The Calm Before the Storm

This article is based on a talk given by Father Gruner at St. Cloud, Minnesota.

by Father Nicholas Gruner, B. Comm., S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)

Continued from Issue 56

You have heard the term New World Order, even though it hasn’t been used by the President since George Bush left office.

The New World Order is really an old idea. If you look on the back side of your American dollar bill,  you will see Novus Ordo Seculorum, which means the New World Order. You will also see the year 1776. Now many people think that it refers to the year of the Declaration of Independence. No. That refers to the Illuminati that was founded in the same year, 1776, and the Illuminati want to have a new world order.

The New World Order is not something that Bush invented, or Gorbachev, or Fidel Castro who used the term over 20 years ago.

Historical Background of New World Order

There is a war against the social order that God has established. This revolution is to invert the order God has established, to bring about the New World Order. That’s what the French Revolution was about; to throw down the altars and the thrones; to take away God-given authority and to give it to members of their own club so they can rule over us.

So it’s a real discovery when you realize that the New World Order does not want to have God, the God of our fathers, the God of Jesus Christ, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit honored. Rather, they want a type of god without a face, more exactly a false god. Ultimately, they want the devil to be their god. The United Nations, if they mentioned Christ at all, put Him on the same level as all the false gods. God will not accept to be treated as a non-entity, as equal to these non-gods. You may not be aware that the New World Order is based on the masonic religion. The masonic religion is based on the Canaanite gods. As Pope Leo XIII pointed out “their (the Masons’) god is the devil.” There is a book by that title, available from our book service. Behind the Lodge Door by Paul Fisher also explains these things, including how prayer was excluded from the schools of this country. Paul spent some 30 years reading through monthly masonic journals to show you that these things are really going on.

Diabolic Plans of the New World Order
Against Us Today

To come to the present time and from here to the future, they strive to bring about the New World Order by merging and giving up the armed forces, under the command of the United Nations, and the United Nations-commanded force is always under a Russian general, by mutual agreement with the United States. The Supreme Command of UN Military Operations from 1948 to the present has always been under a Russian National, except for one short term held by a Communist from Yugoslavia in the 1950s.

This New World Order goal is to exclude God even more than He has ever been excluded from our society. Their purpose is to exclude God and to put all the forces and the military powers of the world under one united military power so that when you have a riot in Los Angeles, for example, they can send in troops from China to put down the rioters and quite likely any dissenters against the New World Order in Los Angeles.

The founders of this country did not want the military to be involved in police action. The United States military is being asked the question time and again: “Would you fire on American citizens?” The military in this country is being redefined. Instead of being for the purpose of protecting its borders and protecting it from foreign invaders, it is being used as a police force.

This brings me to the point that Perestroika means “restructuring” and the restructuring the Russians (like Gorbachev, who is still today a Marxist Leninist) want to do is to restructure our institutions — like our military in order to make them serve the interests of the world anti-God revolution — which in the past was called Communism and which is now called the New World Order.

One can either see the picture or not. But the bottom line is that we are in that situation, and if you don’t wish to take my analysis for it, just take Our Lady’s word for it.

She told us in essence: “The whole world, including the United States, will be overcome by Russia unless you obtain the conversion of that poor nation.”

“Russia an Instrument of Chastisement”

Some time ago, I preached on the Message of Fatima and noted that God would use Russia to punish people. Somebody took great objection and said, “It’s not scriptural”, “It’s not Catholic”, “You can’t speak that way”, and so forth. My response was, and still is, “Read the Bible.”

In case you are not aware of the Babylonian captivity, the Babylonians were very bad people. And yet Jeremiah (see the book of Jeremiah in the Old Testament) said to the city of Jerusalem that it would fall into the hands of the Babylonians, who are terrible pagans. The citizens of Jerusalem at that time didn’t want to believe this because, they said to themselves, we have God’s promise that He will be with the temple for all time. So we don’t have to worry. “The temple, the temple, the temple”, they would say. And yet Jeremiah was a prophet of God. And God sent Jeremiah to tell the people “No.” The temple will be destroyed, and Jerusalem will fall into the hands of the enemy, those terrible people, those terrible pagans.

Jeremiah explained to the Holy City of Jerusalem that God would use the Babylonians to chastise them for their sins and that God would allow them to be taken into captivity if they did not convert. And the people, in the name of being loyal to the temple, and loyal to their Jewish religion, didn’t believe the prophet God sent them to warn and correct them.

Loyal to the Pope

Today we hear that Father Gruner is against the Pope for saying that we are going to be enslaved because the Pope hasn’t done the consecration of Russia. I am not against the Pope. I pray for him every day. Not only do I pray for him, I am trying to save his neck, as well as the neck of all his brother bishops.

Those people who accuse us of disloyalty to the Pope and who claim they are loyal to the Pope are the very same ones who misquote Pope John Paul II. More exactly, they leave out certain words when the Pope says something very clearly, because it doesn’t fit in with their own political agenda. Yet they accuse us of having a political agenda.

Who is more loyal to the Holy Father? The one who is putting the neck of the Pope into the guillotine, or the one who is trying to pull it out?

I can give you specifics. On March 25, 1984, after the Pope consecrated the world, on two separate occasions, he said to Our Lady, “Illumine especially those peoples whose consecration You are awaiting.” (see photo, of L'Osservatore Romano text)

It is very clear that the Pope knows that he has not done the consecration of Russia, as Our Lady of Fatima asked. I have written time and again about this. It is not something new I am saying here, but I keep hearing the same old lies repeated against the full Fatima Message and against us for defending it, year after year. So I guess I have to repeat the same old things I have been saying year after year. And that is that these same people, who tell the public that they are for the Pope, actually leave the crucial words of the Pope out. They will not quote them because it doesn’t fit in with their agenda of saying the consecration is done; even though the Pope has publicly acknowledged, on two separate occasions, in public, once before two hundred and fifty thousand people, the second time on the same day before ten thousand other people. Both occasions were reported, one in the Pope’s own newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, and a second one was reported in the Italian Catholic Bishops’ Conference paper Avvenire. We have published that time and again, and still we have people repeatedly saying Father Gruner is against the Pope. I am repeating what the Pope says. I am acknowledging what the Pope says. The consecration is not done. (see photo, of L'Osservatore Romano)

Trying to Save the Bishops’ and the Pope’s Neck!

How am I trying to save the Pope’s neck? Our Lord tells us, “Make it known to My ministers, given that they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My command, like him, they will follow him into misfortune.” What is the reference to the King of France? The King of France had his head chopped off in the guillotine for one reason: because he did not obey the command given to him, through St. Margaret Mary, for the consecration of France to the Sacred Heart.

On June 17, 1689, St. Margaret Mary, now a canonized saint, received a command to pass on to the French king that he must consecrate his own country, France, in a public ceremony of consecration, to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In return, Our Lord promised the King of France that He would humble all the enemies of the King of France, and that He would bring about a great conversion.

Our Lord referring to this in August of 1931, says to Sister Lucy, “Make it known to My ministers.” He doesn’t want us hiding this or speaking obliquely, so nobody understands us. He wants them to understand. He wants us to say it plainly. How, otherwise, are they going to understand? After 69 years they still haven’t understood it. How are we going to get this by just being diplomatic and saying things very quietly so no one understands and no one is going to take offense? (If only all who are inclined to take offense would realize there is no reason to be offended and every reason to be grateful that someone actually takes the trouble to show them the way to peace and great success in their efforts to save souls.)

It is very plain. Our Lord wants it to be understood. “Make it known”, He says. “Make it known to My ministers, given they follow the example of the King of France, in delaying the execution of My command, like him, they will follow him into misfortune.”

On June 17, 1789, one hundred years later to the day, the King of France was stripped of his power by the Third Estate, and four years later he had his head chopped off in the guillotine. “Make it known to My ministers.”

Who were more loyal to the king? The ones trying to help him do what God wanted, or the ones telling him to ignore God’s will?!

The king would have said “It is a little late for me but I finally realize it is my loyal subjects and servants, those who are trying to get me to do what God wanted.” He recognized it when he was in prison, but he could not do it publicly, and solemnly, because he was in prison. He did consecrate France to the Sacred Heart from his prison cell, but it wasn’t good enough. It had to be a solemn, public act. And so Our Lord tells us, and tells me, and tells you, to the extent that you can, “make it known to My ministers, given that they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My command, like him, they will follow him into misfortune.”

I should give you the context of these words of Our Lord to Sister Lucy, because it is very illuminating. Before Our Lord spoke to Sister Lucy, she had just been praying for the conversion of Spain, Portugal, Europe, Russia, and the world. She was praying for the conversion of these and all countries, when Our Lord spoke to her and said, “You please Me very much by asking for the conversion of these nations. Ask it also of My Mother.”

Jesus Dictates Two New Prayers

He then dictated two prayers to Sister Lucy to say frequently, for the conversion of Spain, Portugal, Russia, Europe, and the whole world.

Sweet Heart of Mary be the salvation of Russia, Spain, Portugal, Europe (we can add Canada, the United States) and the whole world.”

By Thy pure and Immaculate Conception, O Mary, obtain for me the conversion of Russia, Spain, Portugal, Europe, (Canada, the United States), and the whole world.”

Now, except in Frère François or Frère Michel or in our publications, I have not seen these two prayers widely publicized. We didn’t make them up. You can find them in the original documents, but no one gives them wide circulation. You might ask yourself, what is the real reason of these so-called “papal loyalists” for hiding these two prayers?

Jesus’ Prayers Are Hidden

A total of seven prayers were given at Fatima. Our Lord taught two, Our Lady taught three and the Angel taught two.
This statue commemorates the fact that St. Michael the Archangel at this very spot in Fatima brought the three children Holy Communion in 1916. He taught them two prayers. Write The Fatima Crusader (address on page 95) for your free prayer card with these prayers, and if possible, visit Fatima and this sacred place.


The prayers that Our Lady and the Angel taught are somewhat known, but the prayers that Our Lord, Himself  taught are rarely spoken about by anyone because if they speak about it, they would have to speak about the message Our Lord gave at Rianjo, “Make it known to My ministers ...”.

There has been a conspiracy of silence with regard to this aspect of the Fatima Message. Even those who claim to be most pious and devoted to Our Lady are frequently hiding it from you. It’s not pleasant. I would very much like to be wrong in this, but I have been at this for almost twenty years and I have yet to find these prayers published anywhere else.

You can quote from memory all the prayers Our Lady and the Angel taught and you all know the prayer after each decade of the Rosary. Why is it then that you can’t quote from memory the ones Our Lord, Himself taught?  Have you ever heard those prayer before? No one? Yet Our Lord says to us, “say it frequently.” It is part of the Fatima patrimony. It was given in August of 1931.

Archbishop Milingo with Pope John Paul II. It was Archbishop Milingo who warned of satanism in the Vatican. Call for free booklet of his talk given on this subject at our Rome Bishops Conference.


The Church’s Mortal Enemy

The Church is faced with a mortal enemy, the devil. who started his war against us in the garden of Eden where he achieved temporary success in deceiving our first parents. From the point of view of the devil, he had tremendous success as a result of that first victory.

God made a prophecy and a promise in chapter 3 of Genesis.  It is a promise of victory over the devil by Jesus and Mary and their true followers. This promised, definitive triumph over evil, we will find fulfilled through obedience to the Message of Fatima.

Our Lady says, “In the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph, the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me. Russia will be converted and a period of peace will be given to mankind.”

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