, for the soul “is already in Heaven”. Not Mass stipends but, rather, “Memorials” for cancer or heart research are now requested.

Indeed, Catholics are being slowly “Protestantized” in their churches by their own bishops and priests. And they are unaware of the “apostasy” that is the falling away from the Catholic Faith. The 16th-Century Protestant Reformation or Revolt against Almighty God is being now repeated in a rather insidious way. The heretics are now working on the children as in the Protestant Reformation.

Communion in the Hand

Communion in the hand is a sure way to destroy reverence in our churches and respect for the Holy Eucharist. Only God knows how long He will tolerate abominations and desecrations of the Sacred Host! But I sincerely believe that a great chastisement is about to befall the entire world. Nature is already warning it. When will people rise from their apathy or indifference to what is already happening? Will they go down on their knees voluntarily to ask God for mercy and forgiveness? Time will tell, but it may be too late. I hope not.