“Make Straight the Way of the Lord”

by Father Andrew B. Horvath, B.A., M.A.

   Whenever we are going anywhere we always make ourselves familiar with the way. How to get there. If after consulting maps, and so forth, and we are still uncertain; we then ask the way from someone who has already made the same journey that we are about to make. We, having ascertained the way, now make up our minds which is the long way, which the short way, which the most convenient and the easiest way. We do this with reference to the places to which we go in this world. Now, we are all going to Heaven; at least that is what each of us says we are going to do. We know there are many places in this world to which we could go, and many different ways of getting there. There are many places in Heaven. Our Lord said, “In My house there are many mansions” but there is only one way of getting to any one of them.

Which Is the Way?

   Some will say it is the good way or the way of the good man. Another will say it is attending to your duties, to your church. Yet another will say it is keeping away from mortal sin. Each answer is a good one, but none brings out the important point. The true answer and the first one given is that it is God’s way - the way of the Lord. Yes, my friends, it is the one and only way, that Our Lord Jesus Christ has travelled before us. Every step He took along this path was marked with the precious Blood from His veins. It is the way of the cross, of sacrifice, of penance and mortification.

The Way of the Cross

   Are we all going this way? Is each one of us who reads this article moving daily and hourly along this path, that I have just mentioned? It is almost useless to ask this question for I know many, indeed, very many, who will answer, No. It is a sad truth that most people, and some of them are our own Catholic people, are not going this way. Over the past thirty years they say they have found ‘a new way’. It is rightly called “Do as you like, go as you please”. The result has been that millions have lost the way. The sad part is that they have caused havoc as they have gone along.

   I think the wisest thing they could do is to make a complete U turn, and get back to the starting point, then they should enquire of a good old-fashioned Catholic from whom they will receive the correct direction which they should go.

Father Golightly

   They would never have gotten lost in the first place, if they had listened to the saintly old Father Golightly. He would not change direction, not even for four popes and 2,400 bishops, and woe betide anyone who told him he must move the tabernacle in his church. If you asked him why he still wears the biretta, he would smilingly say: “I wear it to keep my head warm.” I think he will still be wearing it the day he arrives in Heaven. You see, Father Golightly is a practical man. He thinks for himself, and he knows full well, that almost two thousand years of infallible teaching backed up by the Ancient Doctors of the Church, all the saints and the martyrs, along with hundreds of thousands of priests and theologians, and the great Councils of the Church, and the millions of Holy souls that now make up the Church Triumphant in Heaven, it cannot be said that the Infallible Church had misdirected them for almost 2000 years, and that it is only now after Vatican II, that the truth is being taught.

Modernist Confusion

   It is true, and deplorably sad, that since the end of Vatican II some thirty years ago, thousands of priests, nuns and laity have left the Church; having lost their way   because they were confused by the Modernist thinking of those who now hold positions of authority in the administration of God’s Church ... The way that the ‘new Church’ is offering them is not what they want it to be. They did not want this so-called “new Church”. The faithful did not petition the papacy for a new Mass. Not in their wildest dreams could they find anything out of place in the Tridentine Mass. The Latin Tridentine Mass, as far as they were concerned, was the Mass of the Catholic faithful till the end of time. Catholics all over the world had believed this, and they had accepted it as their parents and forefathers had done. No explanation was ever offered to them why it should now not be the case. They have come to believe, after the passing of thirty years, that the changes were a deliberate act to rid the Church of all her traditional ties. I fear that the time will come, and it is not far hence, when the denied faithful will put aside their humility and they will make known the sufferings that have been inflicted on them and on those yet to come who have been, and will be, so unjustly deprived of that which for almost two thousand years was regarded and preached as God’s truth. Yes, the way the majority of people have to tread as they go through life is hard and difficult enough without the Church making it more difficult.

Life is a Hard Road

   Ask the father and the mother of a family, the single and the married man, ask the rich, the poor, the old and the young, the active businessman, and the idle slothful man. They will all have the same answer - that life is a hard road any way you take it. One man said to me some time ago: “We could well do without all this uncertainty the Church has imposed on us.” Yes: indeed, we could, priests and people alike. There are thousands of priests, who, though you may not think so, are suffering a living martyrdom, they gave all they had only to find in their advanced years that their services are not required in the Modernist Church. They are patient men, brought up in a school of humility. I have no doubt that their reward will be great in Heaven.

Take Up Your Cross

   Our Lord Himself declares that unless a man take up his cross ‘daily’ and follows Him, he cannot be His disciple. People do not realize that there is an absolute necessity, an unchangeable law in this assertion. God has said it and He will not change it.

   Man, then, is reduced to the necessity of suffering and mortification. The secret of this is that all men are under sin, all are poisoned, as it were, by it. The only remedy is to rid themselves of sin. To do this they need help, the help of the Church. The way of the Lord is the way given to us that we may find the cure. The remedy is found in a good confession, true penance, and mortification; in the Sacrament of the Altar, the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ which is intended to nourish our souls and to counteract the poison of sin.

   Make straight then the way of the Lord. Do not be afraid of trouble, of pain and difficulties of any kind. Double your devotional life. Find your Rosary beads, and your old manual of prayer, The Key of Heaven, or The Garden of the Soul, or The Sacred Heart Manual, even that well-loved book of Catholic prayers - The St. Anthony’s Treasury. You might even find your old Latin-English Missal, read these and you cannot fail to refresh your soul. If you are disappointed with what you see the Modernists have done to your Church do not despair. Do not let the devil make you think it will always be the same.